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    hova reacted to abecedarian in What are these two dots?   
    your pips left you.
    trust me, they're not here.
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    hova got a reaction from abecedarian in Total "food stamp" recipients exceed population of 24 states combined   
    This is all true , but this is all the more reason to become self reliant. I am in no way a "prepper". I am an outdoorsman , and a troubleshooter. I can fabricate my own tools,weapons, and just about anything necesarry for my family's survival and well being. I garden , I hunt , I am going to be starting a meat rabbit setup in the spring , and I enjoy having the knowledge that when something big happens , I dont need to depend on anyone. I see a lot of people point the finger at government and "the rich" , but they will be the first to starve when it all goes downhill. This is what all the assistance and enabling appears as to me. Its setting humanity up for a thinning of the herd. Those who cannot do and are not willing to learn , will perish.
    Sorry , its late , and I dont want to take this down the "crazy" road , but all it boils down to is that everyone needs to be equal , everyone should receive the same care and options as everyone else , and that you cant depend on anyone but yourself.
    Abe: I work at my job and then do side work. Even then , I dont make a hell of a lot...that's why I chuckle every time I hear "Government" and "budget" in the same article...
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    hova reacted to abecedarian in Total "food stamp" recipients exceed population of 24 states combined   
    Normally, someone would say that for "every bad apple in the bunch there are a dozen good ones", but unfortunately the reciprocal is not true.
    No one will ever tell you "one out of every twelve is good", but that's about where we are... one out of every six people are on the welfare dole.
    And all the people want are more government hand-outs.
    Is it possible for people to be self-reliant when the government is right there, ready to prop 'em up?
    And who pays for it? People like me, on the bottom end of the "working class".
    My brother-in-law hasn't had a proper job in his 43 years of existence, is a two-strike felon, has used his son's social security number for employment (first-hand knowledge: I landed him an $18 hour job at the company I work for and he got drunk and spilled the beans to the president of the company, and promptly lost his job, so you can't claim "hear-say"), and he really isn't worth the butter he spreads on his toast, yet he gets "earned income child credit" and such on his taxes, whilst I work and pay my taxes and bring home less than he does from his "under the table" jobs.
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    hova got a reaction from abecedarian in Total "food stamp" recipients exceed population of 24 states combined   
    Forgot to mention , I worked for walmart for a while. I made well over minimum wage , and had reasonable benefits. (single,not married or no childrens) . I also had enough to buy stock in the company , which when I left a couple years later had gone up quite a bit. I dont know how it is now , this was back in 99/00. I actually really liked working there. They had a lot of policy that I didnt agree with , but that was my personal battle with them.
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    hova got a reaction from abecedarian in Total "food stamp" recipients exceed population of 24 states combined   
    This is all very interesting. I live in a state with one of the highest unemployment rates in the country , and I would be willing to wager , one of the highest number of citizens on assistance. I grew up in a moderate city , that was once booming. My father was a welder back in the "glory days" and banked a good bit of money. He was a country boy , youngest of 12 living in a one room house on the side of a hill (12 not including mother, father , grandparents , and local kids that had no one else). My mother has always had health issues , but worked 70hrs/wk when I was younger. I have been instilled with the attitude that second hand is just fine as long as I can fix it or make it work until I can afford better.
    What I see a lot of , is people using the system. Several grown men I work with , have kids only for the tax break , and assistance. They treat thier kids like dogs , and use the money they make on thier own selfish whims. I actually get flak for consulting my wife on any purchase over 10$. The area of town I grew up in was a minority sector , and I saw a metric crapton of people on welfare/foodstamps/SSI , etc. A good percentage of the assistance families drove brand new vehicles , wore the nicest clothes , and a lot of time , sold drugs on top of getting the government to pay for housing/food/cash assistance. I am not talking about race , as there were many white/hispanic/native american families doing the same ; so dont think I am lumping one group into this category. I have also seen a lot of SSI fraud. People getting disability for the reason "I dont work well with others ; social problems" , my back hurts , I cant work , and even things like "i cant read , so i cant work" .
    The only thing that steels my hope , is that my wife is a nurse. She is a great trachea/ventilation nurse , and has taken care of quadrapalegics , and everything up to underdeveloped infants. One gentleman she took care of , was a manager at a local KFC , and was robbed one night while leaving. He gave the crooks the money , and they shot him a few times , leaving him to die. They didnt know he was the father of two special needs children , and his wife had copd and esophogeal(sp) cancer. He was paralized from the neck down , and had to rely on others to do even the most basic of tasks for him , where he had only recently been the rock of the family. Instead of giving up and taking the easy road , he has tried repeatedly to get jobs at places like wal-mart being a greeter , or things that he could do like that. While he requires 24hr skilled nursing , he could not get hired anywhere because of discrimination. I understand he may not be the most productive worker , but if a man who cant even feed himself is trying to get a job ,then there is no reason that anyone should be unemployed.
    I dont want to rant , but I have seen my share of abuse of the system , and until we put a stop to it , its only going to continue to get worse. My theory is this: There are vacant/abandonded homes all across the country , and there are people who would do anything to have a home . There are also people who are on assistance that dont have any skills or any motivation. If you want assistance , you either help out at a shelter (or something along these lines) , or you help to rebuild the abandoned homes . If you help rebuild a home , you could have a chance to be given the home (again , just an idea) . This would instill pride in the recipients , which in turn would keep a lot of this from continuing.
    I dont have all the answers , but drug testing recipients is step 1 in my opinion. If you're on welfare/assistance , I sure as hell dont want to pay my taxes , that end up in your pocket , while you sit at home and drink/smoke/get high. Even if you're not using the gov't money for smokes or booze , any personal money shouldnt go to that either. This also touches on the helth subject of assistance recipients. I work 60+ hours a week , with no affordable healthcare , while people who do nothing get free medical care. That really bugs me.
    good discussion so far , I like the civilized tone we keep here.
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    hova got a reaction from GeekDoc in Need a challenge question that a visitor may know, to keep off spam   
    Are you serious or just being a wiseass? I do indeed have several 15mm wrenches that are actually 15mm openings....
    I also have 22.5mm wrenches. . . you could call that a 15/16 , or even a 1/2 WW bolt if thats what you canuckifornians use...way over there...
    lol... i has a wrench for everything...
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    hova reacted to roadrunner84 in Goofy board?!   
    I'm not familiar with MSP430 assembler, but I assume that #00001000 means that is is a binary value.
    You should still check against P1IN, but you should set the P1REN and P1OUT bits first

    bis.b #00001000, &P1REN bis.b #00001000, &P1OUT MainLoop bit.b #00001000, &P1IN jc Off
    @hova: that's not (perse) captouch, as the pin is not biased toward ground or supply, it's actually very sensitive to biasing through anything. You're probably "shorting" supply and the button pin with your hand (which has a resistance of several megaohms, not infinity), that's why you should always use defined levels (using REN, external resistors or a input that never floats). The family guides of TI mention you should never leave pins unattached, unless you're setting them as output or use REN to define their level, if not, the input may oscillate, consuming unacceptable current in the input circuitry.
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    hova reacted to roadrunner84 in Goofy board?!   
    you should use bis.b #00001000, &P1REN, not bit.b
    so that is "bit set", not "bit test"
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    hova reacted to SirPatrick in Goofy board?!   
    I had the same thing happen on my board. I ended up just using an external switch. Also, if you have the version 1.5 launchpad make sure you have the pull up resistor settings correct. Such as:

    //if using switch 2 (P1.3) P1REN |= BIT3;
    More info here . Let me know if that works.
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    hova reacted to SirPatrick in Goofy board?!   
    I would also check the P1IN interrupt bits like in the link I sent.
    I have a ZIF here on another board and it looks like you may be able to squeeze it in, barely.
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    hova reacted to roadrunner84 in Goofy board?!   
    You can use the reset button as an input, you'll have to use the NMI handler for that.
    Check out this post on TI's expert to expert forum: http://e2e.ti.com/su...66/t/71305.aspx
    You have some great restrictions though:
    - you cannot set up pull-up/down
    - you can only detect edges, not levels (i.e.: "button depressed" or "button released", not "button high" "button low")
    - you must still use the pull-up resistor, as it is the reset line as well (so the button must be connected to ground)
    - you cannot debug and use this button simultaniously (as this pin is also used for the Spy-Bi Wire interface)
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    hova got a reaction from abecedarian in Paradiso UI Boost (and win one)   
    This is awesome. I was just looking at the LMC wiki the other night , and wondered what exactly it would be implemented with... You think you could pm or post the source?
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    hova got a reaction from Philipp in Vehicle anti-theft / RFID fob.   
    i do not in any way think you're an idiot. I am familliar with the hilux , as well as the 22r and 22re. I drove and 88 ir 89 hilux with the same 22re but standard trans.
    Fortunate for you , the truck has rack and pinion. If you do not have to put in some extra effort (when sitting still) to turn it , while off , then you have issues. When rolling , every car is much easier to steer. Pre 96 would have had a larger master cylinder , and iirc , relied less on the vacuum assist for brakes. You never specified what truck/car you had , so thats why I gave options. I was under the impression you were going with something newer.
    And just like bobnova said. Depending on your torque converter (TC clutch) , your motor may or may not continue to turn. Rarely do I work on anything pre94 at this point , and when I do , its usually 30's , 40's , or custom (off road buggies , etc)
    Again , I too am new with the MSP field , but where I can help someone , I try. If you would have said what you were trying to install it on , I could have narrowed a lot of the information down. My reccomendation would still be a starter interrupt , and possibly a battery interrupt relay if you're really concerned.
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    hova got a reaction from jpnorair in Vehicle anti-theft / RFID fob.   
    Some inside info for you. There are many systems that use something similar , but there are actually laws (and codes of ethic) that dictate how these work (for the most part).
    A : You do not want to disable something that ; in the event of a failure (of the device) , you would cause the vehicle to lose power or shut off.
    B : Refer to A.
    Most remote start and almost all ad-hoc immobilzer systems use the Starter interrupt. In every car (most) there is a wire going from your ignition to your starter relay. This is on of the very few places you could interrupt the starting of a car , without affecting its driveability. A lot of remote start applications monitor either an injector or cam/crank signal to verify that the module is working. Some of them do interrupt the fuel supply , but this is only if the ID tag (any number of implements such as PASSLOCK , RFID) is out of range. This is a very risky system , as if you are in a 10,000lb truck (just for example) , going down the interstate at 80mph , and you lose fuel , you in turn lose power steering , and 90% of brake power. This , as I'm sure you can imagine , is a bad thing.
    The safest way is the way it is always done , but putting other implements in place to make it more difficult or impossible to gain access to the circuitry. With enough time , I would have no problem bypassing any security measure that may be put into place if I was thouroughly motivated. (pop the trans into neutral and push it , tow it , break the ignition cylinder and jump the starter , bump start it , picking the ignition lock , or the ever popular master key.)
    You're best best would be a multi-front approach. Such as
    A: Starter Interrupt (from the ignition cylinder , as many remote starts and buy-here-pay here code boxes work)
    B: Starter Relay interrupt (located behind the glovebox or somewhere inconspicuous , even mounted remotely , possibly adding another relay to power the relay. Using a uC , you could have several failsafes (lights on , door open for example , or any number of circuits that can be tapped into to monitor a condition of your choice)
    C: Tamper proof screws and bolts to secure the column and dash cladding (Tamper proof torx dont count. Single use flathead screws would be your best bet , but your mechanic probably wont have these {i happen to have a master set , so this wouldn't be foolproof , it would just take longer})
    D : An alarm system (you could easily make this , so that if your doors are open , and your rfid key isnt within range , the alarm would sound. Alerting you to nefarious activities) .
    The thing that comes to mind at this point is the new mazda's use an RFID key that automatically unlocks the doors if you are within a certain range. You dont even put a key in. As long as you have the FOB/CARD on your person , you simply get in the car , and turn a knob (switch). When you get out , and walk out of range , the car beeps , and/or shuts off.
    The possibilities for notification are endless. I'm fairly certain you could make the MSP ring your cell , send you an email , make an app do a dance , or whatever your heart and mind can conjure. The main thing you need to watch , is as I said , dont modify the fuel or battery circuitry unless you are using a mechanical device. A fuel kill switch can be (and I have done a few times ) wired into the headlight circuitry , or other such circuits (although headlights are one of the few that have the power surplus , and will be applicable without the car already running). A battery kill is going to be difficult to make , even mechanically. There are race switches available that can handle the amps , but finding an 800amp relay may be an issue. Running 0gauge wire inside the cabin is extremely noticeable , and if a thief blows your hood latch , they will be even more motivated by the thought of a juicy stereo system once they see huge wiring going inside the car.Which at that point a decent thief would just remove your battery , break a window , and pop it into neutral."Decent" being an ironic sentiment , you know what I mean.
    I'd be happy to discuss your options via pm , if you're concerned about your secrets getting out. I have access to wiring diagrams and schematics for any car out there , so I could point you in the direction that would be most effective on whatever vehile you are looking to secure.
    Heres a couple of non-biased links , just to show what I am babbling about.
    Tamper Proof one-way machine screws (example) sorry if outside links are frowned upon. This was just the first site google popped up with them.
    Turns out there are a few 800a/100v relays. I dont do too much online ordering ,so I use what is available locally , and these are most certainly not.
    Buy here pay here code box. I have installed these , along with GPS enabled models. Paytech is the brand I have previously installed , but for the most part , they are easily bypassed. How they work : pay your months bill , get a 5 digit code , enter it , and it let's you start your car for another 30 days... Power , ground , interrupt relay (and relay power/gnd). The gps models require you to run an antenna which is usually a complete PITA.
    There are also ways to prevent your transmission from being tampered with , but this usually resorts to putting a metal plate on the undercarriage , covering the engine/trans. Again , this is limited unless you use thick steel , and tamper proof bolts. A good thief(lol) will have the facilities to cut the bolts , and remove the pan. If this isnt an option , a tow truck can always be employed , so you are never 100% covered. Few people will question someone hooking a car up to a stinger (tow truck) in a crowded mall parking lot. Even if the guy comes out , the person can use some social engineering to dupe the victim , either saying he was parked illegally , owed fines , etc. The only way to stop this if you happen to catch them , is to call the cops and tell them what is going on , and perhaps using your own judgement how much your car is really worth (IE:concealed carry , violent means).
    This is all at your own risk , I make no warranty or guaruntees hitherto. I am an ASE certified technician , fluent in locksmithing , vehicle circuitry , failsafes , and the like ; but I cannot persuade you to do anything you dont deem logical and safe. DO NOT pull a gun on the guy repo'ing your car , and say I told you to do it.
    Sorry , disclaimers suck , but I have to cover my rear as well.
    I'll help any way I can.
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