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  1. Hi Dimmu8410 Your library looks very useful, but the file seems to be corrupted. Unfortunatly, I cannot open the .rar file with either Winrar or 7-Zip. Can you please check your file (to confirm that it's not just my problem) or post it again please? Perhaps you could have the option of a .zip file? Thanks
  2. MildLeeInterested

    New Energia release 0101E0008 - 08/06/2012

    I have tried pretty hard to find the following, but my search engine mojo is just too lame: Is there a list of all the core Arduino functions and libraries that now work in Energia (or the ones that are yet to be implimented)? Is there a list of all the example menu sketches that are (or are not) currently supported? Having both these things on the wiki would be very helpful to a newbie like me.