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  1. Cannot find that the boosterpack is orderable yet, at least I can't find it when searching the ti-store, and the order link from the product page doesn't work http://www.ti.com/tool/boostxl-cc2650ma#buy But I guess it's not far away..
  2. Just got my two stellaris!!, ordered 31. August, shipped 7. December, and received today in Oslo, Norway. What next?
  3. I tried this code on an Arduino Due, but I cannot find what is the correct pins to use on that, have been searching all over the Arduino websites, but no. I found some pinoutguide in the forums, looks like SS is pin 53 and Mosi is pin 51, and there are also an spi header in the middle of the board, tried all of those, but no-go.. Energia, is that an arduino compatible IDE for the msp430 launchpad?
  4. Not awful, he ordered late, mine, ordered 31.8 is still with ETA 7. Dec...
  5. well, I used the link at the top of this page, avnet, but renesas also have this info: "Promotion open to United States, Canada and Mexico. Offer good while supplies last. Students and hobbyist are not eligible. Other restrictions may apply." I'm from Norway, so I'm out of biz
  6. Yes, But it changes the text on its own, tried again now, and I get an different message "RENESASFREE NEW: Renesas Now FREE Promotion Boards" I enter "RENESASFREE" as last time, but it comes the NEW part in the text as last time. This time the card was free, but still, shippingcost of $73
  7. Bah.., i ordered 31. august.. estimated delivery 7. december.. consider yourself lucky..
  8. according to the page, the coupon code still was there, and they have 11 boards left, but after going through the whole process, i get this message: "Promotion "RENESASFREE NEW" is temporarily not available at this time." So, out of luck And the board is not that expensive, $25, but hey, shipping cost of $73?? gosh.. not gonna happen I'm just hoarding anyway, so I can live without it..
  9. DHL, FedEx, crap are they all, I have an 430+boosterpack on order from TI, for some stupid reason, TI ships this as two packages, with FedEx... FedEx have been driving around since monday (now it's friday), and the package does not arrive, (this is not an very big city.. ) package trace is not updated at all, calling them to check address change (nobody home during daytime), and later they cannot find the address change, damn those people. I really hope TI don't use FedEx for my stellaris that is on order, even usps is better than this (then it will come through my normal post), doesn't
  10. When did you apply?, didn't see this before now, but I guess it's long gone
  11. shit, now I got the update.. 7. december.. (ordered 31.august)
  12. Where do you find this estimated ship date?, when I log into the TI shop, and looks at my orders, I don't find that info, but it is written: "Status: Waiting to ship", not sure what that means, if it is packed and ready, or if I have to wait even longer. On another note, on monday, I was checking the status, and I saw that I had the button: "Paypal press here to pay" or something, so I freaked out, and thought I didn't complete the paypal order, so I did it, and after I have authorized the payment, it looked the same.. Checking for the ordernumber in my email, I found that I had authorized
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