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  1. I'd like a meter of the strip if available. If not a combination of small chunks would be fine too. Paypal cash is standing by. I'm in california. Is the strip set up so each LED is individually addressable? Or does each one need its own data wire? I want a bunch either way, just curious.
  2. I pulsed a LED and checked light level before pulsing and during pulsing. A 15ms pulse was enough for the sensor to register a dramatic change, enough to be sensed anyway. Given the right setting it'd be creepy Or you could put the LEDs above the area you're looking to sense presence in, that'd work too. I found a 50nF cap was needed noise wise.
  3. Built a couple this evening. One using visible light that has decent (multi-foot) range in dim conditions and maybe a foot in fairly bright conditions (forget direct sun), and one using IR that has a range in darkness of about 1.5 feet. In any meaningful light the IR phototransistor triggers and the sense pulse gets drowned out. I need a better sensor.
  4. PIR will only sense heat moving. IR at night might work at least some of the time. A person wearing IR absorbing clothes would be difficult to detect, a person wearing reflectors would be much easier. You'd probably need a pretty juicy IR LED and a good detector. Ultrasonic would be the easy way, but for directional stuff it would either need to scan, or you'd need two or three sensors. You could use visible light and have the pumpkin strobe people for tracking, less spooky and more WHAT THE HELL IS THAT PUMPKIN DOING!?, but that might not be a bad thing.
  5. That's closer than mine. If the formulas are correct the launchpad I'm using is off by something like 40c.
  6. That's an idea worthy of consideration! I haven't looked into the interrupts on the MSP430 at all yet, that'll be a good excuse
  7. Posted the combination lock in the Energia section, as that's what I used to write it. The fan controller I'm going to polish a bit and then I'll post it too. It was a Just-got-the-box-have-to-leave-town-in-very-little-time-GOGOGOGO sort of hackjob
  8. One of my first MSP430 projects here, this is a (very) simple one-button combination lock. At the moment it's just using the launchpad's single button and the two LEDs for lock status. You'd need to figure out what you were locking or unlocking and add code for that obviously. It's all delay based, so it assumes you aren't doing anything overly crucial other than minding the button, or at least that the other tasks (if any) can be put on hold while the button is being used. I'm sure there are "better" ways to do it, but this seems to work so far! int counter; byte wiggleRoom = 25; //t
  9. Figured I'd say Hi here. I've been using the Arduino IDE for atmel chips for a while, initially atmega328p (arduino brain) but mostly the attiny85 recently. I ran into a mention of the MSP430 Launchpad and Energia IDE on the jeelabs blog and immediately bought two. How could I not? I've been playing with 'em since then and really enjoy some of the features. The first thing I did was make a very simple PWM fan controller (for PWM fans, not for PWMing normal fans) for PC use, the launchpad is now officially the easiest (if not quite cheapest) fan controller out there Most recently, I ma
  10. I would interrupt the fuel pump power personally, and I would do it with a new relay installation on the fuel pump power wire somewhere in the area of the trunk. The relays for ignition, starter and fuel pump are in the engine bay easily accessible with the hood up on toyota trucks of that vintage. You want something that a car thief with a bit of knowledge can't bypass quickly. Given a MSD430 you could do away with the RFID concept in the first place and just use a password type system. Mount three momentary buttons somewhere you can reach, connected to an 430 in an unreachable area, wh
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