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  1. Hello, I am attempting to run an Arduino project on on of my TI boards. I have a Maxim 1-Wire demo board that uses an Arduino for as its platform, not having one I decided to try a TI board. I load the required Libraries but I get an interesting issue. Even though there are two OneWire and I point it to the one I want to use it only finds some header files and not others. I have tried pointing to teh needed files with exact paths with no luck. To be sure I tried complaining teh same project in the Arduino IDE and there are no issues at all, include the needed libraries and it comp
  2. I have updated the original post to better explain the issue (not to much added realy) and to include my full code. The conclusions I have reached without further testing is either the MSP430FR5969 or the CC3100BP used in that setup are faulty, hardware issue. Or that the the code generated for the MSP430FR5969 WiFi has some form of issue with it, software issue. Since I have not anything regarding a WiFi issue for the MSP430FR5969 I will start with my hardware setup when I get a chance. Currently I am behind in my projects that need to be completed so if there is no update feel free to po
  3. Hello, I am working on project that involves uploading data to an M2X server approximately 8 times per second (different streams) but I am having an issue. I constantly lose connection after 5 data uploads. I have used the M2X-Button_Press demo to test the issue on an MSP430FR5969 but NOT on an MSP430F5529 with. The response code I get is first -2 then followed by -1. I can reset the MSP430FR5969 and the system works again for ~5 iterations only to stop working again. My full code is posted below and after fully testing it works on an MSP430F5529 with seemingly no issue other than the ti
  4. The answer I found in my last post. Thanks to peteroakes? suggestion of trying less than 16 bytes I was able to see that the receiveCounter value a bit clearer. If you look in the last picture in teh above post the counter counts up to 0xA but there are never more than 5 bytes in the packet. This led me to realize the counter was not being reset and as such the once the first set of data was received the condition to ignore receiving more data was always true. As of this writing the program has been pulling data over serial for almost 3 hours even though its only been 5 bytes and not th
  5. I have now reduced the amount of data requested to see if there is anyway the buffer is the issue. The code was changed to request TWO bytes of data. For this there are a total of FIVE bytes returned (header, number of bytes, data[2] and checksum). This would allow for a lot of space in the buffer and should prevent any issues. 0xA5 - 0x40 is the data sent to the MCP39F511 0x06 - 0x0B is the data returned to the MSP430 Data packet sequence that is sent and returned to and from the MCP39F511 As can be seen from the above image this did not resolve the issue (debugSt
  6. I just increased the buffer size in "energia-1.6.10E18\hardware\energia\msp430\cores\msp430\HardwareSerial.cpp" to 32, 128 and 256. In all cases the results were the same. Looking at the second line of the compile output "Global variables use..." I can see that when the buffer is set to 16 bytes only about 4% is used but when I change it to 256 it jumps to 58% and if I try 512 I run out of ram. I would conclude the buffer size is increasing but testing this on both a MSP430FR5969 an MSP430F5529 have given me teh same results. The reality is I'm only using Energia because M2X has a
  7. Hello @B@tto, , Thank you for the reply, there are two things that make me think it's may not be a buffer issue. Firstly I only have an issue when the debug is enabled between lines 145 and 159. If the only output is "state #3" there is a critical issue where the system goes into an infinite loop. But, if I enable other debugs and not "State #3" I get less of an issue. The other reason I dont belive it to be a buffer issue is the comment for Serial.available(): available() Description Get the number of bytes (characters) available for reading from the serial port. This is da
  8. Hello @@B@tto, A ) the data sent from the MCP39F511 can not be changed, it is set in the IC and I have to deal with it as it comes. I therefore can not look for any special chars. I do know how many bytes to receive and I am using that but there appears to be an issue with that. A delay in my opinion is bad programing practice and something I would never do if I was using C. Also there does not seem to be an issue if there is no output through the backchannel, at least for the first time through the state machine. The biggest issue is with sending out state 3 that appears to put the syst
  9. Hello @Mention, I am using the MSP430FR5969 but do to the issues I was going to try it on the MSP430F5529 if this is of any help let me know. I have a few Launchpads that I could potentially test this code on if that helps you in anyway. Thanks Kas
  10. Hello All, I am attempting to use Energia (I know it's not Arduino but they are pretty much the same) to read data from a serial device that has some interesting quirks. The first issue I'm having is when using the debug code (debug = 1) the program only captures a portion of the serial data from the external device. /* Multple serial test Receives from the main serial port, sends to the others. Receives from serial port 1, sends to the main serial (Serial 0). The circuit: * Any serial device attached to Serial port 1 * Serial monitor open on Serial port 0:
  11. Hello, I am attempting to use the CC3200 M2X Button press demo with no positive results. I am constantly getting a -1 error (No Connection). I can see on the on teh serial output that I have an IP address and that I'm connected to my WiFI router. I have also tried a similar demo (LaunchPadWiFiPost) using the MSP430F5969 with no issues. If anyone has any suggestions as to what is going on and why I am getting a no connection error I would appreciate any information. Kas
  12. Does anyone know how to disable the JTAG on the MSP430G2553 and more specifically when using it with the launchpad Thanks Kazz
  13. Kazz

    USCI_B0 in SPI mode

    Thank you guys for all of the suggestions, I have now tried both RobG's suggestion as well as cuberg's and neither have solved the issue. I have used the sample code that TI gives you as examples for all the different ports and I can get SPI working on port A. When I try I2C on port B (no SPI examples for port B ) I don't see a clock tick or anything going out. While I originally thought this was due to the JTAG, when I set all my pins as GPIO (P1.0-7 & P2.0-7) and switch them up and down I can see that on the scope, so i have some control of these pins and therefore assume not a JTAG
  14. Kazz

    USCI_B0 in SPI mode

    Does this include the CLK line not giving any form of output, because I did not see any clock signal on the clock line. I also did try out of frustration to remove the jumpers to both LEDs and still nothing. Looks like the P1.4-7 pins are acting in JTAG mode but I can't seem to work out how to verify this or to change this. This was a suggestion by someone at TI but they gave no further information. RobG I'm not sure how this differs from the second code sample I submitted, unless changing the order in which you set-up P1SEL and P1SEL2 may have an effect. As for the second function
  15. Kazz

    USCI_B0 in SPI mode

    Here is the updated function I tried int initSPI(void) { P1OUT = 0x00;[/indent] P1SEL = BIT5 + BIT6 + BIT7; // Configure SPI on USCI0 port B[/indent] P1SEL2 = BIT5 + BIT6 + BIT7; // Configure SPI on USCI0 port B[/indent] //UCB0CTL1 |= UCSWRST; // Disable USCI[/indent] UCB0CTL0 |= UCCKPL + UCMSB + UCMST + UCMODE_0 + UCSYNC; // 3-pin, 8-bit SPI master /*TODO: Update This Line*/[/indent] UCB0CTL1 |= UCSSEL_2;// + UCSWRST; // SMCLK[/indent] UCB0BR0 |= 0x01; // prescaler LSB (UCxxBR0 + UCxxBR1 * 256) = Prescaler[/indent] UCB0BR1 = 0x00; // prescaler MSB[/indent] UCB0CTL1 &= ~
  16. I am trying to use USCI_B0in SPI mode but when I probe the MOSI line as well as the CLK line with a scope I do not see anything. I can see that what I am sending is in the TX buffer in the watch window. My code is below, any help would be very welcomed. Thanks Kas WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD; // Stop WDT[/size] TACTL = TASSEL_1 + ID_0 + MC_0 + ~TAIFG; // ACLK, /1, stopped, clear flag TACCR0= 0; int initSPI(void) { P1SEL = BIT5 + BIT6 + BIT7; // Configure SPI on USCI0 port B P1SEL2 = BIT5 + BIT6 + BIT7; // Configure SPI on USCI0 port B UCB0CTL1 |= UCSWRST; // Disable USCI UCB0CTL0 |=
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