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  1. Puh. That helped me out. Couldn't get my AM2315 temp/hum sensor to work with stellar pad and msp430g2553. I just changed the Adafruit-Lib like this: boolean Adafruit_AM2315::readData(void) { uint8_t reply[10]; //Serial.println("Wake up the sensor"); // Wake up the sensor Wire.beginTransmission(AM2315_I2CADDR); // delay(3); Wire.write(1); Wire.endTransmission(); Thanks a lot !
  2. Hi Amanda, ok it works - but only with 100%. When i dim down to 80% it's noisy. Regards Pici
  3. Bought two of them at mouser. Tested with Ubuntu 13. They worked great BUT send them back again because they generat strong high frequency tone. Anybody else with this experience ?
  4. @reaper7 Yeap ! Works fine now. The available() call is also very helpfull - don't know how i could oversee this . Anyway thanks for your help !!!
  5. It's me again - still have problems withe uarts. TX/RX from Stellarpad are connected to TX/RX from FTDI USB-Serial Device. I can only receive chars from Stellar but when i try to send some back, nothing is received. To make it clear UART-TX from Stellar works fine but no UART-RX. Tested with following code: HardwareSerial mySerial(3); void setup() { unsigned char c = 0; //mySerial.selectModule(3); mySerial.begin(9600); mySerial.println("Test starts ... "); while( c != 'U') { c = mySerial.read(); delay(200); mySerial.print(c); } } void loop() { } I
  6. ok found tx signal with my dso on PC5. According to TI Data sheet this should be uart4.
  7. Does anybody has a working example for uart1 ? Sounds stupid, but i tried this - no success. #include "Energia.h" void setup() { Serial1.begin(9600); } void loop() { Serial1.println("abcdefghijklmnopq"); delay(1000); } I connected J1-3 and J1-4 to buspirate to check for uart output - shows nothing. regards Mike
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