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  1. I know I was told, It took me this long to figure it out. I'm a dummy -teedeeus
  2. I just discovered something with mspdebug. See this link: http://www.43oh.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1806&start=10#p13640 Apparently msp430-gdbproxy has been built into the latest version of mspdebug! Anyway, I hope this helps you get debugging working. I look forward to see if it helps you. -teedeeus
  3. In my attempt to create a open source "code composer studio" based on msp430-gcc and mspdebug, I found something interesting. When using the terminal in ubuntu 11.10, I discovered the following command: $ mspdebug rf2500 gdb Which results in: MSPDebug version 0.16 - debugging tool for MSP430 MCUs Copyright (C) 2009-2011 Daniel Beer This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Trying to open interface 1 on 008 rf2500: warning: can't detach kernel driver: No data availab
  4. How did you manage this ? No repository found at http://opensource.zylin.com/embeddedcdt.html. No repository found at http://www.eclipse.org/cdt/downloads.php. That's what I'm getting. :? But I got the CLI tools working now. Just tried that with the same outcome. There's only the default GNU C Compiler listed. To install the msp430 stuff in Ubuntu 11.10, I just ran the following: sudo apt-get install mspdebug msp430-libc gcc-msp430 msp430mcu eclipse-cdt And then I created a file in /etc/udev/rules.d called 71-persistent-msp430.rules that contains the following: ATTRS{
  5. I'm feeling really frustrated. I just can't get that to work. I know it's because I don't know enough about the way debuggers work with IDE's. The IDE's want to talk to localhost for the debugger - that's where msp430-gdbproxy comes in, translating the requests to the mspdebug. I haven't found a single tutorial on the internet that shows me how to talk straight to mspdebug. Many of the links I have tried following no longer exist. I want to use the open source tools because my main computer that I do all of my other (arduino and web) coding on is an Ubuntu 11.10 desktop. I want to b
  6. I am still continuing my search for a way to get an IDE to work with the mspgcc, still can't find anything. I was hopeful when TI came out with the code composer studio 5.1 but it doesn't support launchpad yet . I have seen tons of tutorials on the net for this, but they don't really work anymore. Does anyone have a modern tutorial for setting up an IDE with the mspgcc and mspdebug that will work on Ubuntu 11.10 64bit? Anything using the msp430-gdbproxy won't work. -teedeeus
  7. Yes, I have looked at that. The problem is that it uses the msp430-gdbproxy, which is not in the repositories for ubuntu 11.10. Also the instructions are old, as the mspgcc4 has been re-absorbed back into mspgcc. Also, I believe the msp430-gdbproxy is not open source, I read somewhere that is is proprietary code, but I can't remember where I found it. -teedeeus
  8. So far, I have installed the following in my quest to get the MSP430 working under Ubuntu (11.10) linux: binutils-msp430 gcc-msp430 gdb-msp430 msp430-libc msp430mcu mspdebug I have also installed eclipse-cdt Version: 3.7.0 and the bazillion other packages that eclipse wants. I have been browsing the eclipse forums, but I am at a loss to get eclipse talking to the msp-msp430 and mspdebug. Does anyone know how to do this? -teedeeus
  9. Thanks for the link. I installed netbeans and the plugin, but couldn't find options to make netbeans use the msp430 toolchain. It would be nice if there was a site that kept up to date instructions on using the msp430-gcc on linux, mac and windows. Maybe 43oh.com would host it? I think it would be a great help for us newbies. -teedeeus
  10. I noticed that the msp430-gcc etc... are in the repos for ubuntu 11.10 (which I use as my main computer) and i'm trying to get it to work with an IDE such as netbeans or eclipse and of course I'm having issues with that and not sure how to continue yet. I was wondering if anyone has packaged all of the MSP430-gcc, mspdebugger and ide into an archive that can simply be downloaded, extracted and simply run from the folder it extracts to - kinda like the arduino IDE. Now I don't like the look or feel of the arduino IDE at all, but it was easy to install on all of my computers (windows, mac and
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