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  1. The mspdebug git repo has been updated with code that seems to mostly support the fr5739 boards. The 'load' command definitely works, which is very useful.
  2. zborgerd, I got the same results. It blows away the code on there when trying to erase. I wonder if maybe it's erasing correctly, but mspdebug doesn't handle the response from the fet properly. Daniel Beer, the maintainer of mspdebug sent me a patch to test, but it didn't really seem to make any difference over using the --force-fet-id option. I guess well see what he comes up with next.
  3. I've got one of the MSP430FR5739 experimenter boards and have been trying to get mspdebug working on it. (mspgcc seems to work fine for this part, though I haven't tested the result) Currently I can run the program and get possibly correct register outputs, but programming doesn't work yet. Attached are some usb sniffs from code composer studio talking to the chip, if that helps anyone. I also sent this to the guy who wrote mspdebug, and have heard of other people contacting him, so maybe he'll get around to adding this soon. usblog.zip
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