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  1. That is what I was thinking initially, but the options available do not satisfy my accuracy requirements and the ones that do are way out of my price point. Like semicolo mentioned, even differential GPS is not very accurate. The mower will have ultrasonic distance sensor(s) (most likely the PING))) distance sensor from Parallax) to detect obstacles within the enclosed area and a bumper system to kill the mower in case it fails to navigate around the object.
  2. First off thanks for all the info. I am working on building an automated lawn mower. Commercially available products seem to utilize the buried wire approach to denote the perimeter of the lawn, and other attempts I've seen have used lasers (in conjuction with photodiodes) or computer vision. I am trying to do something new so I'm just putting out feelers for alternative methods. What I want to implement is a "learning mode" in which the mower pings the beacons strewn about the lawn and records its coordinates relative to these points while being pushed around the perimeter of the yard. Then
  3. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has attempted this before (attached is a PDF of a group who has implemented such an approach). If so, any suggestions/comments as to its accuracy/cost/power consumption? Also, if you recommend any additional resources that would allow me to further my own research that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Low Cost Ultrasonic Positioning System for Mobile.pdf
  4. Never mind, found out what was wrong. Was not operating the bit clock at the right frequency. PT6961 supports a minimum frequency of 300kHz, I was using 125kHz. Stupid mistake.
  5. Hello everyone. I am using the MSP430G2553. I am trying to do the following: PT6961_DATASHEET.pdf
  6. Hello, everyone! I am an electrical engineering student at the University of Central Florida (senior standing). I am currently enrolled in Embedded Systems and stumbled upon this site when looking for additional resources for the MSP430. A lot of information to take in but I feel this site will help me immeasurably in understanding all the features of the launchpad. I am currently going through all the workshop videos provided by TI and thus far they have been very helpful (I am currently on Lab 4 - dealing with the ADC10 module). I am also following the guidelines zeke posted on the f
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