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  1. The App Center is less populated than in the Linux Version (I've never tried on windows). So I guess the RedHat / TI GCC for MSP430 is not (yet) running on os x.
  2. Just in case anybody is interested, there is an ccs os x beta available since end of march: https://e2e.ti.com/blogs_/b/msp430blog/archive/2015/03/31/exploring-the-msp430-tool-chain-part-7-code-composer-studio-on-mac-beta-now-available Just installed and gave it quick try - seems to be working and also talsk to the TI MSP430 USB FET as well as the FR4133 Launchpad. I didn't find the option to install the TI GCC, so have to run it with the TI compiler right now.
  3. I guess that's the way I'll go. Happy Easter!
  4. I'm just trying to get into BSL programming for the MSP430G2553 as I'm going to use it along with an FT232R. I thought it would be nice to be able to use the USB / UART interface for future firmware updates as well. Unfortunately TI uses different pins for the bootstrap loader than for the hardware UART. As the BSL resides in the ROM of the G2553, I guess I've to use the BSL pins and implement a software UART for the application firmware.I'm not yet sure if I just don't see the beauty of that design, or if that's just a pain in the ... Does anybode know what the idea behind that pin ass
  5. It came today, much earlier than expected. It luckily is the white version.
  6. Did anybody receive the Chronos via the BTS yet? And did it ship as "white" or as "black" version? I understood that the white is the actual one, but pictures still show black boards. Also ti's product pages sais "CC1111 USB RF access point" which as far as I know is installed on the black PCB ?
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