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  1. Thanks. The code is large because of the functionality the chip provides... so it is expected.
  2. It is a pretty city.. small college town. Didn't go for a run.. but did go there often. I moved from there 4 years back from university.. so no idea how it is now. Anyway, welcome!
  3. Oh! MO! I usd to live in Rolla(2 hours from St. Louis). Yeay for the Arch. Welcome to C2kC Frosty. Congrats on the kid. I'm eager to see what you come up with the C2000.. PWM and lasers go together.
  4. Welcome powerx! How did you find us? was it through a google search?
  5. Ok people.. three more days. Not a big deal to participate.
  6. Try lowering the baud first. SPIBBR
  7. Did you try a lower bit rate?
  8. Awesome! We understand just perfect. Thanks for sharing...and welcome.
  9. A small giveaway... Tell us what you will do with your C2000 Launchpad or if you had one. If we like your idea, we'll ship it to you free. Simple. Bender has already started a thread here. Go ahead and continue here. Also, big thanks to TI for sending over a C2000 Launchpad. Contest ends August 31st, 2012 Winner - Opossum for his LogicBoost Logic Analyzer.
  10. http://www.forum.c2kcentral.com/uploads/customUploads/C2000LaunchpadSchematic/C2000_Launchpad_Schematic_v1.0.pdf
  11. Ok.. I give up. This will not work because it won't fit. The only way to go about this is via petite fatfs which has a smaller memory footprint. The only big disadvantage of that is that the file needs to be created on a PC first.
  12. Hi All, I am working on the Example_F2802xLEDBlink project in flash config. For some reason I'm not able to see the .cmd file anywhere in the project options or the file listing in the Project Exlplorer. If I were to change the the way the program is linked, where do I find it. I know there is a list here : TI\controlSUITE\device_support\f2802x\v200\f2802x_common\cmd Thanks.
  13. NP. Also, I just noticed that the Stellaris Launchpad does not have any PWMs.. the LM4F120
  14. I tried to compile the full version of Elm-Chan's fatfs code to the F28027. Looks like I ran out of memory: "../28027_RAM_lnk.cmd", line 114: error #10099-D: program will not fit into available memory. placement with alignment/blocking fails for section ".text" size 0x18d0 page 0. Available memory ranges: PRAML0 size: 0x900 unused: 0x900 max hole: 0x900 Looks like I'll have to try Petiti FatFS code, to make it fit in the launchpad.
  15. Closed. Added you here. Payment information is in that link. Let me know if you have trouble.
  16. Payment will be via paypal. I'll let you know. - 43oh (20) - JhonnyBoats(2) - 1 43oh GPS booster pack.
  17. The chip page says otherwise. Where did you see 6KB?
  18. Good question! Lets see. Below is my attempt at this.
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