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  1. Hi everybody, >>> UPDATE - Made "proper" Energia Library out of it. Now with proper named methods/class members<<< >>> UPDATE 2 - Added "keywords.txt" file for syntax highlighting, added comments to "Mfrc522.cpp" file explaining methods (thanks to Grant) - Added example to read cards contents of block 1 <<< >>> UPDATE 3 - You need to apply the USCI SPI fix proposed by Spirilis (post #22) in the following thread: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/3237-energia-library-nordic-nrf24l01-library/page-2 , otherwise the card reader won't work! <<<< I wanted to share my results with the MF RC522 RFID reader. I found an article from Grant Gibson (http://www.grantgibson.co.uk/blog/2012/04/how-to-get-started-with-the-mifare-mf522-an-and-arduino/#comments) where he used a cheap reader from eBay to read Mifare cards. (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mifare-RC522-RFID-13-56Mhz-Module-SPI-Interface-with-a-IC-Card-/370690680474?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item564ee2e69a) The command set and technical aspects of the MFRC522 chip can be found in the datasheet: http://www.nxp.com/documents/data_sheet/MFRC522.pdf I have ported the example to Energia. Very simple by removing all Chinese comments and replacing uchar with unsigned chars. After these changes it works like a charm. Just connect the following lines: MOSI LP -> Pin 3 of the module MISO LP -> Pin 4 of the module PIn 1.3 LP -> Pin 1 of the module (SS) Pin 2.2 LP -> Pin 7 of the module (RST) Pin 1.5 LP -> Pin 2 of the module (SCK) GND LP -> Pin 6 of the module VCC LP -> Pin 8 of the module Pin 5 is not connected. Included is the sketch (Mfrc522.zip) I used. Now onto opening doors and paying electronically! Kind regards, Eelco
  2. Hi everybody, People might have read the hackaday post describing the ESP8266. The ESP8266 is a really low price Wifi chip, which uses serial communication (just like the Wifly etc.) to connect to wifi. Although the CC3100 and CC3200 are the better chips, the ESP8266 main differentiating point is its ridiculous low price. I've ordered 8 for $3.50 each (aliexpress). It doesn't seem to support IPv6 out of the box, but there is an SDK, which might open future possibilities. I was thinking to make a library for energia to support the ESP8266. Anyone interested? Are there specific starting points to make this library usable? I am looking at two scenario's: - MQTT client - Relaying sensor data or control. - Web service - Returning a JSON object with sensor data. It would be nice to use the hooks of an ethernet library and only need to process strings/arrays of bytes. Edit: As this wifi dongle uses an UART, how do I create two UARTS on a G2553? Kind regards, Eelco Rouw
  3. ESP8266 - IoT on the cheap ;)

    Wow, The thread has been hijacked, but with a very good reason! I have been looking into the ESP8266 as a standalone controller and with the arduino fork it works like a charm. All the options to have cheap wifi start to dazzle me! I am currently also working on a back end with python, MongoDB and Flask. My original plans with an internet controlled greenhouse keep on changing
  4. ESP8266 - IoT on the cheap ;)

    Hi everybody, The modules are quite easy to connect and configure. Although the wifi dongle has its own microcontroller, I want to use it with the launchpad. I am not looking to tweak the modules themselves but create simple connected devices. The combination of a value line controller and the ESP8266 yields cheap smart switches and smart objects. Still pondering how the library should be structured... Kind regards, Eelco
  5. Hi everybody, I am eagerly awaiting some news regarding the addition of the CC3200 in Energia. I have two of these critters lying around and I cannot wait to start developing with my favorite IDE. I am very thankful for all the work that has been done in Energia. Any news regarding the port? I can imagine that the unusual way of having a separate flash chip is complicating things as well as a good TCP/IP stack. If there is anything I can help with, please let me know! (I would love to beta test) Kind regards, Eelco Rouw
  6. Any news regarding the CC3200 launchpad?

    just hack into my iCloud account...
  7. New Energia release 0101E0013 - 09/05/2014

    Wow! I have been waiting in anticipation for this version of Energia. I am very impressed with the work done! Let the tinkering begin! Kind regards, Eelco
  8. Any news regarding the CC3200 launchpad?

    Spirilis, Thanks for the link! I have made a little dance around the table and I giggle the whole day Happy! Kind regards, Eelco
  9. Hi everybody, I have ordered some lm75a sensors from eBay and after careful SMD soldering on a SOIC to DIP converter, I am trying to get these sensors to work with the Launchpad and Energia. Somehow this is more difficult than expected (especially after connecting a RTC chip and a light sensor with ease). Has anyone tried to get these sensors to work with the Launchpad? What kind of pullups are needed? Does anyone have example code? And finally I tried this on the new release of Energia, has anything changed with the I2C code? Kind regards, Eelco Rouw
  10. LM75A temperature sensor on Energia

    I have an OLS and was on the verge of using it as I suspected no dialog between the launchpad and the lm75 was going on. I was afraid of Chinese fake chips, but thankfully it was fixed. Thank you for your support! Kind regards, Eelco
  11. LM75A temperature sensor on Energia

    Maaaaaaan, I feel stupid! I really really didn't want to blame my soldering skills. I've received an Aoyue reworking station yesterday and thought that the SOIC to DIP conversion was impeccable ;-) However, when I used the Raspberry Pi to scan the I2C bus, no response from the temp sensors at all...but one... Fired up my reworking station and applied some additional soldering paste and voila! It now works! Feel downright stupid now, but I am happy that it works ;-) KInd regards, Eelco
  12. LM75A temperature sensor on Energia

    Okay, Swapped the resistors and chose a sketch. // Using the LM75A for watching temp in serial monitor// This code uses the Wire library which comes along with Arduino language// by GHoSt// started at 2008/01/12// finished at 2008/01/13#include <Wire.h>void setup(){Wire.begin(); // join i2c bus as master (no address)Serial.begin(9600); // start serial for output in serial monitor (or somewhere else...)}void loop(){int c[2]; // array for two temp bytesint x=1; // counter for array (msb is send first)int check; // var for looking if temp is + or - (Bit 11)long temp; // var contains tempdata for easy reading by human beings Wire.requestFrom(72, 2); // request 2 bytes from slave device #72while (Wire.available()) { // get the two bytesc[x] = Wire.read();x--;}c[0]=c[0]&224; // "forget" all bits except the 3 left bitsc[0]=c[0]>>5; // shift these 5 bits for the right valuecheck=c[1]&256; // logical and for checking bit 8 if its 1 or 0if (check==0) {temp=(c[1]*8 + c[0]) * 0.125; // c[1] * 8, 'cause first bit isn't 1, but 8, second 16 and so on, a value of 1 is 0.125
  13. LM75A temperature sensor on Energia

    Yes I did, but somehow I couldn't get the sensor to work. I've tried three different pieces of code. I thought there would be much more on this sensor and Arduino, but information seems to be pretty scarce. I am going to look into the resistor issue, it might help to swap the resistors of 2k2 to 10K. See if that helps! Thanks! Kind regards, Eelco
  14. LM75A temperature sensor on Energia

    Thank you! I tried it with 2K2 and will try it with 10K, see if it's working. Do you have any code by any chance that is verified to work? Is the Wire library bug free at this moment (I know that there were some issues with the older Energia release). Kind regards, Eelco
  15. Hi all, For the past few months I have been using Energia, it is a pleasure to use and it has replaced CCS as my primary development tool for the launchpad (especially because it allows me to switch between the efficient MSP430 and the powerful Stellaris Launchpad. I am planning to create some new libraries for my personal "wireless sensor nodes on the cheap" project. However, I have lost track of all the bugfixes that have been proposed for I2C, SPI (and probably I have been missing several other useful corrections as well) and the last Energia binary is quite old. I am not too comfortable with building Energia myself and need to update for both Windows and Mac. It would be great if a "Maintenance Release" could be created that includes the most prominent bug fixes. Is this feasible? It would be really really appreciated!!! Kind regards, Eelco Rouw
  16. Hi everybody, As a part of my long term project building wireless sensor nodes, I have been looking for a nice RTC chip. First I was drawn to the DS1307, but this part is 5V and only a clock without alarm functions. Googling to the internet I've found the PCF8563. This part is a "drop in" replacement for the DS1307, but offers a lower supply voltage (3.3V) and includes alarm functions. The chips can be sourced quite cheap from the internet and work like a charm with both 6pf and 12pf 32768kHz crystals. A nice tutorial how to connect these things can be found using the following link: http://startingelectronics.com/beginners/start-electronics-now/tut16-arduino-clock/ It is written for the Arduino but can be adapted easily to the launchpad. Just change the LiquidCrystal pins to free pins on the Arduino and voila there you have a nice RTC that can be used for sprinkler projects or other projects. The alarm can be set on different days of the week (not a specific date), but with some program logic a calendared version should be possible. I am thinking of writing a library out of the tutorial. Anyone interested? Kind regards, Eelco
  17. [Tip] Nice realtime clock with the PCF8563

    One of the advantages of the chip I found is that they can be found on ebay for really low prices. But the built in crystal is very tempting!
  18. [Tip] Nice realtime clock with the PCF8563

    That sounds like a great option! I cannot determine if it is a DIP package or a SO package. Great to chose between SPI and I2C. Any ideas regarding the command set? Kind regards, Eelco
  19. Energia - "Maintenance Release"?

    Strange. I know the serial port can be quite fiddly. I always blame it on the rxtx library for Java. I also sometimes have to replug the launchpad to get a serial link. I also think this is the problem with the arduino as well and as I can remember, it has something to do with the current program the board is executing. Kind regards, Eelco
  20. I think that would be a great idea. You should check the possibilities with the available smart cards, you can do some really neat stuff with it! I could envision you should add a small serial eeprom to the board as you can store an access table and do something with challenge/handshake. I haven't tried the above but it would help to make a solid door mechanism. Kind regards, Eelco
  21. Energia - "Maintenance Release"?

    Great to hear! Looking forward to the new release! As for problems with the launchpad and windows 8, I haven't had any, except for the filename issue. Programming seems to work okay most of the time. The serial part of Energia (actually the Arduino IDE) is not really prepared for the connection of multiple devices. But if I only connect one launchpad, it works like a charm. Kind regards, Eelco
  22. Energia Library Devs - Thank you!

    Bluhash, Thank you for the heads up! It is an honor to be named between so many gifted devs. It has been my first port of a library and only this thread encourages me to do more! Kind regards, Eelco
  23. Good to hear! As you can see I also put it in the update message on the first post. By the way, this fix really helps with all SPI related stuff.. Kind regards, Eelco
  24. Yup, That should do the trick. I think I have reproduced your error. The card is detected 2 times in my case, but the data is corrupted, so it gives the wrong output. I applied the usci spi fix from my earlier post et voila, it works like charm! Can you try it as well? Kind regards, Eelco
  25. D69, could you fix the SPI handler? It is described in this thread: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/3237-energia-library-nordic-nrf24l01-library/page-2 It should be post #22 by Spirilis. This is the fix I also applied... If it works I will put it in de the index page as well! Kind regards, Eelco