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  1. Thanks guys ! So foolish of me to not suspect the power source ! It was the power adapter in fact and was insanely noisy. I replaced it with a Li-Ion battery (to remove all doubts of stability) and it has started rhyming again. I have shared the code and video in a github repo if anyone needs it. https://github.com/IndianTinker/FM430 Thanks!
  2. Tried with MSP430G2452, which doesnt have UART and same behavior. Probably its due to the fact that Serial and I2C have same interrupt handlers?
  3. Hi, I am working with TEA5767 FM module to receive FM Audio. I have noticed a peculiar issue. When the launchpad is powered by my Laptop the communication works (only MSP430 <-> TEA5767 on I2C ) and I am not using the Serial which will anyway require my laptop. But when i power the Launchpad using a wall wart phone charger which is also @ 5V . It doesnt work at all. Since i am not using Serial. Laptop should not be required. The code is given below: #include <Wire.h> unsigned char frequencyH = 0; unsigned char frequencyL = 0; unsigned int frequencyB; double frequency
  4. Hello , I have been trying to play with the recently bartered CC3000 BP with my TIVA C 123 LP using Energia. I noticed the following things: Has the support for CC3000 been depreciated in x13 Update as the information mentions : " Circuit: * CC3200 WiFi LaunchPad or CC3100 WiFi BoosterPack with TM4C or MSP430 LaunchPad" ? When flashing the code to the LP(TIVA C123) with CC3000 BP for "ScanNetworks". The serial data hangs after showing:SimpleLink SDK 0.52 I then tried with the older version (x12) I updated the firmware and it kind of started to talk. Until it stuck at the IP. After r
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