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  1. U right, i need order some 5940 from US to try and c how its working, because they are hard to get in Ireland, I though about fototransistor + IR to use as a motion sensor... I will order them and i'll be back
  2. sorry for not repply, and no interest for a few days, i had car accident and i was in hospital few times to do tests, xray and things like that... I'll back at weekend, thanks for interest and examples
  3. Thanks for ur reply, i will like to ask U about some things, U said that it is better to clean up the code, that's right it is messy :grin: im still learning, but my question is is it not easier to use this sequence what i have already type in? Because I can write 2 sequences First is : when u past sensor bottom : LEDs goes on from bottom to top , and then when u past sensor top led goes off from bottom to top after 5 sec. Second is : when u past sensor top : LEDs goes on from top to bottom , and then when u past sensor bottom led goes off from top to bottom aft
  4. Hi All:) i have msp430 launchpad with this chip msp430g2553 and what im gonna do is something like this : http://www.thekanes....d-stairs-howto/ Im in college on electronic engineering first year, we working on msp 430 but i dnt know to much about programming, the tutor gave me simple code but i can get this workin. What i have is just the sequence for leds : #include <msp430g2553.h> void delay(unsigned int i); // Function Prototype void main(void) { WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD; // Stop watchdog timer P1DIR=0xff; //Configure all Port 1 as output P2DIR=0xff; //Configure
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