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  1. Thats really weird. Finally it runs. But i think there is another error. void writeToLCD(unsigned char dataCommand, unsigned char data) { LCD5110_SELECT; if(dataCommand) { LCD5110_SET_DATA; } else { LCD5110_SET_COMMAND; } UCB0TXBUF = data; while(!(IFG2 & UCB0TXIFG)) ; LCD5110_DESELECT; } In line 10 should be a { instead a ; ? The Display now works nice. Thanks for your help
  2. Hi there, can somebody give me a little jump start to this Display. I am using a Launch Pad with an G2553, CCS 6 with Win7. If i copy Rob G's Code to a new Project (main.c and PCD8544.h) an Build it i am getting 34 Errors. I will try to solve this problems, but i am wondering about that much Errors. Maybe somebody can give me a advice. I think i made a basic error and the code is fine. thanks for your help, Max
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