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  1. I got my code. Full blown CCS for $1.. and a $25 kit.
  2. Hi Labbatom, Welcome to C2K. I'm also waiting for the new board. Also,If you find any projects of the C2000, let me know. Thanks!
  3. I haven't received mine yet. Rcouto, did your order ship.
  4. For some reason, the TI Deals site is still giving away coupon codes. Spare code if anyone needs it: qgdwe60vb3 Let me know if you use it.
  5. Bump. Just a reminder that this will be held on the 15th of this month. Make sure you register.
  6. I don't think so. It says "a $500 value" on the link. I'm pretty sure it is the full version.
  7. Hi Ricardo, Welcome to C2KC. Your one of the first to join. It's still a bit low here, but will catchup in the coming months. Let me know how you like the forum software too, compared to 43oh.
  8. If I'm not mistaken, the F281x processors have a range of 0-3.0V. For your sharp GP2D, feed it a voltage of 3.0V. It's range will automatically adjust from 0 to Vcc.
  9. Yes, the eCap modules can act as both inputs and PWM generators. The F28335 has a total of 18 PWM outputs. Each of the six ePWM modules have two PWM outputs(A/B) and the comparator has six.
  10. VC5505 eZdsp USB Stick Development Tool (TMDX5505EZDSP) - USE COUPON CODE: C5000KITONE C5515 eZdsp USB Stick Development Tool (TMDX5515EZDSP) - USE COUPON CODE: C5000KITTWO
  11. Welcome to the Forums, WrenchHead. Make sure you put up pictures when you start working on your bike.
  12. Yes, it is. You will have to insert the MDEBUGSTOP instruction. See FAQ here.
  13. I remember asking this to TI Support a long time ago. This was done in CCSv3.3. There should be no problem though getting it to work with CCSv5. It also came with the following notes: sci_echoback_F28335_printf.zip
  14. The folder structure has improved in CCS5. There are now separate installation file folders for each version. This is how it looks on my machine.
  15. Hmm... try using the trip zone. I have used it once before for shutting down gate drives during a fault.
  16. Hi MTG, Welcome. Glad you like it.
  17. Hi Zeke! Glad you could join C2KC. Yes, this is the same forum software I was talking about. Thought this will be a good demo for the guys over at 43oh. Enjoy.
  18. Yes, it's possible. Look at pg9 of document : Hardware Design Guidelines for TMS320F28xx and TMS320F28xxx DSCs
  19. Hi GW, welcome to C2KC! Nice to see you here too. Did not know you were into C2000. Is this a part of your greenhouse project?
  20. Of course. It's in the works.
  21. For more info, look at the sixth post on this E2E thread.
  22. Hello, Welcome to C2KC, Grim. Lets see... did you run the setup_m3 project first? This releases GPIO to the C2000. I'm not sure which example you are running. In the F28M35x_examples_Control, you will find setup_m3 along with blinky. \controlSUITE\device_support\f28m35x\v110\F28M35x_examples_Control Screenshot:
  23. msptest6


    Hi Spiff, Welcome to C2KC! Glad to have you here. You are the first one to register here. If you notice any problems, let us know.
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