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  1. Ok, I'm going to try and make time for finishing off my project. http://forum.43oh.com/topic/7346-stellaris-launchpad-camera-flash-timer-and-measurement-tool/?p=59708 I have many questions.... but I am just going to post and solve 1 by 1 When I started it.... the Tiva didnt exist and its all been stellaris. I have tried to run it on Tiva but it wouldnt work for some reason. That doesnt bother me as I have a few Stellari (Is that a word ?) The big thing is I have decided to move it forward from Energia 9 to Energia 15. (and stay up to date from there) The reason I havent to date is because
  2. Hi bluehash, How much to post to Australia. ? Cheers PTB
  3. Really appreciate the work you put into these Rei. They are a great reference. Thanks !
  4. PTB


    Project description can be found here. http://forum.stellarisiti.com/topic/1815-stellaris-launchpad-camera-flash-timer-and-measurement-tool/ Very slow moving project. @@bluehash @@Fred
  5. PTB


    This week I received my post of the month prize from Fred. He cut some panel sets for my project which look very nice. The photo doesn't do it justice. @@Fred Thanks again man. For the great job and putting up the prize on 43oh. Superchamp!
  6. Do you have a logic analyser ? Would you be able to time it with that ?
  7. if (z>TOUCH_TRIM) { // x0 = check(x0, 311, 1632);//Old Style Screens from RobG (Green PCB) // y0 = check(y0, 195, 1859);//Old Style Screens from RobG (Green PCB) // // x = map(x0, 311, 1632, 0, LCD_WIDTH);//Old Style Screens from RobG (Green PCB) // y = map(y0, 195, 1859, LCD_HEIGHT, 0);//Old Style Screens from RobG (Green PCB) x0 = check(x0, 156, 1874); //Edited by PTB New Style Screens from RobG (Red PCB) y0 = check(y0, 120, 1859); //Edited by PTB New Style Screens from RobG (Red PCB) x = map(x0, 156,
  8. The earlier versions of Robs board have the opposite direction for the touch panel. I had to change some code to flip the y direction and tweak the calibration. The old code works great with the old screens. But the new screens need a few lines changed. I'll dig out what i did just to throw it into the mix. These are fantastic boosterpacks. Absolutely love 'em. Cheers PTB
  9. @@bluehash Awesome. Thanks! I could not find that for the life of me. Cheers PTB
  10. @@calinp Was just wondering if there is a list of return codes and their meaning for this library. eg. Fail with rc=6 I've looked and it just seems to elude me completely. Cheers PTB
  11. Had so much fun with Stellaris...... I just couldn't resist.
  12. That is awesome. Does the telescope require special setup or alignment at the beginning? Be cool to see some more info on how the setup procedure works. Really impressive ! Cheers PTB
  13. Congratulations all especially Druzyek. RPN Calc is awesome. Love it. Some really nice projects in there.
  14. Shame about the files. I got this link from TI in my email the other day. You probably already have it. Just wondering if it is of any use in your project. http://links.mkt102.com/servlet/MailView?ms=NDQ5MjkzMzYS1&r=MzY4ODgxNzg1MjMS1&j=MjMwMjYzNzI5S0&mt=1&rt=0 Cheers PTB
  15. @@bluehash Hi Bluehash, Just wondering if its possible to increase the storage of Stellarisiti to have the same storage volume for users as 43oh. (200 Mb) The 5Mb is a bit light. I know these things aren't free for web hosts, 200 is probably overkill but a bit more would be handy Cheers PTB
  16. Thanks !! Been working on it for about a year as time permits. @@Rei Vilo. No it wasn't that library suite. It was an earlier library which I believe was also by yourself. http://forum.43oh.com/topic/3326-energia-library-colour-lcd-22-touch-library-for-launchpad-stellarpad/ I was already well underway with my own screens and user interface when I became aware of the suite, so I decided to persevere as a learning exercise. I did think of going back and implementing the suite, but didn't. The suite definitely has some nice features. Cheers PTB
  17. And here's my entry. Its a tool for measuring lag and duration of off-camera flashes and setting timing delays between up to 8 flashes. http://forum.stellarisiti.com/topic/1815-stellaris-launchpad-camera-flash-timer-and-measurement-tool/ Bit of a work in progress... but its getting there. Cheers PTB
  18. Camera Flash Timer and Measurement Tool This project is an amalgamation of many other ideas and projects by other brilliant folks plus my own twist on things. Hopefully I have given credit to all those whose work I have expanded upon and incorporated. Apart from libraries, I have written the majority of the code from scratch implementing what I have learnt from this and other forums. Still quite a few bugs and it is probably 80 - 90% complete. I did get some perspex laser cut for it, but I didnt have the right software for it and borked the file conversion and received cute
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