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  1. Hello!

    Looks like a nice space to spread your stuff.

    The last year was tough, but got through it. All my work is at home now, no active side projects... however I'm going to pick up an old powerwheels jeep for cheap and fix it up for my kid's birthday 😀

  2. Hi All,

    I cleaned up the site last week. This year has not been the greatest for me(and for alot). Pardon the neglect. True that the blog has not been update, but I have not seen much content on the MSP430/432. Also TI's E2E has been vastly popular.

    There was no "commercial" side. I still pay for server and forum licenses out of pocket.

    I've kept it up since there is alot of useful info and people benefit from it.


  3. A few updates and notes:

    • The forum is  finally able to connect to the license server. It failed due to an older version of curl, which caused alot of spam posts.
    • PHP updated to the latest version
    • Forums upped to 4.4.7

    Any issues, please note them here. I'll try to sort things out.

    Thank you!


  4. Hello Everyone,

    If you are a frequent visitor to the site, you may have noticed the forum down the past 24 hours.

    I finished fixing the issue. However it seems like a few people are getting older emails from the forum. If you have, I apologize for it. Also, if you did could you let me know down below?


  5. Hello, Welcome to 43oh.

    Asking a question in English may help you.



    So I'm working on a fingerprint project with this repository written for the scanner I'm using. I'm trying to make it work with an MSP430G2553 instead of the Arduino Uno. But I do not give it to work and that the fingerprint sensor has the arduino library and I can not find the arduino library if someone could help me I would appreciate it



    Issue has been fixed.

    Hello All,

    The forum is currently experiencing email validation issues. If you are a new member and receive a validation email, the email link will send you into a validation loop.

    Email us at  admin at 43oh dot com and you will get manually validated till the issue is fixed. Thank you! 

  7. 3 hours ago, joppe said:


    I'm really struggeling to implement the TI instaspin FOC for a C2000 TMS320F28027F launchpad, as a stand alone deployment in an embedden system. I was wondering if it is possible to do this with Energia?

    kind regards

    Joppe Baalhuis

    Hello Joppe,

    Energia is concentrated towards MSP and TiVa controllers. C2000 support is very  limited. Motor FOC using Energia is definitely not supported. 



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