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  1. Very cool project Tribes!! I was thinking of designing my own BLDC motor controller for an e-bike but I haven't had the time to get around to it. Your project is close enough where one could adapt it to work for an e-bike too with a few potentially minor changes. Thanks for the post! Also, are you heatsinking your MOSFETS? they might run a little warmer than you'd like that close together when running 20A.
  2. This is awesome! I've always wanted to make my own electronic ignition and EFI for vintage motorcycles but I have no time to actually do it. Thanks for the post nimblemotors! Do you have any good resources you can share that helped you with the project?
  3. The msp430 was my first micro. At $4.30 and free shipping any newbie is willing to "take the risk" into the world of microcontrollers. I don't think $10 is outrageous but I can guarantee I would look around on the internet more to see what else I could get for $10 first before i picked up an msp430.
  4. TheDirty you are correct! I did not realize I had done that until I got my board back from Advanced Circuits. I should have seen it sooner but I am still learning how to do this. Fortunately, the circuit has no known issues as of right now.
  5. I used Altium Designer. We begged for over a year to get the program installed on the computers in our lab. It's expensive, but I like the program a lot.
  6. I do from time to time. Username is a few classes ahead of me in the EE major but we have a class or two together now and then.
  7. Hello all, This is my project for my design class at the university I am currently attending. It is the first circuit/PCB I have made that is not just a simple circuit on a breadboard. I'm happy to say it worked on the first try and thanks to Username and his reflow oven I was able to solder all of the surface mount components. I'm sure I'll be saying this again in the future, but thank you RobG for the inspiration for this project! :thumbup: Parts: MSP430G2553 TLC5971 Piranha RGB LEDs
  8. Hello! I am an electrical engineering student from North Dakota. I love tinkering and building things and spend most of my time in the garage working on something. A few friends of mine (one of them is a member here) got me started on MSP430s and introduced me to this site. I just finished my first pcb with an msp this week and I got the inspiration for the project from a similar project another user had posted.
  9. OhmMegaman

    RGB Globe

    Sweet project Rob! I look forward to seeing how this one turns out!
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