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  1. Robert, Do you recall what build broke the CC3000 BoosterPack Library? I have one and wish to utilize it with my trusty LM4F Launchpads. Realize that I am not asking for CC3k support, just the LKG version that worked... Thanks, Bryan Schremp (MS Garage member)
  2. Hello All, I have been an Arduino user for a few months now and am starting to work with the LM4F Arm boards. I struggled a bit with the ramp-up to the CCS world and found myself longing for the simplicity of the Arduino IDE. Then I found the Stellarpad branch of Engergia and finally started making progress. After successfully working through the build of Engergia, I was able to port the Nokia 5110 MSP430 sample and associated libraries over to the LM4F120. I thought I would share it here since it is specifically for the Stellaris folks. Attached you will find the sketch and requ
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