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  1. So since the past month, I have been working on an OLED display for the Launchpad. It is a 128*64 OLED based on the SSD1306 driver. The booster pack is currently configured as SPI to a MSP430G2452. There are solder jumpers to the /CS, RST, SCLK and MOSI pins, so you can use the pins for something else too. There are currently two font packs created for it( Courier new Large and Small) optimized for the display. These will be available in the next week to buy in the store. Just wanted to get it out here. I have parts to build eight modules till the next batch is made. Code and schematics will be out in a few days. I'd really like to thank people who have contributed code here. I've used it in the OLED code and given credit where credit is due. Please feel free in giving suggestions or criticizing the board. I'm still ironing out stuff with the shop and thought this will be a good time to release something exciting. PS: The variation of light you see in the display is because of the camera's higher shutter speed while it is drawing. With our Persistence of Vision, it appears clean and uniform. ----------------------- Schematic : Rev v1.0 Code : Rev R01_01 Buy : Shop --- Changes to be made for rev1.2 -- Make board stellaris launchpad capable -- Ad mounting holes -- 4 way joystick for UI
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    Forum sending old emails

    Thanks! I'm still looking into why this happened.
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    Forum sending old emails

    Hello Everyone, If you are a frequent visitor to the site, you may have noticed the forum down the past 24 hours. I finished fixing the issue. However it seems like a few people are getting older emails from the forum. If you have, I apologize for it. Also, if you did could you let me know down below? Thanks!
  4. Hope you snag one. Enjoy! Use code CYBER https://www.arrow.com/en/products/raspberrypi3/raspberry-pi-foundation
  5. Thought I'd start a running thread, popular among many DIY forums. Can be anything electrical/software or mechanical/DIY.
  6. Hello, Welcome to 43oh. Asking a question in English may help you. Translation:
  7. Cool concept to adding boards to the Raspberry Pi. Atomo is a complete system for building electronic things with four parts: Control, IO, Power, and Connector. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/atomo-modular-electronics-system-arduino--2#/ https://youtu.be/0uOsLvB1of0
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    New Member Validation Emails

    Issue has been fixed.
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    New Member Validation Emails

    Issue has been fixed. Hello All, The forum is currently experiencing email validation issues. If you are a new member and receive a validation email, the email link will send you into a validation loop. Email us at admin at 43oh dot com and you will get manually validated till the issue is fixed. Thank you!
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    C2000 energia instaspin foc

    Hello Joppe, Energia is concentrated towards MSP and TiVa controllers. C2000 support is very limited. Motor FOC using Energia is definitely not supported.
  11. This may help(search for "energia delay after programming"):
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    One Wire Controller booster

    I like that command line menu. Are you using your own homebuilt parser?
  13. https://www.arrow.com/en/terms-and-conditions/free-raspberry-pi-3 Use code 50PI at checkout to receive this limited time offer. Promo code is valid for one (1) free Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ or Raspberry Pi 3 Model B with all Arrow.com purchases of $50 or more after the discount has been applied (before taxes/fees). MyArrow customers are eligible for this promotion for purchases made on arrow.com only, so long as there are no specially priced items in their cart. Promo code cannot be combined with any other codes, but can be added onto any free shipping promotions automatically applied at checkout. Discount does not apply to purchases made on www.arrow.com/MyArrow and purchases made on components.arrow.com. Promo code may only be redeemed 3 times per customer per promotion period. Limit ten (10) Raspberry Pi 3 Model B or Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ boards per order. Customers are responsible for any duties and taxes that may apply on international shipments. Arrow reserves the right to end this promotion at any time without notice. Offer valid for a limited time only and while supplies last.
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    20180522 - Upgrade

    Hello everyone, The forum just went through a minor update 4.2.x to 4.3.3. There were a good number of fixes. Please list any issues here. Thank you!
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    Energia FAQ

    Thanks. The above content is listed at the top of all Energia forums.
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    PetiteFS FATfs SDCard USCI code

    Edit: July 6th, 2014 Please also note that Pabigot maintains BSP430 which has an example for the msp430. He also tracks any changes done to the ElmChan library with patches made to the example. Refer this post. --------------------------------------- First version. It's very untidy as I just got it to work. Works on USCI on the MSP430G2553. Supports Read/Listing. The monitor code does not have write yet. It works on the SDCard Boosterpack. I also used Rickta's serial code to reduce file size. I'll update to the next version once I have time and a clean it up to. Also need to add more features. Usage in screenshot. di : disk initialize fi : mount disk fl : list files fo filename: open file name. Latest Code: http://www.43oh.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1883&start=20#p18738'>Code Rev 0.2 Member Contributed Code: Jazz_ys - http://forum.43oh.com/topic/1427-petitefs-fatfs-sdcard-usci-code/page__st__20#entry24449'>Link SDCARD_PetiteFS_2553_v0.01.zip SDCARD_PetiteFS_2553_v0.02.zip
  17. GB Payment information is here. Hello All, This is a feeler for a group buy on @@simpleavr's TMS0803/5 Emulating Calculator. Looking at the parts list below, the calculator comes out to be under ~$20. Would you guys be interested in it? It will come as a kit and you will have to build it. There does not seem to be any SMD parts, so this is perfect for the uninitiated. Place your name in the format below if you are interested. bluehash---------------1---------US The parts: 1 MSP430G2452, from your Launchpad G2 (the "other" chip in the package) 2 bubble led, from sparkfun ($2.95 ea) 20 tactile buttons, 6 x 3 x 4.3mm, from DX ($4.76/100) 1 spdt dip size switch, from DX ($7.37/100) 1 CR2032 cell holder, from DX ($3.14/20) 1 miniature red led thru-hole, forgot where I got it (see picture) 1 47k pull-up resistor
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    [S]IV-18 VFD Clock Booster Pack

    I have some PCBs left. No VFD tubes unfortunately. I can ship the PCBs to you. @cubeberg please PM me your address.
  19. This will allow us to get the boards quicker via DHL in 3-4 days instead of a week. 1. Start thread. 2. Submit design with color, size and number. 3. Starter of thread manages the order. 4. Order ships to starter of thread and then to individuals. Not sure if this is quicker or worth it. Had an idea, blurted it out.
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    Anyone interested in grouping PCB fab orders?

    Thanks. There is a pattern. Account suspended until the user responds back.
  21. Looks like a fair bit of activity with members posting comments and blogs. How do you guys like it? Is it easier to navigate? Responsive? Let me know. Thanks!
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    Congrats for reaching level 430

    Definitely. I have to get badges back. I'll look into this. Good eye! Goodjob Fmilburn!
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    Introduction post!

    Welcome to 43oh!
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    @nixnerd3 Welcome to 43oh. Not really. Some members prefix the title with [SOLVED]. Some come back with a response and a thank you. Some don't, but the community really appreciates the first two. 43oh was started when the first Launchpads were released, around July 2010. E2E was nascent and just coming up during that time. 43oh was started so that people could share their MSP430 projects using the Launchpad(or without it). There were two other communities that were created after that - Stellarisiti(for Tiva, then known as Stellaris) and the C2000 forum, since TI started releasing Launchpads for those architectures as well. A few years later @energia started working on a port of Wiring for Arduino for the MSP430 Launchpad. It was requested that 43oh be the forum for people to ask question about Energia. Around the same time, it was hard to admin the remaining two community sites and also for members to keep track of posts and visitors were getting confused. It was decided to make 43oh the hub of most of TI chips. Currently, the most active forums are the MSP430 and the TIVA forums. TL;DR 43oh is not only an Energia forum, but includes MSP430 and ARM chips from TI. Hope this answers your first two questions. For your 3rd, asking in the MSP430 Energia forum will help. Good questions!