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  1. hova

    Paradiso UI Boost (and win one)

    Thats too cool . I am going back to the beginning of all this , and working on minimizing the tasks of my project. I do love how complicated you guys can take these things. Kinda makes me feel simple , for once... -hov
  2. hova

    Those MSP430s get EVERYWHERE...

    sorry. didn't think it was outright offensive... my apologies... Also : if you mod a post like that , you should let the poster know.
  3. hova

    Adopt a noob?

    a binary clock mayhaps?!.... I feel the same way sometimes. I know a bit about electronics (nothing solid , just bits and pieces from trying to get into the hobby many times before) , but it's still something that I have never had the urge to just sit there and experiment and figure stuff out . I guess I got over-excited with the capabilities of the msp , and what I want out of it. I should start with an LED counter/meter of a sort... oh where to start... -hov
  4. hova

    Vehicle anti-theft / RFID fob.

    I have looked at them , and want to try one. My son would love one. I would like to do some things with his little stars and moon nightlight, making a couple LED's different pwm's and color shift/twinkle/wub-wub.Of course I would like to work in different modes like speed/rotation pattern, etc... I like projects ,and have been going over and over the electronics textbook I picked up...going to work on a bicore for my 3yo this weekend.... -hov
  5. This is all true , but this is all the more reason to become self reliant. I am in no way a "prepper". I am an outdoorsman , and a troubleshooter. I can fabricate my own tools,weapons, and just about anything necesarry for my family's survival and well being. I garden , I hunt , I am going to be starting a meat rabbit setup in the spring , and I enjoy having the knowledge that when something big happens , I dont need to depend on anyone. I see a lot of people point the finger at government and "the rich" , but they will be the first to starve when it all goes downhill. This is what all the assistance and enabling appears as to me. Its setting humanity up for a thinning of the herd. Those who cannot do and are not willing to learn , will perish. Sorry , its late , and I dont want to take this down the "crazy" road , but all it boils down to is that everyone needs to be equal , everyone should receive the same care and options as everyone else , and that you cant depend on anyone but yourself. Abe: I work at my job and then do side work. Even then , I dont make a hell of a lot...that's why I chuckle every time I hear "Government" and "budget" in the same article... -hov
  6. hova

    Basic engine simulation

    Does the stock setup retain/learn trims?
  7. hova

    Those MSP430s get EVERYWHERE...

    [ADMIN - Removed/superfluous quote.] or am I -hov
  8. dont make me get out the whitworth chart...lol.. and tbh , from what I see working on cars day in day out , is a 3/8's bolt would have a 9/16 head (14mil if ford) , but have seen them with 12mm 12points on jeeps , and 22mm on an aviator just last week... then again there are also ball joint bolts on silverado's that come close to this , and run 18mm... i guess you have a point...my original point was that you would use a 15mm wrench on a 15mm bolt(head)... I think we're the only ones reading this thread anymore...not even the bots care...
  9. hova

    Basic engine simulation

    I was thinking you were absolutely replacing the tone wheels. I see now why your tone ring has one tooth. At 9k , or 11k , or hell even 7k , you are probably going to run into the issue of barely being off one pulse when the other starts triggering. Are you planning for sure on replacing the tone wheel , or are you just thinking of doing that for better reliability? If youre planning on adding or modifying the tone ring , i have seen some people remove material from a tone wheel , and use the absence of signal to trigger. Some dodge's are setup like this. They use a magnetic pickup iirc. You could get away with one tone ring on the crank , using an offset or double gap to indicate top dead center for ignition , then figure your timing based off that. I cant say I will be much help though , this seems like a somewhat overly complicated system , but I understand why they did it how they did it. If you think about it , its not wrong or bad , just not hack friendly. This almost feels to me like you should have a distributor. That would simplify things immensely , but then you would have trouble at higher rpms. Maybe look into what systems higher revving engines use , namely the honda and maclaren race engines that i have heard go over 16k. I am by no means an expert on the exact operations of a bike , but I will see if I can get a schematic of how it all fits together. I have a tough time picturing all this...gonna draw it out and see if anything dawns on me... -hov
  10. hova


    lolz. . . how many easter eggs are on the site? -hov
  11. I just remembered that you are probably referring to shank size , which no one uses... I was pondering this , and remembered that a 12mmx 1.25 shank usually has a 13m or 14mm hex head , and even less so on a deci head... youre going to get me kicked off the electronics board for spouting mechanics... well played sir...
  12. Are you serious or just being a wiseass? I do indeed have several 15mm wrenches that are actually 15mm openings.... I also have 22.5mm wrenches. . . you could call that a 15/16 , or even a 1/2 WW bolt if thats what you canuckifornians use...way over there... lol... i has a wrench for everything... -hov
  13. hova

    Vehicle anti-theft / RFID fob.

    yes , yes they will. Resistor , capacitor , launchpad...there , that should handle it... Anywho , have you gotten any farther on your project? -hov
  14. hova

    Red Wrench - missing ID

    It should , if you can clean them both at the same time!