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  1. Thanks so much, Rob, for your detailed BOM and noob-friendly explanation. I'm sure after hanging around here for awhile and expanding my horizons a bit some of these things will become obvious to me as well... but in the meantime I do appreciate the speedy reply to my inquiry and the gentle push in the right direction. I'm sure I'll have other questions along the way, looking forward to learning all I can. Thanks again.... <marv>
  2. The only real identifying marks I see on the board are "430MIDI / 430Things" (between the DIN socket pads) and then the numbers "01895Q-14D / 54590H2" just a bit off center on the switch/LCD side of the board. I'm kind of new to SMT and assume that the leads for the 6N138 have to be doctored a bit in order for them to hit the pads when it's positioned over the HCPL0700? Or am I missing something??... (wouldn't surprise me a bit.) Looking forward to a BOM (insurance, as it were) as well. Thanx in advance for the assistance. <marv>
  3. I'm kind of late to this party and am wondering if anyone is still doing anything with this project? The schematic link at the store points to the wrong schematic, and while there have been several posts asking about a BOM for the Standalone, none seems to have ever been made available. Granted that while the couple PCBs I purchased were pretty inexpensive, I hate to think that it was just wasted $$.
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