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  1. Sorry arrived Vilo. I've disabled it for now.
  2. Nice! Glad you figured it out. Thanks for getting back with an update and solution.
  3. From what I've read, the BSL is dependent on timings. The only variable here is the USB-UART level shifter. Is it possible to use serial without USB? You could also go into the USB UART driver and reduce the latency settings or try a different make of the USB-UART cable.
  4. You need to install MSP430 support in CCS. Did you select MSP430 from the list of chip families while installing CCS?
  5. I used the 1294 Tiva as an example. I mentioned this in the post above.
  6. You can go lower, by reducing the chip frequency. That depends on how you use the clock system and which clock input.
  7. I've been searching for the Wi-Fi SensorTag firmware. Has anyone see it on TI's wiki or tool site? I just received mine. It works seamlessly, but I wanted to play around with the firmware a little.
  8. Quick calculation: Max system clock TivaC-1294: 120Mhz PWM divisors: /2,/4,/8,/16,/32,/64 PWM bits: 16 Min PWM frequency @120Mhz: Slowest PWM clock : 120/64 = 1.875Mhz Max PWM load value = 65535(16-bit) Minimum PWM frequency = 65536/1875000 = 0.02495 seconds Inverse : 1/0.023495 = 28.6Hz. Max PWM frequency @120Mhz: Fastest PWM clock : 120Mhz Min PWM load value = 2 - so that you can add 1 to the load value to get 50% duty. Maximum PWM frequency = 2/120000000 = 1.67e-8 seconds Inverse : 1/1.67e-8 = 60MHz.
  9. I have a CC3200 Launchpad with pre production silicon - CC3200HZ. Launchpad hardware version is 3.2. I've upgraded my PC and this Launchpad takes in older SDK and service pack versions. I don't have time to install and test it. The CC3200 will ship formatted. This helpful member, @Arkham00 has listed out compatible versions of the CC3200 SDK and Service Pack. Free for users with a reputation above 100. For members outside the US, there is a $5 postage charge + >100 reputation points. First come first serve.
  10. Welcome to 43oh. What's the error? If your error is what I see on top of the image " If COFF ABI support is needed for your application, please use ARM CGT 5.2.x or MSP430 CGT version 4.4.x." ... try changing the Output format selection to something other than legacy COFF. I'm not sure what you have.
  11. Edit: Nevermind, I see you already have tried integrating the audio app into Energia. Have you tried using it without Energia? Welcome to 43oh. Are you comfortable with C. There is an example for the audio BoosterPack in the SDK here: CC3200SDK_1.3.0\cc3200-sdk\example\wifi_audio_app
  12. Welcome. And apologies for the registration frustration. The forum software was upgraded two weeks back and I'm ironing out issues like this. Thanks for following up with an update.
  13. Cool concept to adding boards to the Raspberry Pi. Atomo is a complete system for building electronic things with four parts: Control, IO, Power, and Connector. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/atomo-modular-electronics-system-arduino--2#/ https://youtu.be/0uOsLvB1of0
  14. Welcome to 43oh. lcd_send_string(enum2str(haltIn)); What is the "haltIn" type. Can you type type cast or initialize it to the enum. The below works for me. Try to use typedef, to avoid tping "enum IOChannel" everytime. typedef enum {V1 = 11, I1 = 101, V2 = 12, I2 = 102}IOchannel; char *enum2str(IOchannel enumVariable) { switch(enumVariable) { case V1: return "V1"; default: return "I1"; } } /** * Main program. */ int main(void) { IOchannel haltIn = V1; enum2str(haltIn); }
  15. More upgrades: PHP5.4 -> 5.6 Memcache support for forums. Added 12GB more to disc size.
  16. I haven't yet transitioned to the SBCs offering a MCU and a MPU, in one unit. It has been either the MPU or use an ARM MCU for me. The BBB has PRUs, but it needs getting used to and needs a fair bit of work. Maturity and stability is a big consideration in product based solutions.
  17. Agree. I'll look at it this weekend. Username lookups using "@" are turtle slow. If you are writing anything long, I'd suggest saving the content locally, like notepad... just in case, the post times out.
  18. The closest I've come to on SBCs are RasPis and BBB. They suffice most of my needs. With real time requirements on specific processes, the choice is towards any of the ARM Cortexs running bare metal or RTOS code.
  19. Pinning topic. Thanks for keeping the repo updated. @Fmilburn
  20. Welcome to 43oh. Please start a new topic. Posting in different threads is not going to help. Also list what you have tried and what you do not understand. See the rules on the Energia sub-forum.
  21. Officially released: TI SensorTag tool link - Technical TI SensorTag wiki link - CC3200 SensorTag Users Guide TI Store link - CC3200STK-WIFIMK
  22. Video, with Jason K. showing a balancing robot using the board:
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