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  1. Interesting. I too would be interested to know if it is energia friendly.
  2. PTB

    Noise in ADC

    Hmmmm then I'm out. That's all I got. Does kinda sound like a bad batch.
  3. PTB

    Noise in ADC

    Are the good ones and the bad ones using the same power supply? I was getting "wobbly" adc readings due to a cheap power supply. Problem went away when I used a more quality power supply. In my case an iPhone charger. Cheers PTB
  4. Every time I look at this project I can't help but think what an amazing job you have done on every aspect of this. Especially the hardware. Outstanding !! Cheers PTB
  5. I think TI have a typo in their documentation. One doc says 12000 and another says 1200. I'm betting on 1200
  6. You could also use some kind of external storage. If the data isn't too much you could store in an external eeprom chip. I2c or spi. Alternatively you could use an sd card.
  7. I got a lot of help for stellaris in this thread here. Very similar to Tiva Might be of use http://forum.43oh.com/topic/7153-stellaris-fast-analog-reads/?p=65472
  8. Hi, This might be an idea. http://ams.com/eng/Products/Magnetic-Position-Sensors/Angle-Position-On-Axis/AS5048A I have bought some of these with a view to a future project. Haven't started yet due to no free time. They sell a reasonably priced adaptor kit and an expensive demo kit. There's a library here. https://github.com/ZoetropeLabs/AS5048A-Arduino Might be of use ...... Might not. Cheers PTB
  9. Hi, Just wondering if there is any errr... Feedback from Ti on our feedback. Cheers Ptb
  10. I think there is some kind of limit. I found anything over 4gb got pretty funky. I tried a few different cards and they all misbehaved. I know the cards are good as they all work fine in my dslr camera. I'm not using sd.lib but rather petitfs. Same problem though. I found some 4gb cards on sale and bought a handful. Cheers Ptb
  11. Just my 2c for what its worth. 1) Yeah... me too on the international postage. Its a bit of a show stopper for me. I've gone to order a few things and then its "oh yeah that's right... forgot about that" and cancel the order. It was crazy cheap before. Maybe somewhere in the middle ground would be sustainable from both customer and providers point of view. 2) The info may be out there and I haven't been able to find it but it would be great to have some real basic info for moving a project from a Launchpad to a standalone bare bones circuit without an actual launchpad. I can do it with
  12. Nice ! Well deserved man. This site is the reason I got into TI Microcontrollers. You've created a great environment that has attracted some really knowledgeable and helpful folks. (And thanks again to all those guys by the way). Congratulations on the award. PTB
  13. http://forum.43oh.com/topic/3980-reflow-oven-booster-pack/
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