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  1. Hi all! I recently worked upon a weather station project where we were required to display the data on a website. I finally decided to create a web UI for MSP430FR5739 launchpad as well. The web UI is created using Node.js for the server end. The graphs update at every 100ms period. For testing online, i have used localtunnel which allowed me to convert the intranet to internet. The UI receives the data from a MSP430FR5739 launchpad and the data is then displayed on the website. Also, you can transmit data from UI to the launchpad as well. Youtube demonstration video: The det
  2. Hey guys! What are your views on Software based PWM. I can create multiple timers in my C# application and allow user to select the time interval of the timers and hence, the frequency and the duty cycle. The software timers will transmit some bits once they reach their threshold value and will turn a Pin ON/OFF. I will test the output tomorrow on a Scope as well to determine the accuracy. I tried making a simple protocol for the data transfer. A 10 bit packet is transmitted from the GUI which determines the control. I am having some timing issues and to remove these, i will need one of t
  3. Regarding the data logging to PC/Laptop, the GUI has a feature to store incoming data in an Excel Sheet along with the timestamp at which the data is acquired. If you are just starting with MSP430 and want to really learn from the scratch, please refer to this link: http://www.43oh.com/2010/08/10-beginner-msp430-tutorials-and-counting/ The mspsci blog has some really great tutorials on MSP430. For storing data to the SD card, please refer to this application note: http://www.ti.com/lit/an/slaa281b/slaa281b.pdf and this post: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/1427-petitefs-fatfs-sdcard-usci-cod
  4. I have some MSP430 (old) launchpads, a Stellaris Launchpad & a TIVA C Launchpad with me. The only major missing one in this list is the NEW MSP430 Launchpad which is currently out of stock on TI's website. Available for backorder. Orders placed today will ship on approximately November 15. How much will that cost me from here including the shipping price to India?
  5. I am infact working on a protocol for the same. The above project was made in just a day and i never had time to experiment back then. I will have one ready by end of this weekend and Yes, switch statement will work faster here. I will keep this in mind. The Optional Name thing is great. I will work on that too. Thanks! This is what i am aiming for. I have made some similar projects from other Launchpads as well and this is something i would like to take further. (Stellaris Launchpad Data Logger & EZ430-RF2500 Wireless Data Logger) Thanks for your valuable suggestions and t
  6. Thanks! It's my first time hearing about Firmata and regarding the Documentation, i will write one this weekend. The present code as i have mentioned has way to many comparisons. I will work upon reducing that and will Write a documentation for the final Release.
  7. I will optimise it for the New Launchpad as soon as i get my hands on one... and regarding the RadioButton.... will do that this weekend. Thanks for your suggestion
  8. I will optimise it for the New Launchpad as soon as i get my hands on one!
  9. I have designed a C# GUI which might help and incase you need some modifications with the GUI, i can do that. Also, you can refer to the code attached for understanding UART and ADC functionalities. Link: http://e2e.ti.com/group/microcontrollerprojects/m/msp430microcontrollerprojects/665272.aspx
  10. Hi all! This is my first post on 43oh forum. I am currently working on a project which i think the 43oh community members will like. :grin: Project Description: The main aim of the project was to create a Simple, Easy to control Graphic User Interface (GUI) to control various pins on MSP430 Launchpad (MSP430g2553 uC). The GUI for this purpose was created using Visual C# and can be used on any Windows based System. (GUI in action)
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