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  1. @@bluehash The simplest things bring me unstuck. Everytime. I normally use photobucket for posting images but am trying to do the right thing and upload to here and stellarisiti. Can you please tell me the process ? I tried to select image icon and it asks me for a URL. Is there a way to upload from my PC instead? I'm sure there is..... I just cant find it. Cheers PTB
  2. I get the feeling that is going to go to good use. Congrats Abecedarian.
  3. That minini, looks quite handy. Going to have a play with that. @@bluehash i don't suppose you have any energia / launchpad example code for it lying around? Cheers PTB
  4. Happy New year to all 43oh'ers. Yeah!
  5. Hi Bluehash, Just thinking would be nice to have some mounting holes. If this was the lowest board in a stack, it could be screwed down into a case or onto something. Then the whole board sandwich of battery booster pack, launchpad, plus any additional boosters would be mountable via your booster pack. Just a thought, if you think its not of value or will create problems please ignore. Cheers PTB
  6. Hi Bluehash, Nice !!! Would 3mm mounting holes be useful? Cheers PTB
  7. Sounds good to me. They're all launchpads. Yeah.....Let us jerks in. I got something that is still a work in progress, but is basically functioning. Lots of lessons learned.... And the lessons keep coming.
  8. @@Jon86 Try this. I have been struggling with the same problem to write a CSV file from variables. Got it working tonight. This has been snipped out of my program and edited to be a more generic structure example. Hope it still works after the edit and I haven't stuffed it. FILE.001 will have to exist on the sd card. Smarter folks will have a better way I am sure, but this is doing what I want on my stellaris. Cheers PTB byte data_length; data_length = 32; char buffer_SDStringWrite[data_length]; for(uint16_t i=0; i<data_length;i++){ buffer_SDStringWrite[i]=' '; }
  9. Sounds good to me. Was going to some show and tell soon anyway.
  10. Just got here today. Nice surprise when i got home from work. Hmmmmm..... What mcu to get. Thanks again bluehash.
  11. Thanks very much for answers guys. I used chickens list... ie. R2, R11 and R12 and its all good. I looked over that schematic last night and didn't even see that portion... Cheers PTB
  12. Hi folks, Are there some resistors that can be removed from the stellaris launchpad so pins PF1, PF2. And PF3 can be used? Would i remove R3, R4 and R5 ? I'm not sure what to do here. I have alredy removed R9 and R10 to gain access to PD0, PD1, PB6 and PB7. Thanks PTB
  13. Thanks very much BravoV. Nice one! Cheers PTB
  14. Thanks heaps Bluehash !!! And thanks schmartboard !! Looking forward to messing about with it. Cheers PTB
  15. hvontres's original post :thumbup: inspired me to finish(?) this thing off. I haven't fully checked it for typos and mistakes but it should be pretty close. If additional mcu's or booster packs are required just copy one of the existing tabs and edit. You fill in the mcu and booster pack names along the top for your project and it will quickly show what pins are available or are clashing. Cheers PTB Launchpad_Pinout_Planner.zip
  16. @@hvontres Nice ! Here is something I am making which is very much a work in progress. Basically final intention is to choose an MCU then a few booster packs and you can then choose whatever pins are left. Its kinda half baked at the moment and I need to get my "indirect" commands sorted out to make it much more automatic. Using Pin layouts from Rei. Cheers PTB Stellaris_Pinout_Planner.zip
  17. @@szymekrak Well that fixed my current problem. I had read the static command in the reference and thought it didn't apply to me. Turns out it does. Thanks very much !!! Cheers PTB
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