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    jampl got a reaction from bluehash in ccs code composer for mac / os x   
    Just in case anybody is interested, there is an ccs os x beta available since end of march: https://e2e.ti.com/blogs_/b/msp430blog/archive/2015/03/31/exploring-the-msp430-tool-chain-part-7-code-composer-studio-on-mac-beta-now-available
    Just installed and gave it quick try - seems to be working and also talsk to the TI MSP430 USB FET as well as the FR4133 Launchpad.
    I didn't find the option to install the TI GCC, so have to run it with the TI compiler right now.
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    jampl reacted to Rickta59 in MSP430FR vs M0+ which is better for battery-less operation   
    I wasn't talking for myself.
    I didn't realize those gecko chips had appeared with a reasonable price. However it looks like the dev boards are still pretty expensive. http://octopart.com/efm32zg222f32-qfp48t-silicon+laboratories-30290453 You might consider the gecko on price alone.
    BTW: At least one of those posters in the links above is by someone who has scratched msp430 chips off their favorite chip list.
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