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  1. Damn. Why does TI use Orcad in their LP reference designs.

    1. akirakudo


      Nope, they also use Eagle

    2. yyrkoon


      Probably because when a large company such as TI runs into software issues. They want support. At 10's of thousands per seat, they better have the best support on the planet . . .

    3. username


      they also use Altium for a lot of reference designs thankfully.

  2. Playing with the CC3200

    1. L.R.A


      Any project in mind?

    2. bluehash


      Just a bunch of IoT demos for now.

    3. L.R.A


      Before we know it you will control your house by the internet :P

  3. 2013 Project Of The Month Contest Open!

  4. Weekend. Time for POTM banners which I promised last week.

  5. So much going on!

  6. 43oh welcome Gabotronics as 43oh's rewest sponsor.

  7. Managed to run the opencv demo on my BBB

  8. 43oh welcomes our newest sponsor, Saleae.

  9. Busy with sponsorships for the POTM. Looks like alot of interest from companies. They like our content.

  10. I need to do something with my BBB

  11. Server is having email issues. Members might not receive notifications.

    1. bluehash


      Looks stable now.

  12. The new Launchpad is here!

  13. Three giveaway shipments going out today.

    1. bluehash


      Nokia 1202 LCD BP is out!

  14. Payments to designers sent out today. Thanks for all your designs.

  15. We have more spammers blocked than members registered.

    1. spirilis


      It's like an internet zombie apocalypse!

  16. Setting up blog app.

  17. Getting ready for the Maker Faire

  18. Bunch of boards coming in this and next week, including new member designs.

  19. Taking a break. 4th Feb to 28th Feb. Geekdoc promoted to Admin.

    1. spirilis


      Enjoy your trip!

    2. bluehash


      Thanks spirilis.

  20. Can anyone recommend a good model train set? O Gauge.