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  1. They look great Rei. Would be very handy. Very nice work
  2. Same as what Geekdoc said. I will wait this one out. Send to an active developer. But if I could get 2 from the next batch that would be awesome. Thanks bluehash. Cheers PTB
  3. Rats.... I would have bought one. I really need to work on my subtlety. One day i would like to try build one via 3d printing and a suitable circuit. ...... One day. Interesting thread. Look forward to seeing how it works out. Cheers PTB
  4. Have you looked at gray encoding? http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gray_code Cheers Ptb
  5. Hi bluehash, If you have a spare and a battery, I would be definitely interested. Been wishing for something like this for a while. If there is big demand I am happy to wait till it appears in store. THANKS PTB
  6. Hi RobG and Rei, I'll cut to the chase.... It's working ! On both stellarpad and G2553. Thanks heaps guys. Rob, No, I hadn't tried your code yet, but I plan to. Too cool not to. Still coming to grips with CCS. Rei, I got it working by changing Pins as suggested by Rob and by adding your line #define HARDWARE_SPI Although the existing file structure didnt seem to exactly match your description. Different version ? I dropped it in @ line 69. Just FYI.....This is the working code after editing ////// @mainpage LCD22_Touch Library////// @details Library for LCD2
  7. Hi RobG and Rei, First up, thanks for your awesome work on this. Outstanding. Please forgive me, if I have something wrong but my noob status is pretty strong with respect to launchpad. I downloaded the energia library and it compiled and uploaded ok. The screen shows just like Rei's demo screenshot but without the hand drawn 43oh. I moved my finger across the screen and nothing happened. The demo is supposed to draw isnt it? I can edit the example code to get it to write anything I want on the screen, but the touch side of things appears to not work. Looking at Rob's post
  8. Does this help ? http://forum.43oh.com/topic/2993-new-energia-release-0101e0009-12062012/#entry25622 Cheers Ptb Edit: Calinp beat me to it.
  9. I'm pretty sure its non conductive. I've used it pretty liberally on some circuits and it has been ok. Cheers PTB
  10. Thanks for the solution maxik. That fixed that one for me.
  11. Thanks very much for this. That link saved me a lot of time. On to the next little problem. ;-)
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