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    adroit_91 reacted to gwdeveloper in The Terminal - 43oh OLED Booster Pack   
    Here's a little preview of the OLED running on the G2553 using USCI.
    This weekend, I'll post code/drivers. It works on F2274 and G2553 so it should work on any USCI devices. I am using a standard 6x8 font instead of the included fonts with the USI drivers.
    Functions Included
    void SSD1306SendCommand( char *data, int i );
    void SSD1306SendData( char *data, int i );
    void setAddress( char page, char column );
    void clearScreen(void);
    void charDraw(char row, char column, int data);
    void stringDraw( char row, char column, char *word);
    void pixelDraw(char x, char y);
    void horizontalLine(char xStart, char xStop, char y);
    void verticalLine(char x, char yStart, char yStop);
    void imageDraw(const char IMAGE[], char row, char column);
    void circleDraw(char x, char y, char radius); (not completed)
    Minor Hardware Changes (previously mentioned by Robg)
    SJ4 -> change to VDD (pulls BS0 high for 4 wire SPI)
    SJ3 -> change to P1.7 (moves SDIN to USCI SIMO)
    SJ6 -> change to P2.2 (moves D/C to GPIO)
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    adroit_91 reacted to ElectricCowboy in Question about I2C, DriverLib and MSP-EXP430F5529LP   
    I added 10k-ohm pull-up resistors to the SCL and SDA lines on both sides of the level shifter.
    I updated this thread with code, an updated schematic and a snapshot of my dev board including one test pattern showing Green, Red and Yellow pixels.
    Many thanks to zeke and SvdSinner for their help and replies to this thread.
    For me, this is a nice little accomplishment for a variety of reasons: TI Code Composer Studio, TI MSP430 LaunchPad, reuse of an 8x8 Bi-Color Matrix device, and using I2C (albeit via library APIs).
    I plan to expand this DIY project by adding timers for LED animation, adding additional LED matrices, and possibly employing the LaunchPads other I2C interface.  I would also like to explore the TI RTOS at a later time in 2015.  I would also like to employ switch debouncing and implement different animation modes, and harden the hardware design as suggested.  Perhaps I'll update my progress as progress is made...
    Electric Cowboy
    20141212 - TI MSP430 I2C Diagram 8x8 BiColor LED Matrix.pdf

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    adroit_91 reacted to RobG in DMX code examples   
    DMX uses 2 stop bits, so the byte is 11 bits.
    11 bit is possible using USI, but not USCI.
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    adroit_91 reacted to greeeg in Custom EzFet Lite   
    Yes, of course.
    That's their whole purpose.
    They both work fine as debuggers/programmers in everything compatible with the tilib FET driver. CCS, mspdebug, mspflasher etc.
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    adroit_91 reacted to greeeg in Custom EzFet Lite   
    No I guess there are already enough options.

    Also I'd like to note that, while the code should be 100% compatible with the MSP430F5529, it is a larger device, and is not hardware compatible with the boards I've designed.
    Part of deciphering the F55[1/2]x model number:
    The last digit has to be even to be the smaller 64pin QFN. if it's odd then you get more I/O pins and a bigger 80-pin package.
    Also the hardware connects VCC and VUSB via voltage dividers to ADC channels 0/1, but since the voltage cannot be changed ADC could be removed entirely. if the PC polls for the voltage just return a fixed value.
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    adroit_91 reacted to NickO in Stepper Motor BoosterPack   
    Hey everyone!
    Here is a Stepper Motor BoosterPack I have been working on that utilizes the DRV8825. I just ordered the boards today and will be working on some code samples while I wait on them. The DRV8825 can drive one bipolar stepper motor or two DC motors. It has a 8.2-V to 45-V supply range with 2.5-A peak at 24-V. I tried to design for the full operating range of the chip while maintaining the BoosterPack size guidelines.
    Let me know what you think! I am working on a BLDC Motor BoosterPack as well that I will post later.

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