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    As installed the CCS does not have a terminal plug in to monitor a COM port. However thanks to my good friend Guido, PE1NZZ (this is his ham radio call sign - I mention it as a matter of politeness to him) I managed to install one. This is what you have to do :-
    Start CCS.
    Add repository http://download.eclipse.org/dsdp/tm/updates/3.3
    and then
    open TM and RSE 3.3.1 Main features
    and select Target Management Terminal
    and then continue
    and restart CCS
    Once CCS is restarted you can access the terminal plug in by :-
    go to Window > Show View > Other then select Terminal
    The plug in should then start.
    You need to tell the plug in about the serial port you wish to monitor. In my case I was trying out the example temperature monitor application on the MSP-EXP430G2 Launchpad board. In Windows 7 click on Control Panel, then View Devices and Printers you should see an icon for the MPS430 UART, click on that, then on the Properties tab. This should tell you which COM port has the MPS430. Make a note of this.
    Co back to CCS and the Terminal plug in. There is a little icon for settings. Click on that. Then fill in the form for :
    <the MSP430 COM port> 2400baud 8,N,1 then save these. If all is well you should see a string of characters something like :JJJKKKK. Putting your finger on the chip will raise their value e.g LLLMMMNNN....
    Thats it.
    If anyone from TI reads this I should make the point that installing AVR Studio and WinAVR is a lot easier and faster than CCS and it is free without any restrictions on the size of the object code. But on the positive side the Launchpad board can be programmed directly whereas the AVR requires an additional hardware programmer which can cost
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