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  1. How would I go about using printf for Serial on energia? all of the arduino ways i have seen don't work.
  2. Ok, if I go into twi.c and change line 249: twi_masterBufferLength = length-1; // This is not intuitive, read on... to: twi_masterBufferLength = length; // This is not intuitive, read on... it works. Possible bug? And is there any way for the slave to tell how many bytes the master has requested from it?
  3. Ok so now I'm writing code that allows the master to read, write, and erase segment D of the slaves flash. it works fine, except when I use the requestFrom(2,1), the master chip works long enough to send some stuff out via serial and then freezes. But if I request 2 bytes instead of 1, it returns one correct byte and one blank byte. The slave is supposed to send a blank byte after the first one is read, but I don't see why it freezes if I just request one byte. Heres the slave code; (comments are probably wrong, haven't cleaned them up from copying and pasting) #include "MspFlash.h" #in
  4. Ok I re-uploaded the code several times and it just started working. Maybe I bumped a wire or something. I might write some software slave code for the 2452 if I have any free time.
  5. I have a setup with two chips on a breadboard hooked up with I2C. The master is a 2452 and the slave is a 2553. I am running the master_writer and slave_ receiver sketches. The 2452 is master. Nothing happens. I checked it out with a logic analyzer, and the clock line is staying low, while the data line is acting right. What I found really strange though, is that it latches on to a clock if it is given. For example, I had another 2553 running the blink sketch by accident, and it would latch on to that clock and use it to transmit data at a 1hz rate. Is the library setting it half slave and hal
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