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  1. Welcome! is there a prototyping area on it? That would give people more flexibility. You could also put it on Tindie.
  2. Placing the pic on github will really help. Nice job.
  3. From this e2e link, you may need to import a blank or example project and edit them.
  4. Here are some older threads to help get you started: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/1493-simpiciti-tutorial-for-cc2500/ http://forum.43oh.com/topic/5691-cc2500-anaren-code-example/ You may have to port it to your MSP controller and CCS.
  5. http://archive.pbsc2.com/csb/Public/show/d84wq--9ybn8-4k509sy2 For the entire month of November, all OLED display products are on sale. Use the below coupon code during online checkout and recieve 15% off your OLED purchases. Discount is available for online orders only. COUPON CODE: Nov2016OLEDs http://www.newhavendisplay.com/oled-c-119.html
  6. A google search of VQFN 32 pin may give you some results.
  7. @@teedee Welcome! Your best bet is to contact mathworks, or ask for support in that thread.
  8. It is the last line on your debug output "ester 1 is turned on."
  9. My work email(companyname.com) does not work, although it satisfies all of TI's requirements.
  10. I get a "Your account does not have access to samples. Please remove the highlighted devices, or, purchase these parts in order to checkout. To learn more click here." Also, following the link: TI provides sample ICs to design engineers to support new product designs. Due to the high cost of a sample program like TI's, we require complete contact information using a corporate (.com) email domain as well as full shipping information. To order samples, please login to myTI and click on the Login & password link to update your myTI Profile to a corporate issued email address.
  11. bluehash


    uh-oh. Hopefully, their bins are not mis-labelled.
  12. Don't have an Olimex, but can new create a new ccxml config file for the JTAG and try again? May help: https://e2e.ti.com/support/microcontrollers/msp430/f/166/t/87047
  13. New from TI. In preview mode: http://www.ti.com/tool/boostxl-uln2003'>Dual Stepper Motor Driver Boosterpack featuring ULN2003 and CSD17571Q2 NexFET
  14. I think the board will have a great success, if you can pair it up with a real world application... and that application is interfacing your daughtercard to a GSM module(whether USB or using serial -I2C/SPI). Good luck! $24.99 is a sweet spot, price wise for BBB peripherals.
  15. We use the Nimbelink for some of our projects and conferences. We have the Ethernet to Cellular E2CLink. Cost is crazy and it is not in any production equipment. I asked because you mentioned remote. BT/Wi-Fi/Sub 1Ghz are all nearfield. I get where you are going though. If the BBB has trouble doing all the stuff mentioned in the first post, another way to get around that is to use a micro connected in serial managing the BBB./PMIC/Battery/RTC. The downside is more code development, another processor family, board space+BOM count. Maybe an application note using any of the widely used
  16. When you say remote, how remote? Will the cape have a cell modem?
  17. Understandable. Code is here: https://github.com/rszimm/sprinklers_pi/wiki (I did not write it) I wanted something that I can setup quickly and is highly configurable and it works reliably, because my plants would not like it otherwise... and it has. I ssh it into it every week to make sure all is well and hope to add more home automation functionality in the future. The only time it has gone down in the last 2 months is due to a power blip and it did not boot up well. It looks at the current weather(temp, humidity, rainfall).. and uses an equation to figure out the water requirement... pr
  18. I have the RPi3. It controls all my sprinklers and is automated via open sprinkler. I spent two days setting it up and it is now in my home crawl space. It connects to my home wifi, so I can connect to it from anywhere(through a port forward). The only thing I bought for out was the relay board.
  19. A reminder @@rord100 to not cross post in multiple forums. It only makes it harder for members to answer your question.
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