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  1. Well looking at the signals with the scope they both look fine. I Removed the cap and it works fine now go figure. Ok. I guess i am losing my mind. I looked at the hardware ref and Doh ! that cap is supposed to be connected to the rst line not the test line. It seems that i am going blind. And its supposed to be a .01uf not a .1uf
  2. I designed a board using a MSP430G2553IPW28R its the 28 pin tssop package. I read on this forum that you can use the launchpad to program the part I have some code written and can program a 20 pin device but when i connect the wires to my board from the launchpad is cant find the device or its not there. Error connecting to the target: Could not find device (or device not supported) I used CCS and just for the hell of it did the MSP-EXP430G2-LaunchPad User Experience Application example which programs just fine but i get the same error when plugged onto my board. Here is how i connected the part to the launchpad. Yes 20 pin IC removed from launchpad. I am at a loss. My board is powered from its own 3.3v supply and the grounds are common. The ground is always connected between the launchpad and the proto board. for testing i just remove/reconnect the 2 spy-by-wire pins and add/remove the 20 pin g2553 for testing the output. The 28 pin parts are new from mouser and i have 2 boards that i built that do the same thing. Any help would be nice
  3. ok boards got here today i will be sending them out tomorrow i will let all of you that wanted one or 2 what the cost is tomorrow via email
  4. false alarm it was something else should be this week tho
  5. from the pcb manufacturing place Dear Customer, Thank you for your patient waiting, your PCBs has been manufactured, we have send it to the local logistics center. For DHL it may cost about 3-5 days, for Airmail it may cost about 15-25 days. Later We will send the tracking information to you, the attachments are the pictures of your products. Thank you! Best Regards Elecrow
  6. Boards have been ordered today as promised Amount:$60.90 USD for 10 boards plus $13.34 USD Shipping and handling SO 7.45 per board plus shipping. i have kitted up all the resistors and caps and the one led along with a 20 pin machine socket for the 430 ( for free ) also in the package i will include a BOM and a 11x17 schematic page. spirils -1 jpnorair -2 vicvelcro -2 JonnyBoats -2 geekdoc -2 please you guys send me your mailing address so i can address the envelopes and weigh them to see how much postage is I suspect they will be made tomorrow and if all goes well shipped saturday or monday. I payed for airmail shipping so maybe 10 days from when they get mailed from china till i get them in the envelopes and send them all to you. I will let you know how much postage is so you can send money thanks for your patience.
  7. yeah thats it oven is for any oven that has top and bottom elements and a convection fan i grabbed mine at walmart for 50-60 bux single element ovens will not work well as temp control will not be good enough and it also cannot heat up fast enough for the reflow profiles especially for lead free solders
  8. i can order as many as everybody needs in multiples of 10
  9. Well the first pcb was a bummer with a few errors but its been revised and i will be ordering up a new batch of boards with corrected placements. If anybody is interested in a board or 2 please contact me @ wulfman@wulfman.com before next thursday and i will make the order to include however many boards need to be ordered. Price on the boards are about 6 bux plus whatever shipping from china is divided by the number of boards i have made. I will ship all the resistors and caps with the board for free. Connectors for the board can be purchased on EBAY as well as the nokia displays. there is a socket for a 20 pin msp430g2553 as well as a launchpad if you want to dream up some other code. Yrkoon someday will have his code finished. I will provide a XLS BOM and schematics to anybody who gets boards SCHEMATIC1 _ PAGE1.pdf
  10. OK sorry for no updates. Due to a few errors and one big oops i will scrap this batch of boards. This is the first board i have made with Allegro all my past boards were made with orcad layout. There was a learning curve and even though it is easier there was an error in footprint pins vs schematic pins in the voltage regulator ( 2 and 3 swapped ) I swapped 2 pins ( MOSI AND MISO ) because of me not paying attention to the pictures on https://github.com/energia/Energia/wiki/Hardware. I used the pinout for the MSP430G2452 ( WTF? why would TI swap the 2 pins anyway ) I also noticed that my power connector needed to face south not west so i can put the case back on the oven. Those errors were not that large and i have a proto running fine but the real deal breaker for me was putting the display upside down ( AHHHHH ) So here is a copy of the revised schematic for your review. I was asked by Yrkoon to add a 2 pin header for access to the serial port pins on the msp430. I added a 2 pin header so people that don't use a wall wart power supply with a barrel connector to just solder power wires to. I used mostly through hole components because i have so many of them it just makes sense. For those who want the new board i will toss in all the through hole resistors and caps for free. if anybody wants the connectors http://www.ebay.com/itm/10-x-2-Pin-5mm-PCB-Universal-Screw-Terminal-Block-Connector-300V-16A-GS007S-/350726604695?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item51a8ef4797 i can toss them in at my cost or you can order them on ebay I ordered the Nokia displays on eBay as well DO NOT GET THE BLUE BACK LIGHT ONES they have an incorrect pin out. Please let me know about anything you want added to the design for you mad experimenters out there before i send off the boards for manufacture again. Thank goodness they are cheap @ 5 bux each plus shipping. I will order 10 boards unless i get more people wanting more i will wait a few days for all of you to chime in then i will send out the order. Please email me with your quantity required @ wulfman@wulfman.com Good things are worth waiting for. SCHEMATIC1 _ PAGE1.pdf
  11. yyrkoon told me that he has the boards now. unfortunately i had to go to nevada for a funeral then i need to go to tempe AZ so it looks like another week till i can get to checking out the boards and getting things together. ahhh the best laid plans of mice and men.
  12. IF i spec'd 2oz copper i could have used narrower traces but that chinese place dont use 2oz copper. oh the tradeoffs
  13. I have a question. Any people out there going to run this on 220volts ? when I did my AC mains spacing I set it to the US 120 volt trace spacing of 25 mills. I did not take into consideration that i would be even selling these to anywhere other than the US. I suppose in later versions I can space them out or make a version that has larger spacing and smaller trace width as 220 needs 1/2 the copper for the current. Just a thought I am sure that it would be fine for short duration usage and if you are worried you can trim the copper down a bit with an exacto blade. The 5 volt power supply i am using costs 2 dollars from china and can handle the 220 volts as well as 120. lol they are cheap and non certified but seem to do the job. If you take a look at the PCBs there is room on the board to take the PCB out of the wal-wart and silicon it to the board as there are no mounting holes on the supply board. Let me know what you think.
  14. Ok it seems the PCBs were made. I hope they left china in time to not be held up by the Chinese new year. here are links to the finished PCBs on my web site. http://www.wulfman.com/reflow-back.JPG http://www.wulfman.com/reflow-front.JPG
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