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    msptest6 reacted to TI_Trey in Launchpaddemo on GLCD (with scrolling graph)   
    CorB and Lars,
    As promised I resolved the issue with the hardware SPI. Turns out the bitstream was still being shifted out when CS went high. I added a short delay before PinHigh(CS_PIN) and it started working. I'm going to clean up the code and perhaps add interrupts so that I don't have to use a delay. Look for an update and explanation of the issue and the fixes soon!
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    msptest6 reacted to TI_Trey in Arduino-like IDE for C2000?   
    Sorry for the delay..life has been happening and I haven't had the free time I need to devote to my LaunchPad. I went ahead and forked the Energia repo, and committed what I have so far. The project should build in eclipse, but I don't think it can compile sources yet.
    Rei Vilo, I've added you as a collaborator. If anyone else would like to contribute to this project please let me know and I will be happy to give you access.
    The fork can be found here:
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    msptest6 reacted to TI_Trey in BOOSTXL-C2KLED - C2000 LED BoosterPack   
    Be careful that you don't overdrive the LEDs. Some of the pre-production boards we sent out to some of our third party partners were fried when they tried driving them too hard.
    I was in fact able to get the LED lighting application running inside of our RTOS (SYS/BIOS). I've got a slide deck and some source code. I'll try to get it cleaned up and posted this weekend.
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    msptest6 reacted to ToddAnderson in Code Rocket Eclipse plug-in   
    I ran Code Rocket against one of my larger functions as a test - it did well, creating a set of flowcharts that printed on 40 pages, and ended up as a 4-page wide by 10-page high flowchart! The pseudocode option allowed me to compress this to 6 pages. I suggest that anyone who wants to create automatic flowcharts or automatic pseudocode should at least try the 30-day free option.
    Todd Anderson
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    msptest6 reacted to ToddAnderson in Code Rocket Eclipse plug-in   
    Does anyone have experience with the Code Rocket Eclipse plug-in that they can share? (Code Rocket for Eclipse 2.00)
    So far, I am very impressed with the trial version that I am using.
    Todd Anderson
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    msptest6 reacted to SugarAddict in BOOSTXL-C2KLED - C2000 LED BoosterPack   
    Got something on the porch today...

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    msptest6 reacted to Rei Vilo in Bonjour from France!   
    New release 16 of embedXcode supports the FraunchPad MSP430FR5739.
    embedXcode • Sep 25, 2012 release 16 • Support for FraunchPad
    The Document target now builds a PDF file along with HTML and docset files.
    Documentation is here and download there.
    Obsolescence Notice
    The following features are planned to become obsolete in a future release:
    Support for Arduino 0023 is planned to be be discontinued.
    The code for multiple platforms is managed in two ways: the MCU variables like __AVR_ATmega328P__ and the IDE variables like ARDUINO=101. The MCU variables are going to be suspended in favour the IDE variables. This enables a more compact code and an easier maintenance.

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    msptest6 reacted to DrDrizzles in Os X development   
    Haven't had too much issue with Parallels 7/8 on OSX 10.7 and 10.8 with Ubuntu and Windows 7. Having gobs of RAM helps particularly if running multiple things. Speed degradation basically nonexistent... am working with Sitara, OMAP, Stellaris and C2K.
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    msptest6 reacted to CorB in Launchpaddemo on GLCD (with scrolling graph)   
    Ive added some screenshots to the original post, but I am working on the code still.
    In the initial code the graph scrolls not very fast, this limitation was due to the fact that updating the GLCD screen very fast makes the text flicker.
    In a new revision (the screenshots are from this) the graphics can be updated for a part of the screen only. So you can setup the GLCD with for instance 2 lines (from a total of 9 in this particular GLCD) that will be used for static information and all other lines for graphics. Only the lines that are ment to display graphics will scroll and react to a write into the graphicsmemory (on the MCU).
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    msptest6 reacted to CorB in Launchpaddemo on GLCD (with scrolling graph)   
    Find attached code to run the launchpadDemo on the GLCD boosterpack(Lars Roland), The code will show the temperature in tenths of a degree and after pressing Switch2 on the GLCD boosterpack a scrolling graph will show the changes in temperature.
    The file called Example_F2802xLaunchPadDemo1.c can be used to replace the original launchpaddemo file. All other files should be copied into the directory where "Example_F2802xLaunchPadDemo" resides.
    The graph on the GLCD is is based on graphs writing to a screenmemory that can be dumped to the LCD.
    I will add a screenshot tomorrow (EDIT: screenshots added).

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    msptest6 reacted to CorB in GLCD on C2K Launchpad   
    Hi all,
    The attached code shows how a small GLCD (boosterpack for MSP430, http://lars.roland.bz/lcd/ ) can be used on a C2K Launchpad.
    All the code used to display characters etc is identical to the code I was using on the MSP430 Launchpad, the only difference can be found in the SPI routines. On the MSP430 Launchpad I was using (based on Lars Rolands code) a MSP430G2553 chip with built-in SPI. On the C2K Launchpad I have not (yet) been able to use SPI on this GLCD so the code uses bitbanging to send the SPI commands to the GLCD.
    Running the code will display normal characters (6x8 pixels), large numbers (12x16 pixels) and uses the lower part of the GLCD as a graphic screen to display a simple bargraph. I am working on further expanding this GLCD library so all pixels on can be controlled by the user. On the MSP430 Launchpad was too limiting to achieve this, on the C2K launchpad this should not be a real issue allowing "live" graphics on this small screen.
    PS. Thanks to all that have helped me during the problem-seeking/solving.

    EDIT: picture added
    This post has been promoted to an article
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    msptest6 reacted to piranha32 in Hello from Washington   
    The project I'd like build using the launchpad is a digital rlc meter. The c2k family has two features which make it ideally suited for such job: dual channel simultaneous sampling AD converter and lots of computational power. The simultaneous sampling is important in measuring the phase shift between voltage and current. An A/D with sequential sampling would make the job much more difficult. Many such projects just look at the min/max sample values to determine the amplitude of the measured voltages and look for zero-crossing to estimate the phase. While simple to implement, such methods require high degree of oversampling to be accurate. I want to fit sinusoidal functions to the measured values and use them to estimate the parameters of the voltages and current. It requires solving of several non-linear optimization problems, but can work well with only 4-5 samples per period. That's where the high MIPS power comes in handy.
    I have a working proof-of-concept implementation in octave, now I need to implement it on the microcontroller. I'll keep you posted on the status of the project, but don't hold your breath. It may take a while
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    msptest6 reacted to TI_Trey in Hi Everyone   
    Hi Stunner!
    There are some good training videos here:
    The online 1 day workshop would be a great place to start. Even though it covers the 06x devices, 99% of the material will still apply to the LaunchPad.
    I'm going to try to start doing some LaunchPad specific videos, but time to do so is hard to come by.
    There is also the processors wiki which has some videos and some tutorials. You can find that here:
    And hey if worst comes to worst, you can always ask me!

    Trey German
    C2k LaunchPad Designer
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    msptest6 reacted to CorB in How to use an ADCpin for GPIO ?   
    After debugging and help from a fellowuser (DanAndDusty) the code is now working as planned, I will remove all older code to avoid people using the wrong coding. Here's the final setup, can be used in a library.
    Thanks for all that have helped,

    typedef enum // create GPIO functionality { GPIO_Low=0, // GPIO_High, GPIO_Toggle // } GPIO_Function; //PINOUT SECTION //ADCpins are numbered>=100, when >200 they are also GPIO enabled pins #define ADCINA0 100 // #define ADCINA1 101 #define ADCINA2 202 // can be used as GPIO #define ADCINA3 103 #define ADCINA4 204 // can be used as GPIO #define ADCINA6 206 // can be used as GPIO #define ADCINA7 107 #define ADCINB1 109 #define ADCINB2 210 // can be used as GPIO #define ADCINB3 111 #define ADCINB4 212 // can be used as GPIO #define ADCINB6 214 // can be used as GPIO #define ADCINB7 115 //MSP430 pinnumber //LEFTSIDE PINS //VCC #define P1_0 ADCINA6 #define P1_1 GPIO_Number_28 #define P1_2 GPIO_Number_29 #define P1_3 GPIO_Number_34 #define P1_4 ADCINA4 //OK #define P1_5 GPIO_Number_18 #define P2_0 ADCINA2 #define P2_1 ADCINB2 #define P2_2 ADCINB4 //RIGHTSIDE PINS //GND #define P2_6 GPIO_Number_19 #define P2_7 GPIO_Number_12 //TEST ->NC //RST ->RST #define P1_7 GPIO_Number_16 #define P1_6 GPIO_Number_17 #define P2_5 GPIO_Number_6 #define P2_4 GPIO_Number_7 #define P2_3 ADCINB6 #define MSP_Button P1_2 #define MSP_LED0 P1_3 #define MSP_LED1 P1_6 //C2k PINNUMBERS //LEFT OUTER CONNECTOR //J1_1 VCC #define J1_2 ADCINA6 //OK #define J1_3 GPIO_Number_28 // #define J1_4 GPIO_Number_29 #define J1_5 GPIO_Number_34 #define J1_6 ADCINA4 //ok #define J1_7 GPIO_Number_18 // not ok blinks led02 #define J1_8 ADCINA2 // ok #define J1_9 ADCINB2 #define J1_10 ADCINB4 // blinks led0 //RIGHT OUTER CONNECTOR //J2_1 GND #define J2_2 GPIO_Number_19 // not OK blinks led3 #define J2_3 GPIO_Number_12 //J2_4 TEST ->NC //J2_5 RST ->RST #define J2_6 GPIO_Number_16 #define J2_7 GPIO_Number_17 //Not OK blinks led1 #define J2_8 GPIO_Number_6 //OK #define J2_9 GPIO_Number_7 //OK #define J2_10 ADCINB6 // not OK //LEFT INNER CONNECTOR //J5_1 VCC //J5_2 GND #define J5_3 ADCINA7 #define J5_4 ADCINA3 #define J5_5 ADCINA1 #define J5_6 ADCINA0 #define J5_7 ADCINB1 #define J5_8 ADCINB3 #define J5_9 ADCINB7 //J5_10 NC //RIGHT INNER CONNECTOR #define J6_1 GPIO_Number_0 #define J6_2 GPIO_Number_1 #define J6_3 GPIO_Number_2 #define J6_4 GPIO_Number_3 #define J6_5 GPIO_Number_4 #define J6_6 GPIO_Number_5 #define J6_7 GPIO_Number_32 #define J6_8 GPIO_Number_33 //J6_9 NC //J6_10 NC #define C2K_button GPIO_Number_12 #define C2K_Led0 GPIO_Number_0 #define C2K_Led1 GPIO_Number_1 #define C2K_Led2 GPIO_Number_2 #define C2K_Led3 GPIO_Number_3 ///***** functions void SetPin(uint32_t pinNumber, GPIO_Direction_e pinmode) // 32GPIOpins and 6 ADCPins can be set pinmode 0=input, 1=output { uint32_t realpin; EALLOW; realpin=pinNumber; if (pinNumber<32) // default "real" GPIOpins { if (pinNumber<16) // pins 0 to 15 { GpioCtrlRegs.GPAMUX1.all &= ~((unsigned long)3 << (realpin*2)); // set 2 bits for this pin to 00 = default GPIO function } if (pinNumber>15) // pins 16 to 31 { realpin=pinNumber-16; GpioCtrlRegs.GPAMUX2.all &= ~((unsigned long)3 << (realpin*2)); // set 2 bits for this pin to 00 = default GPIO function } if (pinmode==GPIO_Direction_Output) { GpioCtrlRegs.GPADIR.all |= ((unsigned long)1<<pinNumber); } else { GpioCtrlRegs.GPADIR.all &= ~((unsigned long)1<<pinNumber); // set the pin to input, set bit=0 } GpioCtrlRegs.GPAPUD.all |= ((unsigned long)1<<pinNumber); // always disable pullup by default, normal default after reset is GPIO0_11 are disabled, others are enabled } if (pinNumber>200) // ADC pins that can be used as GPIO { realpin=pinNumber-200; GpioCtrlRegs.AIOMUX1.all &= ~((unsigned long)3<<(realpin*2)); // write 2 bits (00=GPIO) in the AIOmux register if (pinmode==GPIO_Direction_Output) { GpioCtrlRegs.AIODIR.all |= ((unsigned long)1<<realpin); // set as output set bit=1 } else { GpioCtrlRegs.AIODIR.all &= ~((unsigned long)1<<realpin); // set as input set bit=0 } } EDIS; } // set pin low, high or togglepin void PinData(uint32_t pinNumber, GPIO_Function data) { uint32_t realpin; EALLOW; realpin=pinNumber; if (pinNumber<32) { switch (data) { case 0: GpioDataRegs.GPADAT.all &= ~((unsigned long)1<<realpin); // set the pin low break; case 1: GpioDataRegs.GPADAT.all |= ((unsigned long)1<<realpin); // set the pin high break; case 2: GpioDataRegs.GPATOGGLE.all |= ((unsigned long)1<<realpin); // toggle pin break; } } if (pinNumber>200) // adc GPIO pins { realpin=pinNumber-200; switch (data) { case 0: GpioDataRegs.AIODAT.all &= ~((unsigned long)1<<realpin); // set the pin low break; case 1: GpioDataRegs.AIODAT.all |= ((unsigned long)1<<realpin); // set the pin high break; case 2: GpioDataRegs.AIOTOGGLE.all |= ((unsigned long)1<<realpin); // toggle pin break; } } EDIS; } //**** abstract functions void InputPin(uint16_t pinNumber) // set for the 1st 32 GPIO pins and all ADCpins { SetPin(pinNumber,GPIO_Direction_Input); } void OutputPin(uint16_t pinNumber) // set for the 1st 32 GPIO pins and all ADCpins { SetPin(pinNumber,GPIO_Direction_Output); } void PinHigh(uint16_t pinNumber) { PinData(pinNumber, GPIO_High); } void PinLow(uint16_t pinNumber) { PinData(pinNumber, GPIO_Low);} void PinToggle(uint16_t pinNumber) { PinData(pinNumber, GPIO_Toggle); }
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    msptest6 reacted to DanAndDusty in SOLVED :Code issues: automated setting of GPADIR for GPIOpins >15 problematic   
    I don't have access to my dev terminal here at the moment.. But I seem to remember hitting something similar on a different processor a while ago. Does it work if you cast the 1? I.E.

    GpioCtrlRegs.GPADIR.all |= ((unsigned long)1<<pinNumber);
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    msptest6 got a reaction from Quokendudge in 15% off Newark orders until September 30. Code inside   
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    msptest6 reacted to CorB in How to use an ADCpin for GPIO ?   
    In the code below I have created 2 functions InputPin and OutputPin that can be used to set a GPIO (and soon ADC)-pin to be used as either input or output. You can use either the predefined GPIO_number setup or MSP430 pins or C2kPins as a name.
    InputPin(GPIO_Number_12) //button
    all set the same pin as an inputpin.
    Surely not perfect and I am also working on getting the ADCpins to be controlled in the same simple fashion.
    PS. It seems that we cannot use all the ADCpins as GPIO (see page 89 in http://www.ti.com/li...3c/sprufn3c.pdf), the AIOMux1 register only allows AIO2/4/6/10/12/14 to be used as GPIO. This corresponds to ADCINA2, ADCINA4,ADCINA6, ADCINB2, ADCINB4, ADCINB6 on the launchpad.These are the ADCpins on J1 and J2 (or P1 and P2) so they can also be used with MSP430 Boosterpacks
    .... code removed ... see later message #15
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    msptest6 reacted to CorB in How to use an ADCpin for GPIO ?   
    Here's the list of all pins with corresponding GPIO and ADCnames, I am using this as a reference but will try to create a function that allows easy and simple setting of all the GPIO pins. I am now also going for a naming style that is equal to the pinnumber/name on the launchpad, so J1 and J2 (outer pingroups) and J5 / J6 for the inner pingroups.
    .... code removed see final coding in later message #15
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    msptest6 reacted to TI_Trey in Interrupt based button and PORT_A leds   
    They are different code generation tools and we have a significantly more complex memory map than an MSP430.
    In the directory where the .out file sits after a program is compiled you should find a .map file. This files contains a map of all of the memory in the device, where your program code and data is located, and how much of that space is taken up.
    Here's an example of a project I'm working on porting from MSP430...notice the out file's name...

    ****************************************************************************** TMS320C2000 Linker PC v6.1.0 ****************************************************************************** >> Linked Mon Aug 27 10:46:48 2012 OUTPUT FILE NAME: Example_F2802xNFC_Demo.out ENTRY POINT SYMBOL: "_c_int00" address: 003f7b08 MEMORY CONFIGURATION name origin length used unused attr fill ---------------------- -------- --------- -------- -------- ---- -------- PAGE 0: PRAML0 00008000 00000800 00000004 000007fc RWIX OTP 003d7800 00000400 00000000 00000400 RWIX FLASHD 003f0000 00002000 00000000 00002000 RWIX FLASHC 003f2000 00002000 00000080 00001f80 RWIX FLASHA 003f6000 00001f80 00001f80 00000000 RWIX CSM_RSVD 003f7f80 00000076 00000076 00000000 RWIX BEGIN 003f7ff6 00000002 00000002 00000000 RWIX CSM_PWL_P0 003f7ff8 00000008 00000008 00000000 RWIX IQTABLES 003fe000 00000b50 00000000 00000b50 RWIX IQTABLES2 003feb50 0000008c 00000000 0000008c RWIX IQTABLES3 003febdc 000000aa 00000000 000000aa RWIX ROM 003ff27c 00000d44 00000000 00000d44 RWIX RESET 003fffc0 00000002 00000000 00000002 RWIX VECTORS 003fffc2 0000003e 00000000 0000003e RWIX PAGE 1: BOOT_RSVD 00000000 00000050 00000000 00000050 RWIX RAMM0 00000050 000003b0 00000300 000000b0 RWIX RAMM1 00000400 00000400 00000000 00000400 RWIX DEV_EMU 00000880 00000105 00000004 00000101 RWIX SYS_PWR_CTL 00000985 00000003 00000003 00000000 RWIX FLASH_REGS 00000a80 00000060 00000008 00000058 RWIX CSM 00000ae0 00000010 00000010 00000000 RWIX ADC_RESULT 00000b00 00000020 00000020 00000000 RWIX CPU_TIMER0 00000c00 00000008 00000008 00000000 RWIX CPU_TIMER1 00000c08 00000008 00000008 00000000 RWIX CPU_TIMER2 00000c10 00000008 00000008 00000000 RWIX PIE_CTRL 00000ce0 00000020 0000001a 00000006 RWIX PIE_VECT 00000d00 00000100 00000100 00000000 RWIX COMP1 00006400 00000020 00000011 0000000f RWIX COMP2 00006420 00000020 00000011 0000000f RWIX EPWM1 00006800 00000040 00000040 00000000 RWIX EPWM2 00006840 00000040 00000040 00000000 RWIX EPWM3 00006880 00000040 00000040 00000000 RWIX EPWM4 000068c0 00000040 00000040 00000000 RWIX ECAP1 00006a00 00000020 00000020 00000000 RWIX GPIOCTRL 00006f80 00000040 00000040 00000000 RWIX GPIODAT 00006fc0 00000020 00000020 00000000 RWIX GPIOINT 00006fe0 00000020 0000000a 00000016 RWIX SYSTEM 00007010 00000020 0000001f 00000001 RWIX SPIA 00007040 00000010 00000010 00000000 RWIX SCIA 00007050 00000010 00000010 00000000 RWIX NMIINTRUPT 00007060 00000010 00000010 00000000 RWIX XINTRUPT 00007070 00000010 00000010 00000000 RWIX ADC 00007100 00000080 00000051 0000002f RWIX I2CA 00007900 00000040 00000022 0000001e RWIX DRAML0 00008800 00000800 0000018e 00000672 RWIX PARTID 003d7fff 00000001 00000001 00000000 RWIX FLASHB 003f4000 00002000 00000000 00002000 RWIX CSM_PWL 003f7ff8 00000008 00000008 00000000 RWIX SECTION ALLOCATION MAP output attributes/ section page origin length input sections -------- ---- ---------- ---------- ---------------- .pinit 0 003f6000 00000000 UNINITIALIZED .text.1 0 003f2000 00000002 003f2000 00000002 driverlib.lib : timer.obj (.text:_TIMER_setPeriod) .cinit 0 003f2002 0000007e 003f2002 0000003b main_boosterpack.obj (.cinit) 003f203d 00000011 trf796x.obj (.cinit) 003f204e 0000000a rts2800_ml.lib : _lock.obj (.cinit) 003f2058 0000000a : exit.obj (.cinit) 003f2062 00000008 iso15693.obj (.cinit) 003f206a 00000008 uart.obj (.cinit) 003f2072 00000004 host.obj (.cinit) 003f2076 00000004 iso14443a.obj (.cinit) 003f207a 00000004 trf_spi.obj (.cinit) 003f207e 00000002 --HOLE-- [fill = 0] .econst 0 003f6000 0000027e 003f6000 00000143 host.obj (.econst:.string) 003f6143 00000001 --HOLE-- [fill = 0] 003f6144 00000100 driverlib.lib : pie.obj (.econst:_PIE_tableDebugInit) 003f6244 0000002c type2.obj (.econst:.string) 003f6270 00000004 iso14443a.obj (.econst:.string) 003f6274 00000004 iso14443b.obj (.econst:.string) 003f6278 00000004 iso15693.obj (.econst:.string) 003f627c 00000002 host.obj (.econst) .switch 0 003f627e 00000020 003f627e 00000020 host.obj (.switch:_HostCommands) ramfuncs 0 003f629e 00000004 RUN ADDR = 00008000 003f629e 00000004 driverlib.lib : F2802x_asmfuncs.obj (ramfuncs) .text.2 0 003f62a2 00001cde 003f62a2 00000432 main_boosterpack.obj (.text) 003f66d4 00000431 host.obj (.text) 003f6b05 0000034c trf_spi.obj (.text) 003f6e51 0000034b iso14443a.obj (.text) 003f719c 000002df type2.obj (.text) 003f747b 000002d7 trf796x.obj (.text) 003f7752 00000142 iso14443b.obj (.text) 003f7894 0000011a uart.obj (.text) 003f79ae 000000b4 iso15693.obj (.text) 003f7a62 0000005d trf796xBoosterPack.obj (.text) 003f7abf 00000049 driverlib.lib : gpio.obj (.text:_GPIO_setMode) 003f7b08 00000044 rts2800_ml.lib : boot.obj (.text) 003f7b4c 00000034 driverlib.lib : gpio.obj (.text:_GPIO_setDirection) 003f7b80 00000034 : gpio.obj (.text:_GPIO_setPullUp) 003f7bb4 0000002e trf796xBoosterPack.obj (.text:retain) 003f7be2 0000002c trf796x.obj (.text:retain) 003f7c0e 0000002b driverlib.lib : gpio.obj (.text:_GPIO_setQualification) 003f7c39 00000021 rts2800_ml.lib : memcpy_ff.obj (.text) 003f7c5a 00000019 : args_main.obj (.text) 003f7c73 00000019 : exit.obj (.text) 003f7c8c 00000015 driverlib.lib : pll.obj (.text:_PLL_setup) 003f7ca1 00000013 : gpio.obj (.text:_GPIO_setLow) 003f7cb4 00000013 : gpio.obj (.text:_GPIO_toggle) 003f7cc7 00000013 : timer.obj (.text:_TIMER_setPreScaler) 003f7cda 00000012 : F2802x_asmfuncs.obj (.text) 003f7cec 00000011 : pie.obj (.text:_PIE_setDebugIntVectorTable) 003f7cfd 0000000f : pie.obj (.text:_PIE_disableAllInts) 003f7d0c 0000000f : pie.obj (.text:_PIE_registerPieIntHandler) 003f7d1b 0000000a : sci.obj (.text:_SCI_resetChannels) 003f7d25 0000000a : sci.obj (.text:_SCI_resetRxFifo) 003f7d2f 0000000a : sci.obj (.text:_SCI_resetTxFifo) 003f7d39 0000000a : spi.obj (.text:_SPI_resetRxFifo) 003f7d43 0000000a : spi.obj (.text:_SPI_resetTxFifo) 003f7d4d 00000009 : clk.obj (.text:_CLK_enableSciaClock) 003f7d56 00000009 rts2800_ml.lib : _lock.obj (.text) 003f7d5f 00000008 driverlib.lib : adc.obj (.text:_ADC_init) 003f7d67 00000008 : pie.obj (.text:_PIE_init) 003f7d6f 00000008 : wdog.obj (.text:_WDOG_disable) 003f7d77 00000007 : clk.obj (.text:_CLK_enableAdcClock) 003f7d7e 00000007 : clk.obj (.text:_CLK_enableSpiaClock) 003f7d85 00000007 : clk.obj (.text:_CLK_init) 003f7d8c 00000007 : clk.obj (.text:_CLK_setOscSrc) 003f7d93 00000007 : flash.obj (.text:_FLASH_init) 003f7d9a 00000007 : gpio.obj (.text:_GPIO_init) 003f7da1 00000007 : pll.obj (.text:_PLL_init) 003f7da8 00000007 : pll.obj (.text:_PLL_setDivider) 003f7daf 00000007 : sci.obj (.text:_SCI_init) 003f7db6 00000007 : sci.obj (.text:_SCI_setRxFifoIntLevel) 003f7dbd 00000007 : sci.obj (.text:_SCI_setTxFifoIntLevel) 003f7dc4 00000007 : spi.obj (.text:_SPI_init) 003f7dcb 00000007 : spi.obj (.text:_SPI_setPriority) 003f7dd2 00000007 : spi.obj (.text:_SPI_setRxFifoIntLevel) 003f7dd9 00000007 : spi.obj (.text:_SPI_setTxFifoIntLevel) 003f7de0 00000007 : timer.obj (.text:_TIMER_init) 003f7de7 00000007 : timer.obj (.text:_TIMER_setEmulationMode) 003f7dee 00000007 : wdog.obj (.text:_WDOG_init) 003f7df5 00000006 : pll.obj (.text:_PLL_setMultiplier) 003f7dfb 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_ADCINT1_ISR) 003f7e00 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_ADCINT2_ISR) 003f7e05 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_ADCINT3_ISR) 003f7e0a 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_ADCINT4_ISR) 003f7e0f 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_ADCINT5_ISR) 003f7e14 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_ADCINT6_ISR) 003f7e19 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_ADCINT7_ISR) 003f7e1e 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_ADCINT8_ISR) 003f7e23 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_ADCINT9_ISR) 003f7e28 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_DATALOG_ISR) 003f7e2d 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_ECAP1_INT_ISR) 003f7e32 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_EMUINT_ISR) 003f7e37 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_EPWM1_INT_ISR) 003f7e3c 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_EPWM1_TZINT_ISR) 003f7e41 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_EPWM2_INT_ISR) 003f7e46 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_EPWM2_TZINT_ISR) 003f7e4b 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_EPWM3_INT_ISR) 003f7e50 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_EPWM3_TZINT_ISR) 003f7e55 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_I2CINT1A_ISR) 003f7e5a 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_I2CINT2A_ISR) 003f7e5f 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_ILLEGAL_ISR) 003f7e64 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_INT13_ISR) 003f7e69 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_INT14_ISR) 003f7e6e 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_NMI_ISR) 003f7e73 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_PIE_RESERVED) 003f7e78 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_RTOSINT_ISR) 003f7e7d 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_SCIRXINTA_ISR) 003f7e82 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_SCITXINTA_ISR) 003f7e87 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_SPIRXINTA_ISR) 003f7e8c 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_SPITXINTA_ISR) 003f7e91 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_TINT0_ISR) 003f7e96 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_USER10_ISR) 003f7e9b 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_USER11_ISR) 003f7ea0 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_USER12_ISR) 003f7ea5 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_USER1_ISR) 003f7eaa 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_USER2_ISR) 003f7eaf 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_USER3_ISR) 003f7eb4 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_USER4_ISR) 003f7eb9 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_USER5_ISR) 003f7ebe 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_USER6_ISR) 003f7ec3 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_USER7_ISR) 003f7ec8 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_USER8_ISR) 003f7ecd 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_USER9_ISR) 003f7ed2 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_WAKEINT_ISR) 003f7ed7 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_XINT1_ISR) 003f7edc 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_XINT2_ISR) 003f7ee1 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_XINT3_ISR) 003f7ee6 00000005 : F2802x_DefaultIsr.obj (.text:_rsvd_ISR) 003f7eeb 00000005 uart.obj (.text:retain) 003f7ef0 00000004 driverlib.lib : cpu.obj (.text:_CPU_enableInt) 003f7ef4 00000004 : cpu.obj (.text:_CPU_init) 003f7ef8 00000004 : sci.obj (.text:_SCI_clearRxFifoInt) 003f7efc 00000004 : sci.obj (.text:_SCI_clearTxFifoInt) 003f7f00 00000004 : sci.obj (.text:_SCI_enableFifoEnh) 003f7f04 00000004 : sci.obj (.text:_SCI_getTxFifoStatus) 003f7f08 00000004 : sci.obj (.text:_SCI_setCharLength) 003f7f0c 00000004 : sci.obj (.text:_SCI_setNumStopBits) 003f7f10 00000004 : spi.obj (.text:_SPI_clearRxFifoInt) 003f7f14 00000004 : spi.obj (.text:_SPI_clearTxFifoInt) 003f7f18 00000004 : spi.obj (.text:_SPI_enableChannels) 003f7f1c 00000004 : spi.obj (.text:_SPI_enableFifoEnh) 003f7f20 00000004 : spi.obj (.text:_SPI_enableRxFifoInt) 003f7f24 00000004 : spi.obj (.text:_SPI_enableTxFifoInt) 003f7f28 00000004 : spi.obj (.text:_SPI_getRxFifoStatus) 003f7f2c 00000004 : spi.obj (.text:_SPI_getTxFifoStatus) 003f7f30 00000004 : spi.obj (.text:_SPI_setCharLength) 003f7f34 00000003 : cpu.obj (.text:_CPU_clearIntFlags) 003f7f37 00000003 : cpu.obj (.text:_CPU_disableGlobalInts) 003f7f3a 00000003 : cpu.obj (.text:_CPU_enableGlobalInts) 003f7f3d 00000003 : pie.obj (.text:_PIE_disable) 003f7f40 00000003 : pie.obj (.text:_PIE_enable) 003f7f43 00000003 : pie.obj (.text:_PIE_enableTimer0Int) 003f7f46 00000003 : pll.obj (.text:_PLL_getClkStatus) 003f7f49 00000003 : pll.obj (.text:_PLL_getLockStatus) 003f7f4c 00000003 : sci.obj (.text:_SCI_disableParity) 003f7f4f 00000003 : sci.obj (.text:_SCI_enable) 003f7f52 00000003 : sci.obj (.text:_SCI_enableRx) 003f7f55 00000003 : sci.obj (.text:_SCI_enableRxInt) 003f7f58 00000003 : sci.obj (.text:_SCI_enableTx) 003f7f5b 00000003 : sci.obj (.text:_SCI_enableTxInt) 003f7f5e 00000003 : spi.obj (.text:_SPI_disable) 003f7f61 00000003 : spi.obj (.text:_SPI_enable) 003f7f64 00000003 : spi.obj (.text:_SPI_enableInt) 003f7f67 00000003 : spi.obj (.text:_SPI_enableLoopBack) 003f7f6a 00000003 : spi.obj (.text:_SPI_enableOverRunInt) 003f7f6d 00000003 : spi.obj (.text:_SPI_enableTx) 003f7f70 00000003 : timer.obj (.text:_TIMER_enableInt) 003f7f73 00000003 : timer.obj (.text:_TIMER_reload) 003f7f76 00000003 : timer.obj (.text:_TIMER_start) 003f7f79 00000003 : timer.obj (.text:_TIMER_stop) 003f7f7c 00000002 : spi.obj (.text:_SPI_setBaudRate) 003f7f7e 00000002 : spi.obj (.text:_SPI_setMode) csm_rsvd 0 003f7f80 00000076 003f7f80 00000076 driverlib.lib : F2802x_asmfuncs.obj (csm_rsvd) codestart * 0 003f7ff6 00000002 003f7ff6 00000002 driverlib.lib : F2802x_asmfuncs.obj (codestart) csmpasswds * 0 003f7ff8 00000008 003f7ff8 00000008 driverlib.lib : F2802x_asmfuncs.obj (csmpasswds) .reset 0 003fffc0 00000002 DSECT 003fffc0 00000002 rts2800_ml.lib : boot.obj (.reset) vectors 0 003fffc2 00000000 DSECT .stack 1 00000050 00000300 UNINITIALIZED 00000050 00000300 --HOLE-- DevEmuRegsFile * 1 00000880 00000004 UNINITIALIZED 00000880 00000004 driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (DevEmuRegsFile) SysPwrCtrlRegsFile * 1 00000985 00000003 UNINITIALIZED 00000985 00000003 driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (SysPwrCtrlRegsFile) FlashRegsFile * 1 00000a80 00000008 UNINITIALIZED 00000a80 00000008 driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (FlashRegsFile) CsmRegsFile * 1 00000ae0 00000010 UNINITIALIZED 00000ae0 00000010 driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (CsmRegsFile) AdcResultFile * 1 00000b00 00000020 UNINITIALIZED 00000b00 00000020 driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (AdcResultFile) CpuTimer0RegsFile * 1 00000c00 00000008 UNINITIALIZED 00000c00 00000008 driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (CpuTimer0RegsFile) CpuTimer1RegsFile * 1 00000c08 00000008 UNINITIALIZED 00000c08 00000008 driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (CpuTimer1RegsFile) CpuTimer2RegsFile * 1 00000c10 00000008 UNINITIALIZED 00000c10 00000008 driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (CpuTimer2RegsFile) PieCtrlRegsFile * 1 00000ce0 0000001a UNINITIALIZED 00000ce0 0000001a driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (PieCtrlRegsFile) PieVectTableFile * 1 00000d00 00000100 UNINITIALIZED 00000d00 00000100 driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (PieVectTableFile) EmuKeyVar * 1 00000d00 00000001 UNINITIALIZED 00000d00 00000001 driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (EmuKeyVar) EmuBModeVar * 1 00000d01 00000001 UNINITIALIZED 00000d01 00000001 driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (EmuBModeVar) FlashCallbackVar * 1 00000d02 00000002 UNINITIALIZED 00000d02 00000002 driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (FlashCallbackVar) FlashScalingVar * 1 00000d04 00000002 UNINITIALIZED 00000d04 00000002 driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (FlashScalingVar) Comp1RegsFile * 1 00006400 00000011 UNINITIALIZED 00006400 00000011 driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (Comp1RegsFile) Comp2RegsFile * 1 00006420 00000011 UNINITIALIZED 00006420 00000011 driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (Comp2RegsFile) EPwm1RegsFile * 1 00006800 00000040 UNINITIALIZED 00006800 00000040 driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (EPwm1RegsFile) EPwm2RegsFile * 1 00006840 00000040 UNINITIALIZED 00006840 00000040 driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (EPwm2RegsFile) EPwm3RegsFile * 1 00006880 00000040 UNINITIALIZED 00006880 00000040 driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (EPwm3RegsFile) EPwm4RegsFile * 1 000068c0 00000040 UNINITIALIZED 000068c0 00000040 driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (EPwm4RegsFile) ECap1RegsFile * 1 00006a00 00000020 UNINITIALIZED 00006a00 00000020 driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (ECap1RegsFile) GpioCtrlRegsFile * 1 00006f80 00000040 UNINITIALIZED 00006f80 00000040 driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (GpioCtrlRegsFile) GpioDataRegsFile * 1 00006fc0 00000020 UNINITIALIZED 00006fc0 00000020 driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (GpioDataRegsFile) GpioIntRegsFile * 1 00006fe0 0000000a UNINITIALIZED 00006fe0 0000000a driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (GpioIntRegsFile) SysCtrlRegsFile * 1 00007010 0000001f UNINITIALIZED 00007010 0000001f driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (SysCtrlRegsFile) SpiaRegsFile * 1 00007040 00000010 UNINITIALIZED 00007040 00000010 driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (SpiaRegsFile) SciaRegsFile * 1 00007050 00000010 UNINITIALIZED 00007050 00000010 driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (SciaRegsFile) NmiIntruptRegsFile * 1 00007060 00000010 UNINITIALIZED 00007060 00000010 driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (NmiIntruptRegsFile) XIntruptRegsFile * 1 00007070 00000010 UNINITIALIZED 00007070 00000010 driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (XIntruptRegsFile) AdcRegsFile * 1 00007100 00000051 UNINITIALIZED 00007100 00000051 driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (AdcRegsFile) I2caRegsFile * 1 00007900 00000022 UNINITIALIZED 00007900 00000022 driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (I2caRegsFile) .ebss 1 00008800 0000018e UNINITIALIZED 00008800 00000152 main_boosterpack.obj (.ebss) 00008952 00000011 iso14443a.obj (.ebss) 00008963 0000000d trf796x.obj (.ebss) 00008970 00000008 trf_spi.obj (.ebss) 00008978 00000008 uart.obj (.ebss) 00008980 00000004 rts2800_ml.lib : _lock.obj (.ebss) 00008984 00000004 : exit.obj (.ebss) 00008988 00000002 iso15693.obj (.ebss) 0000898a 00000002 trf796xBoosterPack.obj (.ebss) 0000898c 00000001 driverlib.lib : cpu.obj (.ebss) 0000898d 00000001 host.obj (.ebss) PartIdRegsFile * 1 003d7fff 00000001 UNINITIALIZED 003d7fff 00000001 driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (PartIdRegsFile) CsmPwlFile * 1 003f7ff8 00000008 UNINITIALIZED 003f7ff8 00000008 driverlib.lib : F2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj (CsmPwlFile) GLOBAL SYMBOLS: SORTED ALPHABETICALLY BY Name address name -------- ---- ffffffff .text 003f7c73 C$$EXIT 003f7dfb _ADCINT1_ISR 003f7e00 _ADCINT2_ISR 003f7e05 _ADCINT3_ISR 003f7e0a _ADCINT4_ISR 003f7e0f _ADCINT5_ISR 003f7e14 _ADCINT6_ISR 003f7e19 _ADCINT7_ISR 003f7e1e _ADCINT8_ISR 003f7e23 _ADCINT9_ISR 003f7d5f _ADC_init 00007100 _AdcRegs 00000b00 _AdcResult 003f7d77 _CLK_enableAdcClock 003f7d4d _CLK_enableSciaClock 003f7d7e _CLK_enableSpiaClock 003f7d85 _CLK_init 003f7d8c _CLK_setOscSrc 003f7f34 _CPU_clearIntFlags 003f7f37 _CPU_disableGlobalInts 003f7f3a _CPU_enableGlobalInts 003f7ef0 _CPU_enableInt 003f7ef4 _CPU_init 00006400 _Comp1Regs 00006420 _Comp2Regs 00000c00 _CpuTimer0Regs 00000c08 _CpuTimer1Regs 00000c10 _CpuTimer2Regs 003f7ff8 _CsmPwl 00000ae0 _CsmRegs 003f7e28 _DATALOG_ISR 003f7ce5 _DSP28x_DisableInt 003f7ce9 _DSP28x_RestoreInt 00008000 _DSP28x_usDelay 00000880 _DevEmuRegs 003f7e2d _ECAP1_INT_ISR 00006a00 _ECap1Regs 003f7e32 _EMUINT_ISR 003f7e37 _EPWM1_INT_ISR 003f7e3c _EPWM1_TZINT_ISR 003f7e41 _EPWM2_INT_ISR 003f7e46 _EPWM2_TZINT_ISR 003f7e4b _EPWM3_INT_ISR 003f7e50 _EPWM3_TZINT_ISR 00006800 _EPwm1Regs 00006840 _EPwm2Regs 00006880 _EPwm3Regs 000068c0 _EPwm4Regs 00000d01 _EmuBMode 00000d00 _EmuKey 003f7d93 _FLASH_init 00000a80 _FlashRegs 00000d04 _Flash_CPUScaleFactor 00000d02 _Flash_CallbackPtr 003f7d9a _GPIO_init 003f7b4c _GPIO_setDirection 003f7ca1 _GPIO_setLow 003f7abf _GPIO_setMode 003f7b80 _GPIO_setPullUp 003f7c0e _GPIO_setQualification 003f7cb4 _GPIO_toggle 00006f80 _GpioCtrlRegs 00006fc0 _GpioDataRegs 00006fe0 _GpioIntRegs 003f66d4 _HostCommands 003f6a3b _HostRequest14443A 003f68c0 _HostRequestCommand 003f7e55 _I2CINT1A_ISR 003f7e5a _I2CINT2A_ISR 00007900 _I2caRegs 003f7e5f _ILLEGAL_ISR 003f7e64 _INT13_ISR 003f7e69 _INT14_ISR 003f7066 _Iso14443aAnticollision 003f6e51 _Iso14443aFindTag 003f6e61 _Iso14443aLoop 003f7130 _Iso14443aSelectCommand 003f7752 _Iso14443bFindTag 003f79be _Iso15693Anticollision 003f79ae _Iso15693FindTag 003f7a74 _McuCounterSet 003f7a62 _McuDelayMillisecond 003f7aba _McuOscSel 003f6344 _NFCSend 003f6597 _NFCTarget_statemachine 003f62a2 _NFC_IRQ_PROTOCOL_ERR 003f62b7 _NFC_IRQ_RX 003f62a9 _NFC_IRQ_TX 003f637c _NFC_ProcessReceivedData 00008805 _NFC_State 003f7e6e _NMI_ISR 00007060 _NmiIntruptRegs 003f7e73 _PIE_RESERVED 003f7f3d _PIE_disable 003f7cfd _PIE_disableAllInts 003f7f40 _PIE_enable 003f7f43 _PIE_enableTimer0Int 003f7d67 _PIE_init 003f7d0c _PIE_registerPieIntHandler 003f7cec _PIE_setDebugIntVectorTable 003f6144 _PIE_tableDebugInit 003f7f46 _PLL_getClkStatus 003f7f49 _PLL_getLockStatus 003f7da1 _PLL_init 003f7da8 _PLL_setDivider 003f7df5 _PLL_setMultiplier 003f7c8c _PLL_setup 003d7fff _PartIdRegs 00000ce0 _PieCtrlRegs 00000d00 _PieVectTable 003f7e78 _RTOSINT_ISR 003f752e _Radio_InitialSettings 003f62d3 _Radio_Process_IRQ 003f74cb _Radio_Transfer 003f62f0 _Radio_Wait_IRQ 00000004 _RamfuncsLoadSize 003f629e _RamfuncsLoadStart 00008000 _RamfuncsRunStart 003f7e7d _SCIRXINTA_ISR 003f7e82 _SCITXINTA_ISR 003f7ef8 _SCI_clearRxFifoInt 003f7efc _SCI_clearTxFifoInt 003f7f4c _SCI_disableParity 003f7f4f _SCI_enable 003f7f00 _SCI_enableFifoEnh 003f7f52 _SCI_enableRx 003f7f55 _SCI_enableRxInt 003f7f58 _SCI_enableTx 003f7f5b _SCI_enableTxInt 003f7f04 _SCI_getTxFifoStatus 003f7daf _SCI_init 003f7d1b _SCI_resetChannels 003f7d25 _SCI_resetRxFifo 003f7d2f _SCI_resetTxFifo 003f7f08 _SCI_setCharLength 003f7f0c _SCI_setNumStopBits 003f7db6 _SCI_setRxFifoIntLevel 003f7dbd _SCI_setTxFifoIntLevel 003f7e87 _SPIRXINTA_ISR 003f7e8c _SPITXINTA_ISR 003f7f10 _SPI_clearRxFifoInt 003f7f14 _SPI_clearTxFifoInt 003f7f5e _SPI_disable 003f7f61 _SPI_enable 003f7f18 _SPI_enableChannels 003f7f1c _SPI_enableFifoEnh 003f7f64 _SPI_enableInt 003f7f67 _SPI_enableLoopBack 003f7f6a _SPI_enableOverRunInt 003f7f20 _SPI_enableRxFifoInt 003f7f6d _SPI_enableTx 003f7f24 _SPI_enableTxFifoInt 003f7f28 _SPI_getRxFifoStatus 003f7f2c _SPI_getTxFifoStatus 003f7dc4 _SPI_init 003f7d39 _SPI_resetRxFifo 003f7d43 _SPI_resetTxFifo 003f7f7c _SPI_setBaudRate 003f7f30 _SPI_setCharLength 003f7f7e _SPI_setMode 003f7dcb _SPI_setPriority 003f7dd2 _SPI_setRxFifoIntLevel 003f7dd9 _SPI_setTxFifoIntLevel 00007050 _SciaRegs 003f6b1a _SpiDirectCommand 003f6b5a _SpiDirectMode 003f6b6b _SpiRawWrite 003f6b9c _SpiReadCont 003f6bf4 _SpiReadSingle 003f6c4b _SpiSetup 003f6c66 _SpiStartCondition 003f6c71 _SpiStopCondition 003f6db8 _SpiUsciDisable 003f6cea _SpiUsciExtClkSet 003f6d51 _SpiUsciSet 003f6dd3 _SpiWriteCont 003f6e0e _SpiWriteSingle 00007040 _SpiaRegs 00007010 _SysCtrlRegs 00000985 _SysPwrCtrlRegs 003f7f70 _TIMER_enableInt 003f7de0 _TIMER_init 003f7f73 _TIMER_reload 003f7de7 _TIMER_setEmulationMode 003f2000 _TIMER_setPeriod 003f7cc7 _TIMER_setPreScaler 003f7f76 _TIMER_start 003f7f79 _TIMER_stop 003f7e91 _TINT0_ISR 00008966 _TargetCID 003f7490 _Trf796xCommunicationSetup 003f7493 _Trf796xDirectCommand 003f749a _Trf796xDirectMode 003f74a1 _Trf796xDisableSlotCounter 003f74b6 _Trf796xEnableSlotCounter 003f75df _Trf796xISR 003f7550 _Trf796xInitialSettings 003f7be2 _Trf796xPortB 003f76ae _Trf796xRawWrite 003f76b7 _Trf796xReConfig 003f76ba _Trf796xReadCont 003f76c3 _Trf796xReadIrqStatus 003f76d1 _Trf796xReadSingle 003f7535 _Trf796xReaderSettings 003f76d9 _Trf796xReset 003f76e2 _Trf796xResetIrqStatus 003f76ee _Trf796xRunDecoders 003f76f7 _Trf796xStopDecoders 003f7700 _Trf796xTransmitNextSlot 003f7709 _Trf796xTurnRfOff 003f771c _Trf796xTurnRfOn 003f7727 _Trf796xWriteCont 003f7730 _Trf796xWriteIsoControl 003f7749 _Trf796xWriteSingle 003f719c _Type2Command 003f7321 _Type2ReadFourBlocks 003f71c5 _Type2ReadTwoBlocks 003f73d3 _Type2WriteOneBlock 003f7277 _Type2WriteTwoBlocks 003f7e96 _USER10_ISR 003f7e9b _USER11_ISR 003f7ea0 _USER12_ISR 003f7ea5 _USER1_ISR 003f7eaa _USER2_ISR 003f7eaf _USER3_ISR 003f7eb4 _USER4_ISR 003f7eb9 _USER5_ISR 003f7ebe _USER6_ISR 003f7ec3 _USER7_ISR 003f7ec8 _USER8_ISR 003f7ecd _USER9_ISR 003f789f _UartBaudSet 003f78a3 _UartGetLine 003f78a7 _UartNibble2Ascii 003f78b3 _UartPutBksp 003f78bd _UartPutByte 003f78d3 _UartPutChar 003f78e4 _UartPutCrlf 003f78eb _UartPutSpace 003f78ef _UartResponse 003f7eeb _UartRxHandler 003f7908 _UartSendCString 003f7970 _UartSetup 003f7ed2 _WAKEINT_ISR 003f7d6f _WDOG_disable 003f7dee _WDOG_init 003f7ed7 _XINT1_ISR 003f7edc _XINT2_ISR 003f7ee1 _XINT3_ISR 00007070 _XIntruptRegs 00000350 __STACK_END 00000300 __STACK_SIZE 00000001 __TI_args_main ffffffff ___binit__ ffffffff ___c_args__ 003f2002 ___cinit__ ffffffff ___etext__ 003f7c39 ___memcpy_ff ffffffff ___pinit__ ffffffff ___text__ 003f7c5a __args_main 00008984 __cleanup_ptr 00008986 __dtors_ptr 00008982 __lock 003f7d5e __nop 003f7d5a __register_lock 003f7d56 __register_unlock 00000050 __stack 00008980 __unlock 003f7c73 _abort 00008989 _afi 00008880 _buf 003f7b08 _c_int00 00008804 _card_state 00008952 _coll_poss 00008964 _command 00008955 _complete_uid 0000898c _cpu 00008963 _direct_mode 00008801 _enable 003f7c75 _exit 0000898d _first_spi_data 00008988 _flags 0000881a _g_ndef_message 00008808 _host_control_flag 00008800 _i_reg 00008807 _irq_flag 003f7761 _iso14443bAnticollision 003f784b _iso14443bSlotMarkerCommand 003f660d _main 00008810 _myAdc 0000880c _myClk 00008812 _myCpu 0000880e _myFlash 00008818 _myGpio 00008814 _myPie 0000898a _myTimer 003f627c _revision 00008953 _rssi 003f7ee6 _rsvd_ISR 00008978 _rx_data 00008979 _rx_done 00008806 _rx_error_flag 00008809 _rxtx_state 003f7915 _scia_echoback_init 003f7945 _scia_fifo_init 003f7ce2 _setDBGIER 00008972 _spiClk 00008974 _spiGpio 00008976 _spiSpi 003f6cb5 _spi_fifo_init 003f6c7e _spi_init 00008803 _stand_alone_flag 0000880a _state_250ms_counter 00008970 _temp 003f7bb4 _timerHandler 00008840 _tx_buf 00008802 _u8InterruptFlags 0000897e _uartClk 0000897c _uartGpio 0000897a _uartSci ffffffff binit 003f2002 cinit 003f7ff6 code_start ffffffff etext ffffffff pinit GLOBAL SYMBOLS: SORTED BY Symbol Address address name -------- ---- 00000001 __TI_args_main 00000004 _RamfuncsLoadSize 00000050 __stack 00000300 __STACK_SIZE 00000350 __STACK_END 00000880 _DevEmuRegs 00000985 _SysPwrCtrlRegs 00000a80 _FlashRegs 00000ae0 _CsmRegs 00000b00 _AdcResult 00000c00 _CpuTimer0Regs 00000c08 _CpuTimer1Regs 00000c10 _CpuTimer2Regs 00000ce0 _PieCtrlRegs 00000d00 _EmuKey 00000d00 _PieVectTable 00000d01 _EmuBMode 00000d02 _Flash_CallbackPtr 00000d04 _Flash_CPUScaleFactor 00006400 _Comp1Regs 00006420 _Comp2Regs 00006800 _EPwm1Regs 00006840 _EPwm2Regs 00006880 _EPwm3Regs 000068c0 _EPwm4Regs 00006a00 _ECap1Regs 00006f80 _GpioCtrlRegs 00006fc0 _GpioDataRegs 00006fe0 _GpioIntRegs 00007010 _SysCtrlRegs 00007040 _SpiaRegs 00007050 _SciaRegs 00007060 _NmiIntruptRegs 00007070 _XIntruptRegs 00007100 _AdcRegs 00007900 _I2caRegs 00008000 _DSP28x_usDelay 00008000 _RamfuncsRunStart 00008800 _i_reg 00008801 _enable 00008802 _u8InterruptFlags 00008803 _stand_alone_flag 00008804 _card_state 00008805 _NFC_State 00008806 _rx_error_flag 00008807 _irq_flag 00008808 _host_control_flag 00008809 _rxtx_state 0000880a _state_250ms_counter 0000880c _myClk 0000880e _myFlash 00008810 _myAdc 00008812 _myCpu 00008814 _myPie 00008818 _myGpio 0000881a _g_ndef_message 00008840 _tx_buf 00008880 _buf 00008952 _coll_poss 00008953 _rssi 00008955 _complete_uid 00008963 _direct_mode 00008964 _command 00008966 _TargetCID 00008970 _temp 00008972 _spiClk 00008974 _spiGpio 00008976 _spiSpi 00008978 _rx_data 00008979 _rx_done 0000897a _uartSci 0000897c _uartGpio 0000897e _uartClk 00008980 __unlock 00008982 __lock 00008984 __cleanup_ptr 00008986 __dtors_ptr 00008988 _flags 00008989 _afi 0000898a _myTimer 0000898c _cpu 0000898d _first_spi_data 003d7fff _PartIdRegs 003f2000 _TIMER_setPeriod 003f2002 ___cinit__ 003f2002 cinit 003f6144 _PIE_tableDebugInit 003f627c _revision 003f629e _RamfuncsLoadStart 003f62a2 _NFC_IRQ_PROTOCOL_ERR 003f62a9 _NFC_IRQ_TX 003f62b7 _NFC_IRQ_RX 003f62d3 _Radio_Process_IRQ 003f62f0 _Radio_Wait_IRQ 003f6344 _NFCSend 003f637c _NFC_ProcessReceivedData 003f6597 _NFCTarget_statemachine 003f660d _main 003f66d4 _HostCommands 003f68c0 _HostRequestCommand 003f6a3b _HostRequest14443A 003f6b1a _SpiDirectCommand 003f6b5a _SpiDirectMode 003f6b6b _SpiRawWrite 003f6b9c _SpiReadCont 003f6bf4 _SpiReadSingle 003f6c4b _SpiSetup 003f6c66 _SpiStartCondition 003f6c71 _SpiStopCondition 003f6c7e _spi_init 003f6cb5 _spi_fifo_init 003f6cea _SpiUsciExtClkSet 003f6d51 _SpiUsciSet 003f6db8 _SpiUsciDisable 003f6dd3 _SpiWriteCont 003f6e0e _SpiWriteSingle 003f6e51 _Iso14443aFindTag 003f6e61 _Iso14443aLoop 003f7066 _Iso14443aAnticollision 003f7130 _Iso14443aSelectCommand 003f719c _Type2Command 003f71c5 _Type2ReadTwoBlocks 003f7277 _Type2WriteTwoBlocks 003f7321 _Type2ReadFourBlocks 003f73d3 _Type2WriteOneBlock 003f7490 _Trf796xCommunicationSetup 003f7493 _Trf796xDirectCommand 003f749a _Trf796xDirectMode 003f74a1 _Trf796xDisableSlotCounter 003f74b6 _Trf796xEnableSlotCounter 003f74cb _Radio_Transfer 003f752e _Radio_InitialSettings 003f7535 _Trf796xReaderSettings 003f7550 _Trf796xInitialSettings 003f75df _Trf796xISR 003f76ae _Trf796xRawWrite 003f76b7 _Trf796xReConfig 003f76ba _Trf796xReadCont 003f76c3 _Trf796xReadIrqStatus 003f76d1 _Trf796xReadSingle 003f76d9 _Trf796xReset 003f76e2 _Trf796xResetIrqStatus 003f76ee _Trf796xRunDecoders 003f76f7 _Trf796xStopDecoders 003f7700 _Trf796xTransmitNextSlot 003f7709 _Trf796xTurnRfOff 003f771c _Trf796xTurnRfOn 003f7727 _Trf796xWriteCont 003f7730 _Trf796xWriteIsoControl 003f7749 _Trf796xWriteSingle 003f7752 _Iso14443bFindTag 003f7761 _iso14443bAnticollision 003f784b _iso14443bSlotMarkerCommand 003f789f _UartBaudSet 003f78a3 _UartGetLine 003f78a7 _UartNibble2Ascii 003f78b3 _UartPutBksp 003f78bd _UartPutByte 003f78d3 _UartPutChar 003f78e4 _UartPutCrlf 003f78eb _UartPutSpace 003f78ef _UartResponse 003f7908 _UartSendCString 003f7915 _scia_echoback_init 003f7945 _scia_fifo_init 003f7970 _UartSetup 003f79ae _Iso15693FindTag 003f79be _Iso15693Anticollision 003f7a62 _McuDelayMillisecond 003f7a74 _McuCounterSet 003f7aba _McuOscSel 003f7abf _GPIO_setMode 003f7b08 _c_int00 003f7b4c _GPIO_setDirection 003f7b80 _GPIO_setPullUp 003f7bb4 _timerHandler 003f7be2 _Trf796xPortB 003f7c0e _GPIO_setQualification 003f7c39 ___memcpy_ff 003f7c5a __args_main 003f7c73 C$$EXIT 003f7c73 _abort 003f7c75 _exit 003f7c8c _PLL_setup 003f7ca1 _GPIO_setLow 003f7cb4 _GPIO_toggle 003f7cc7 _TIMER_setPreScaler 003f7ce2 _setDBGIER 003f7ce5 _DSP28x_DisableInt 003f7ce9 _DSP28x_RestoreInt 003f7cec _PIE_setDebugIntVectorTable 003f7cfd _PIE_disableAllInts 003f7d0c _PIE_registerPieIntHandler 003f7d1b _SCI_resetChannels 003f7d25 _SCI_resetRxFifo 003f7d2f _SCI_resetTxFifo 003f7d39 _SPI_resetRxFifo 003f7d43 _SPI_resetTxFifo 003f7d4d _CLK_enableSciaClock 003f7d56 __register_unlock 003f7d5a __register_lock 003f7d5e __nop 003f7d5f _ADC_init 003f7d67 _PIE_init 003f7d6f _WDOG_disable 003f7d77 _CLK_enableAdcClock 003f7d7e _CLK_enableSpiaClock 003f7d85 _CLK_init 003f7d8c _CLK_setOscSrc 003f7d93 _FLASH_init 003f7d9a _GPIO_init 003f7da1 _PLL_init 003f7da8 _PLL_setDivider 003f7daf _SCI_init 003f7db6 _SCI_setRxFifoIntLevel 003f7dbd _SCI_setTxFifoIntLevel 003f7dc4 _SPI_init 003f7dcb _SPI_setPriority 003f7dd2 _SPI_setRxFifoIntLevel 003f7dd9 _SPI_setTxFifoIntLevel 003f7de0 _TIMER_init 003f7de7 _TIMER_setEmulationMode 003f7dee _WDOG_init 003f7df5 _PLL_setMultiplier 003f7dfb _ADCINT1_ISR 003f7e00 _ADCINT2_ISR 003f7e05 _ADCINT3_ISR 003f7e0a _ADCINT4_ISR 003f7e0f _ADCINT5_ISR 003f7e14 _ADCINT6_ISR 003f7e19 _ADCINT7_ISR 003f7e1e _ADCINT8_ISR 003f7e23 _ADCINT9_ISR 003f7e28 _DATALOG_ISR 003f7e2d _ECAP1_INT_ISR 003f7e32 _EMUINT_ISR 003f7e37 _EPWM1_INT_ISR 003f7e3c _EPWM1_TZINT_ISR 003f7e41 _EPWM2_INT_ISR 003f7e46 _EPWM2_TZINT_ISR 003f7e4b _EPWM3_INT_ISR 003f7e50 _EPWM3_TZINT_ISR 003f7e55 _I2CINT1A_ISR 003f7e5a _I2CINT2A_ISR 003f7e5f _ILLEGAL_ISR 003f7e64 _INT13_ISR 003f7e69 _INT14_ISR 003f7e6e _NMI_ISR 003f7e73 _PIE_RESERVED 003f7e78 _RTOSINT_ISR 003f7e7d _SCIRXINTA_ISR 003f7e82 _SCITXINTA_ISR 003f7e87 _SPIRXINTA_ISR 003f7e8c _SPITXINTA_ISR 003f7e91 _TINT0_ISR 003f7e96 _USER10_ISR 003f7e9b _USER11_ISR 003f7ea0 _USER12_ISR 003f7ea5 _USER1_ISR 003f7eaa _USER2_ISR 003f7eaf _USER3_ISR 003f7eb4 _USER4_ISR 003f7eb9 _USER5_ISR 003f7ebe _USER6_ISR 003f7ec3 _USER7_ISR 003f7ec8 _USER8_ISR 003f7ecd _USER9_ISR 003f7ed2 _WAKEINT_ISR 003f7ed7 _XINT1_ISR 003f7edc _XINT2_ISR 003f7ee1 _XINT3_ISR 003f7ee6 _rsvd_ISR 003f7eeb _UartRxHandler 003f7ef0 _CPU_enableInt 003f7ef4 _CPU_init 003f7ef8 _SCI_clearRxFifoInt 003f7efc _SCI_clearTxFifoInt 003f7f00 _SCI_enableFifoEnh 003f7f04 _SCI_getTxFifoStatus 003f7f08 _SCI_setCharLength 003f7f0c _SCI_setNumStopBits 003f7f10 _SPI_clearRxFifoInt 003f7f14 _SPI_clearTxFifoInt 003f7f18 _SPI_enableChannels 003f7f1c _SPI_enableFifoEnh 003f7f20 _SPI_enableRxFifoInt 003f7f24 _SPI_enableTxFifoInt 003f7f28 _SPI_getRxFifoStatus 003f7f2c _SPI_getTxFifoStatus 003f7f30 _SPI_setCharLength 003f7f34 _CPU_clearIntFlags 003f7f37 _CPU_disableGlobalInts 003f7f3a _CPU_enableGlobalInts 003f7f3d _PIE_disable 003f7f40 _PIE_enable 003f7f43 _PIE_enableTimer0Int 003f7f46 _PLL_getClkStatus 003f7f49 _PLL_getLockStatus 003f7f4c _SCI_disableParity 003f7f4f _SCI_enable 003f7f52 _SCI_enableRx 003f7f55 _SCI_enableRxInt 003f7f58 _SCI_enableTx 003f7f5b _SCI_enableTxInt 003f7f5e _SPI_disable 003f7f61 _SPI_enable 003f7f64 _SPI_enableInt 003f7f67 _SPI_enableLoopBack 003f7f6a _SPI_enableOverRunInt 003f7f6d _SPI_enableTx 003f7f70 _TIMER_enableInt 003f7f73 _TIMER_reload 003f7f76 _TIMER_start 003f7f79 _TIMER_stop 003f7f7c _SPI_setBaudRate 003f7f7e _SPI_setMode 003f7ff6 code_start 003f7ff8 _CsmPwl ffffffff .text ffffffff ___binit__ ffffffff ___c_args__ ffffffff ___etext__ ffffffff ___pinit__ ffffffff ___text__ ffffffff binit ffffffff etext ffffffff pinit [327 symbols]
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    msptest6 reacted to CorB in Interrupt based button and PORT_A leds   
    Here's a simple example (based on a crossover of TI;s example code External_interrupt and LaunchpadDemo) that detects a buttonpress on the C2000 Launchpad (GPIO12), processes the press in an interrupt and shows the no of buttonpresses using the Port_A LED setup. The button isnt properly debounced yet it seems but its working. The code isnt the shortest possible I guess.

    //############################################################################# // // File: /Example_F2802xButtonInterrupt.c // // Title: F2802x Button Interrupt test program, will show successive presses on PORT_A leds // // Group: C2000 Launchpad // Target Device: TMS320F28027 // // Code based on TIs examples External_interrupt and LaunchpadDemo // ########################################################################### #include "DSP28x_Project.h" // Device Headerfile and Examples Include File #include "f2802x_common/include/clk.h" #include "f2802x_common/include/flash.h" #include "f2802x_common/include/gpio.h" #include "f2802x_common/include/pie.h" #include "f2802x_common/include/pll.h" #include "f2802x_common/include/pwr.h" #include "f2802x_common/include/wdog.h" // Prototype statements for functions found within this file. interrupt void xint1_isr(void); char counter; // the counter showing the no of button presses CLK_Handle myClk; FLASH_Handle myFlash; GPIO_Handle myGpio; PIE_Handle myPie; void main(void) { CPU_Handle myCpu; PLL_Handle myPll; WDOG_Handle myWDog; // Initialize all the handles needed for this application myClk = CLK_init((void *)CLK_BASE_ADDR, sizeof(CLK_Obj)); myCpu = CPU_init((void *)NULL, sizeof(CPU_Obj)); myFlash = FLASH_init((void *)FLASH_BASE_ADDR, sizeof(FLASH_Obj)); myGpio = GPIO_init((void *)GPIO_BASE_ADDR, sizeof(GPIO_Obj)); myPie = PIE_init((void *)PIE_BASE_ADDR, sizeof(PIE_Obj)); myPll = PLL_init((void *)PLL_BASE_ADDR, sizeof(PLL_Obj)); myWDog = WDOG_init((void *)WDOG_BASE_ADDR, sizeof(WDOG_Obj)); // Perform basic system initialization WDOG_disable(myWDog); CLK_enableAdcClock(myClk); (*Device_cal)(); //Select the internal oscillator 1 as the clock source CLK_setOscSrc(myClk, CLK_OscSrc_Internal); // Setup the PLL for x10 /2 which will yield 50Mhz = 10Mhz * 10 / 2 PLL_setup(myPll, PLL_Multiplier_10, PLL_DivideSelect_ClkIn_by_2); // Disable the PIE and all interrupts PIE_disable(myPie); PIE_disableAllInts(myPie); CPU_disableGlobalInts(myCpu); CPU_clearIntFlags(myCpu); // If running from flash copy RAM only functions to RAM #ifdef _FLASH memcpy(&RamfuncsRunStart, &RamfuncsLoadStart, (size_t)&RamfuncsLoadSize); #endif // Setup a debug vector table and enable the PIE PIE_setDebugIntVectorTable(myPie); PIE_enable(myPie); // Register interrupt handlers in the PIE vector table PIE_registerPieIntHandler(myPie, PIE_GroupNumber_1, PIE_SubGroupNumber_4, (intVec_t)&xint1_isr); // Enable XINT1 in the PIE: Group 1 interrupt 4 // Enable INT1 which is connected to WAKEINT PIE_enableInt(myPie, PIE_GroupNumber_1, PIE_InterruptSource_XINT_1); CPU_enableInt(myCpu, CPU_IntNumber_1); // Enable Global Interrupts CPU_enableGlobalInts(myCpu); // Configure GPIO 0-3 as outputs GPIO_setMode(myGpio, GPIO_Number_0, GPIO_0_Mode_GeneralPurpose); GPIO_setMode(myGpio, GPIO_Number_1, GPIO_0_Mode_GeneralPurpose); GPIO_setMode(myGpio, GPIO_Number_2, GPIO_0_Mode_GeneralPurpose); GPIO_setMode(myGpio, GPIO_Number_3, GPIO_0_Mode_GeneralPurpose); GPIO_setDirection(myGpio, GPIO_Number_0, GPIO_Direction_Output); GPIO_setDirection(myGpio, GPIO_Number_1, GPIO_Direction_Output); GPIO_setDirection(myGpio, GPIO_Number_2, GPIO_Direction_Output); GPIO_setDirection(myGpio, GPIO_Number_3, GPIO_Direction_Output); // GPIO12 input GPIO_setMode(myGpio, GPIO_Number_12, GPIO_12_Mode_GeneralPurpose); GPIO_setDirection(myGpio, GPIO_Number_12, GPIO_Direction_Input); GPIO_setPullUp(myGpio, GPIO_Number_12, GPIO_PullUp_Disable); // important !! // GPIO12 is XINT1 GPIO_setExtInt(myGpio, GPIO_Number_12, CPU_ExtIntNumber_1); // Configure XINT1 PIE_setExtIntPolarity(myPie, CPU_ExtIntNumber_1, PIE_ExtIntPolarity_FallingEdge); // Enable XINT1 PIE_enableExtInt(myPie, CPU_ExtIntNumber_1); counter=0; GPIO_setPortData(myGpio, GPIO_Port_A, (~(counter) & 0x0F)); for(; { /// forever loop } } interrupt void xint1_isr(void) { //GPIO_toggle(myGpio, GPIO_Number_0); // toggle LED0 counter++; GPIO_setPortData(myGpio, GPIO_Port_A, (~(counter) & 0x0F)); DELAY_US(100000); // Acknowledge this interrupt to get more from group 1 PIE_clearInt(myPie, PIE_GroupNumber_1); } //=========================================================================== // No more. //===========================================================================
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    msptest6 got a reaction from james1426471350 in [Closed]Tell us your idea and win a free C2000 Launchpad.   
    Ok people.. three more days. Not a big deal to participate.
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    msptest6 got a reaction from james1426471350 in [Closed]Tell us your idea and win a free C2000 Launchpad.   
    A small giveaway...
    Tell us what you will do with your C2000 Launchpad or if you had one. If we like your idea, we'll ship it to you free. Simple.
    Bender has already started a thread here. Go ahead and continue here. Also, big thanks to TI for sending over a C2000 Launchpad.
    Contest ends August 31st, 2012
    Winner - Opossum for his LogicBoost Logic Analyzer.
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    msptest6 got a reaction from FrostyTheDadMan in Hello from The Show Me State   
    Oh! MO! I usd to live in Rolla(2 hours from St. Louis). Yeay for the Arch.
    Welcome to C2kC Frosty. Congrats on the kid.
    I'm eager to see what you come up with the C2000.. PWM and lasers go together.
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    msptest6 reacted to PowerX in Hello from Romania   
    Yes google showed me the way after searching all around ti.com for resources
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    msptest6 reacted to PowerX in Hello world led+button   
    This is my first very simple test with the c2k launchpad, it simply lights up a led (gpio0) a turns it off when the button (gpio12) is pressed.
    Below is my code for it. Hope you like it.

    // // c2k launchpad led Hello world 1.0 + button // //includes #include "DSP28x_Project.h" #include "f2802x_common/include/clk.h" #include "f2802x_common/include/gpio.h" #include "f2802x_common/include/pll.h" #include "f2802x_common/include/wdog.h" #ifdef _FLASH memcpy(&RamfuncsRunStart, &RamfuncsLoadStart, (size_t)&RamfuncsLoadSize); #endif //main void main() { //wdog WDOG_Handle myWDog; myWDog = WDOG_init((void *)WDOG_BASE_ADDR, sizeof(WDOG_Obj)); WDOG_disable(myWDog); //clk&pll CLK_Handle myClk; PLL_Handle myPll; myClk = CLK_init((void *)CLK_BASE_ADDR, sizeof(CLK_Obj)); myPll = PLL_init((void *)PLL_BASE_ADDR, sizeof(PLL_Obj)); CLK_setOscSrc(myClk, CLK_OscSrc_Internal); PLL_setup(myPll, PLL_Multiplier_12, PLL_DivideSelect_ClkIn_by_2); //set gpio GPIO_Handle myGpio; myGpio = GPIO_init((void *)GPIO_BASE_ADDR, sizeof(GPIO_Obj)); //set led gpio0 GPIO_setMode(myGpio, GPIO_Number_0, GPIO_0_Mode_GeneralPurpose); GPIO_setDirection(myGpio, GPIO_Number_0, GPIO_Direction_Output); GPIO_setHigh(myGpio, GPIO_Number_0); //set button gpio12 GPIO_setMode(myGpio, GPIO_Number_12, GPIO_12_Mode_GeneralPurpose); GPIO_setDirection(myGpio, GPIO_Number_12, GPIO_Direction_Input); GPIO_setPullUp(myGpio, GPIO_Number_12, GPIO_PullUp_Disable); //loop for(; { // if gpio12 button is pressed led on-off once if(GPIO_getData(myGpio, GPIO_Number_12) == 1) { GPIO_setLow(myGpio, GPIO_Number_0); DELAY_US(1000000); GPIO_setHigh(myGpio, GPIO_Number_0); } } }
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