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  1. [S]IV-18 VFD Clock Booster Pack

    I have some PCBs left. No VFD tubes unfortunately. I can ship the PCBs to you. @cubeberg please PM me your address.
  2. Anyone interested in grouping PCB fab orders?

    Thanks. There is a pattern. Account suspended until the user responds back.
  3. Congrats for reaching level 430

    Definitely. I have to get badges back. I'll look into this. Good eye! Goodjob Fmilburn!
  4. Introduction post!

    Welcome to 43oh!
  5. Hello

    @nixnerd3 Welcome to 43oh. Not really. Some members prefix the title with [SOLVED]. Some come back with a response and a thank you. Some don't, but the community really appreciates the first two. 43oh was started when the first Launchpads were released, around July 2010. E2E was nascent and just coming up during that time. 43oh was started so that people could share their MSP430 projects using the Launchpad(or without it). There were two other communities that were created after that - Stellarisiti(for Tiva, then known as Stellaris) and the C2000 forum, since TI started releasing Launchpads for those architectures as well. A few years later @energia started working on a port of Wiring for Arduino for the MSP430 Launchpad. It was requested that 43oh be the forum for people to ask question about Energia. Around the same time, it was hard to admin the remaining two community sites and also for members to keep track of posts and visitors were getting confused. It was decided to make 43oh the hub of most of TI chips. Currently, the most active forums are the MSP430 and the TIVA forums. TL;DR 43oh is not only an Energia forum, but includes MSP430 and ARM chips from TI. Hope this answers your first two questions. For your 3rd, asking in the MSP430 Energia forum will help. Good questions!
  6. Sd card interface with msp430

    @birla, welcome to 43oh. Can you also look through the below post and make sure to post your errors. Saying "Giving me errors" is hard to debug.
  7. 2018

    Hello Everyone, I would like to wish all of our members and visitors a wonderful new year. Thank you for contributing and answering posts. Keep posting and wish you all the best.
  8. Hello @xeebot glad you got your question answered. As @Rei Vilo suggested, please ask your questions publicly next time. It benefits everyone. Thank you!
  9. Seems like an open issue that @Rei Vilo had logged: https://github.com/energia/cc3200-core/issues/19
  10. MSP-EXP432P111

    Thanks for the quick review. Any plans for it?
  11. RFC: CNC BoosterPack

    Looks great @terjeio. Good luck.!
  12. Who does the forum post twice?

    Hi @Rei Vilo One of the reasons this may be happening is due to the server timing out or running slow. I've tried resolving the issue by optimizing server settings, but it is an art. I'm getting there slowly. For now, reporting the duplicate posts will help a great deal.
  13. Hello from Switzerland

  14. Hello from Fort Worth, Texas

    Welcome to 43oh! Good job on figuring things out. Thanks for the update.
  15. Amazon FreeRTOS

    Nice find! This is what I see on my console. There are ports for TI, ST and NXP. The TI port is for the CC3220SF-LAUNCHXL