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  1. thanks! actually, the previous version of this guide had .tar.gz files, and I forgot to change some of the tar commands.. if you find any problem with the guide, please post it here so I can fix it...
  2. I have updated the guide and it now builds up to today's version. You can check it out on https://github.com/sergiocampama/Launchpad
  3. keep in mind that xpg's script is for the latest non-release version of mspgcc, as it clones the repository... this is great when you want the latest of the latest, but if you need to have a stable release, and a release where you want to be able to give feedback on, it's better to have dated release version...
  4. It's perfectly fine. I'm just a cranky ex-Slackware user that's just getting back into getting my hands dirty again with software (I've been lazy with my Linux machines for the past two years). I really appreciate that you've posted the detailed guide and I am glad that I can personally thank you for posting it. You saved me a lot of time since I was able to just copy and paste each step right into the terminal. thanks that was what I was trying to do... my only regret is not being a linux hacker so I could provide a general solution, but i only know how to use ubuntu...
  5. I can confirm that this guide works on Ubuntu 10.4 (I installed it last night). There are a few things that I might do just a bit differently, but it seems to work quite well. I'm testing it today but ran out of time for the night. By the way.. I probably should have posted this link, but didn't do it since I was under the impression that gwdeveloper wanted to use Windows (so I only posted the links to the Windows binaries). Thanks for posting it. what would you do differently? im always open to suggestions... as I'm not a hardcore linux user, I just use what i've learned in the l
  6. Yeah, it's in my github https://github.com/sergiocampama/Launch ... Annoyatron cheers!
  7. i know that the external interface to program the device is jtag or sbw.. what i would like to know is how it works internally... I mean, where does the jtag go inside? does the jtag communicate with the BSL?
  8. Hello, I am currently looking into the way the BSL in the MSP430 works. As I've read the documents, it appears that the x2xxx family has an internal Bootstrap loader in a ROM. This would make the BSL untouchable. Is this correct? Is the BSL the only way to program the devices? Has anyone used mspdebug fully before? Does mspdebug work with the internal BSL of the MSP430 to program it? Thanks for any help.
  9. Ok, so I fixed my code to use PWM, And only using 1 interrupt! It's kinda hard to understand at first, but is very well documented. I tested it with my headphones and is very annoying. The comments inside help change the frequency and duration of the beep. The selection of these values should be cleaner, but the purpose of the mini projects is to get people working with the hard stuff, not sugar coating it like EasyMSP (not trying to be disrespectful of that project, my philosophy is to teach the innards of the msp) Using the VLO is a great idea actually, tell us if it works!
  10. Thanks for the info, I'll update my code to get PWM running... Sorry Brian, I have never used IAR before, so I don't know the syntax for interrupts, the only thing I've ever known to msp programming is mspgcc... i despise windows, hahaha.. if you do get it running, send me the differences, to see if it's not too much of a hassle to make my code more portable
  11. I'm not really sure how a piezo works, but i think you just power it and it generates sound, so no PWM is needed. I also made a twist to the annoyatron on https://github.com/sergiocampama/Launch ... Annoyatron it now works only in low power mode, i don't really like whiles to wait. I also set the PIEZO as the green led, because i don't have a piezo with me right now, but changing it to the actual pin is trivial proper credit given to this post
  12. Hi, I'm a master's student from Chile, currently working on wireless sensor networks with the MSP430. I only started developing for this platform a month ago, and found it is really easy in general. I hope I'll be able to help people starting developing, since I think development for the msp is so new, that there isn't much user friendly information as to how to start. Best regards,
  13. I have compiled a guide documenting all the steps necessary to get a working uniarch mspgcc in the latest release, the one from 06-12-2011. You can find it here -> https://github.com/sergiocampama/Launchpad/blob/master/README.md The new mspgcc has support for all of the value line msp430s, and over 300 devices in general. In the repository there's also a couple of mini projects tested with this new mspgcc and installed in a launchpad.. I hope with time I will post some more. Regards,
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