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  1. rustw

    Writing to MSP430 Flash

    Are you refering to the MspFlash example code?
  2. rustw

    MSPFlash.h only prints

    Cody, Putting #define __MSP430_HAS_FLASH2__ above #include <MspFlash.h> should do the trick. Wayne
  3. All of the pins on Port 2 do not have analog functionality. Refer to the Cap Touch Booster pack docs at www.ti.com/lit/ug/slau337b/slau337b.pdf? where there is a very little note about this in section 3.2 that mentions something about this. You may only need to add resistors to make it work properly. I have not tried this (only used Port 2 pins), so I would like to know if this solves your problem. Wayne
  4. rustw

    Giveaway Entry thread

    I want to participate in the giveaway