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  1. It's really pretty, is the LCD you use 96x96 pixel?
  2. Thanks! Next time I buy electronic components I would buy some.
  3. Uuh... I typically buy these electronic components on a online store named TAOBAO in my country, I think Ebay may also sell a similar LCD with the same looking. The LCD library in EAGLE is H1333C, originally designed for ICL7106. You can google "3 1/2 digit LCD" for more information.
  4. Hi! I am new to here. Several months ago I got a Launchpad with two chips 2553 & 2452 inside the box. I am really enjoying it except one thing: They have no LCD driver. Considering an external LCD module will bring terrible power consumption, I wonder if I can drive a simple 3 1/2 digits 7 segments LCD with very little power consumption. After searching the internet I found Maxim's 4 digits decoder ICM7211 might be a choice, but it is hard to access and so expensive that I cannot accept. Another choice is to use BCD to 7 segments decoder, finally I found 4543 BCD to 7 segments decoder
  5. Hallo I have download your library and it was working fine. But I have a question: why you set the ACLK divided by 8 while the timer clock is also divided by 8? I don't get it.
  6. Hallo I am mackintosh from china, newer to launchpad, amazing by its ultra low power consumption.
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