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  1. I will try to implement a moisture sensor combined with temperature working together. 2 on the first step and 2 on the last step. Still looking for good sensors choice though. If someone know a good humidity/moisture sensor chip that can work outside let me know. In the meantime i found this http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/60818 ... oller.html For a sensor an a LCD its very cheap! Still want to make it myself, but would be nice to investigate. Thank you all again for taking the time to help me!
  2. The project goal is to build low cost snow melting carpets from recycled rubber. 7 stairs which are 8 feets wide but the carpet only need to cover 3 feet. The goal is to provide a safe and practicable stairway during the winter for a friend who cannot use a shovel because of a disability. Of course this project will have a lot of other useful applications. Thanks
  3. Thank you for all the insights. The goal is to detect when there is snow, no need to measure how much there is. I think that the hot wire probe seems like a good idea. Looks like there are a lot of ways to do it. What about a a color reading sensor looking at a black surface? it would for sure detect when there is white snow covering the black area? I dont know however if such sensor exist in weatherproof version, or if it would work behind a small glass.
  4. Surprisingly i didnt find that link with all those hours spent on google. It looks like a great idea, but for the data to be valid the sensor need to at a steady place and will be under quite a lot of stress in storms. Its gonna be in front of the house btw. Thank you i will learn a lot with your link.
  5. Hi everyone, i've been searching all week for a solution but nothing has come yet. Being a beginner didnt help either Im doing a project and would like to keep it simple while providing upgradability. I made a heater which is used to melt snow. Power is about 800-1000 watt on a 120v outlet. The idea would be to detect when its snowing and start slowly heating to prevent snow buildup. When there are no more snow the heater would stop and the controller return to standby. Maybe probe each hour for snow. I couldnt find what would be the best way to do this. The sensor would need to
  6. Hi everyone, I discovered this forum yesterday and the community here looks amazing. Lots of ideas and projects to get inspired. And also lots of knowledgeable persons to ask help to I started a course in security systems and would like to learn electronic from the ground up. Which is not part of my course. Id like to start using microcontrollers and building circuits. At first i was aiming for the avr family since the community is very big. Arduino looks great but wont teach me as much as doing things the old way. The MSP430 looks great for the projects i wish to do, small, che
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