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    oetroc got a reaction from oPossum in SPI 4 digit 7 segment displays   
    Never mind, found out what was wrong. Was not operating the bit clock at the right frequency. PT6961 supports a minimum frequency of 300kHz, I was using 125kHz. Stupid mistake.
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    oetroc reacted to bluehash in Forums will be down this Saturday - major upgrade   
    This Saturday we'll be moving to ipboard. The biggest gains would be relief from spammers and humans not getting caught in the span filter and also a user experience refresh. There will be alot of UI changes which will need to be done... we'll do it slowly. The forums will be up first.
    You can contact me at admin at 43oh.com if urgent.
    To keep updated follow 43oh's twitter feed.
    Blog will be up and running.
    Thanks for making this community great and keeping it sane. I never had a chance to ban or remove anyone in the last two years... nor do I ever want to.
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    oetroc reacted to GeekDoc in Forums will be down this Saturday - major upgrade   
    Wow, the spammers must be making a last-ditch effort! I just deleted over 60 posts!
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    oetroc reacted to JWoodrell in New enthusiast joining the ranks   
    There are several of us here that got some little 4 digit 7 segment displays that are fun to play with and can be usefull for learning.
    Thread here
    If you PM me your mailing address, i can send you a few to play with.
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    oetroc reacted to zeke in Best information for those new to the MSP430?   
    If you are new to the MSP430 then you're probably drowning in information right now.

    It's true that there are a zillion configurations to make before the 430 will do what you want it do do.

    So I'm betting that you are asking yourself "Where do I start?"

    I humbly suggest the following TI application notes and books that will get you going in the right direction:

    1. slaa294: MSP430 Software Coding Techniques

    This application report covers software techniques and topics of interest to all MSP430
    programmers. The first part of the document discusses the MSP430 standard
    interrupt-based code flow model, recommended for the vast majority of applications.
    The next part discusses a handful of techniques that should be considered by any
    developer that sets out to develop an MSP430 application. Using these methods can
    greatly reduce debug time and/or provide additional robustness in the field. They
    include initialization procedures, validation of supply rails before performing
    voltage-sensitive operations, and use of special functions. Code examples are

    2. : MSP430 32-kHz Crystal Oscillators

    Selection of the right crystal, correct load circuit, and proper board layout are important
    for a stable crystal oscillator. This application report summarizes crystal oscillator
    function and explains the parameters to select the correct crystal for MSP430
    ultralow-power operation. In addition, hints and examples for correct board layout are
    given. The document also contains detailed information on the possible oscillator tests
    to ensure stable oscillator operation in mass production.

    3. MSP430 Microcontroller Basics by John H. Davies

    The best thing I can say about this book at this time is that it describes well how to make use of the clocking system of the MSP430. This book should be in your personal library or at least on your wishlist.

    Once you digest the information above then you will be in good shape for success in working with the msp430.

    Have something to add?
    Then post up your valuable sources of knowledge.
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    oetroc reacted to chibiace in LP screw terminal power connector   
    I needed something to test my lm2576 3.3v switch mode power supply that i had built the other day, so i desoldered the male headers at the bottom of the launchpad and slotted in a cheap 2 way screw terminal.

    there is a tiny bit of over hang and only G G V are visible on the silkscreen but that is alright for me.
    im sure to use this for battery hookup in the future.
    if those 0.1" screw terminals weren't so damned expensive i would replace all of the other female headers with them. :twisted:
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