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  1. petus

    I2C library

    WTF? it is library for I2C interface. e.g. I need send single data i2c_init(0x00) i2c_start(); i2c_send(0x01); i2c_stop(); This library is NOT for Energia.
  2. petus

    C library for MSP430G2553

    I wrote I2C library for MSP430F2132 http://chiptron.petus.cz/downloads.php?cat_id=3&download_id=6, but it similar as MSP430G2553
  3. petus

    I2C library

    Hi, a lot of people have a problem with an I2C bus. I wrote a library for my bachelor thesis. You can use it, but please observe the copyright. Thanks http://chiptron.petus.cz/downloads.php?cat_id=3&download_id=6
  4. petus

    nrf24l01+ pa lna issues

    Maybe, I had a problem with power supply. The header was poorly gilded. If I wanted to send message, the modul was resetting. If you have a possibility measure voltage (oscilloscope), do it.
  5. petus

    I2c communication: wire.endTransmission() problem

    Do you have a pull-up resistors for SDA and SCL?
  6. petus

    TI no longer offer free shipping?

    Oh sorry, I tried buy non samples components, but I had a problem with payment through paypal. I canceled order and I bought it in farnell
  7. petus

    TI no longer offer free shipping?

    What? My acount is registrated for student mail and I can order up to 5 pieces of one kind. Free shipping.
  8. CCS v6... version 6 is fast and it contains a bookmark "CCS simple" - build + debug mode
  9. petus

    rf2500: Permission denied

    You have to run as root
  10. You can try to program 32bit microcontrollers from the silabs. They are very low power microcontrollers. http://www.silabs.com/products/mcu/lowpower/Pages/efm32zg-stk3200.aspx
  11. Very nice. I wrote a news about this project (there is a few sentences and link here). http://chiptron.petus.cz
  12. I am trying out CCS v6 and I am very satisfied. The CCS is faster than v5 and "CCS Simple" is great. It really simplifies the work.
  13. petus

    msp430 development kit

    If you test the button on the PORT 2, you have to set: P2OUT |= BIT1; //pull-up resistor P2REN |= BIT1; //resistor enable P2SEL &= ~BIT1; //clear if you want to use interrupt: P2IFG &= ~ BIT1; //interrupt flag - flag is zero P2IE |= BIT1; //enable P2IES |= BIT1; //is set with high-to-low transition The datasheet for MSP430 says that after reset is P2SEL set as 0x0C0h edit: http://chiptron.petus.cz/code-programs-msp430f2132/MSP430F2132_interrupt_button_port2.c function code for MSP430F2132
  14. petus

    MSP430 Quadrotor ***attempt***

    Very nice, can I share this project on the website http://chiptron.petus.cz. I will share it as "News" - a few sentences and link on this project :-)