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  1. http://e2e.ti.com/blogs_/b/toolsinsider/archive/2013/08/19/happy-birthday-c2000-launchpad.aspx
  2. Welcome Mike, The C2000 has alot more to offer for the motion control market than the ARM. High resolution PWMs, chopping capability etc - Multiple hardware stages before the pin gets hot. I also like the invaluable real time debugging ability of the C2000 which the ARMs do not offer.
  3. You will have to setup another serial port SCIB and connect it to the GPS. For testing purposes, you can use SCIA connected to putty.
  4. Could you explain your issue again.. your problem is not clear enough.
  5. I could not figure out the mounts for the motors.
  6. I'd be happy to host it. This site needs a jumpstart anyway.. which I'm finding very hard to do. Let me know or PM me for help.
  7. I doubt there are any.. there are a few docs at the bottom of each chip page which should help you out.
  8. Via LarissaSwanland's twitter feed. http://e2e.ti.com/bl...f-together.aspx
  9. Try now. I added Google to the search site.
  10. Thanks!... Trey will probably pick this up in the next update.
  11. What seems to be the problem.
  12. It's probably because the GPIOs are pulled up causing them to invert.
  13. Thanks Trey.. I'm unsure, but does the chip have a hardware CS line or are you doing it via gpio.
  14. Yes, definitely can be improved. One quick thing to do is route the breakout pins to the the headers and unjump the solder jumpers. I'll send you the files when I get home. 43oh_MSP430_Launchpad_SDCard.zip
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