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    MAXI888 got a reaction from bluehash in Nokia 5110 display   
    Thats really weird. Finally it runs. But i think there is another error.
    void writeToLCD(unsigned char dataCommand, unsigned char data) { LCD5110_SELECT; if(dataCommand) { LCD5110_SET_DATA; } else { LCD5110_SET_COMMAND; } UCB0TXBUF = data; while(!(IFG2 & UCB0TXIFG)) ; LCD5110_DESELECT; } In line 10 should be a { instead a ; ?
    The Display now works nice.
    Thanks for your help
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    MAXI888 reacted to RobG in Nokia 5110 display   
    This is weird, I got the same error when I created new project.
    Comment out line right above first error, //setAddr(0, 0); 
    Build, then un-comment that line and build again, error should disappear.
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