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  1. LOL... even if TI had hit me in the face with a handwritten note, I probably would have still missed it! I'll give MSPDebug a look-see. Thank you.
  2. OK... so I think I am getting somewhere with the Launchpad tutorials, but I tried to download one of the sample programs to the Launchpad and I got a "no USB FET found" error. I ran both ./install_drivers.sh and ./msp430uif_install.sh scripts after installing CCS. The msp script showed no output and the install_drivers script only reported "udev start/running, process xxxx". I don't know if these are all they should do, but... Can I assume that I am going to have to find a windo$e computer to actually program the chip? Thanks guys...
  3. LOL... I did get that as well. I am on chapter four in that one. Maybe I should just try to read one at a time, huh?
  4. I did download those as well... I looked at the User guide, but only became more confused! Maybe after I finish the Workbook, I'll understand the User Guide?
  5. I am reading the workbook.pdf now, but so far it's more "do this, this and this to do this" but now so much "why you do this, this and this..." if that makes sense?
  6. I downloaded and installed energia. It looks like it's more geared toward Arduino than the Launchpad. Aside from that, it looks to be just a replacement for Code Studio? I really don't have a problem with the Code Studio program itself, so much as what to do with it? What I am really looking for is a "MSP430 For Dummies" type thing.... Thanks, though...
  7. OK... so I just got a Launchpad development board the other day. I've been programming various variants of BASIC for decades and I am pretty good at programming PIC ICs. I figured this would be a piece of cake. Boy was I wrong! First thing I did was read "Sams Teach Yourself C for Linux Programming in 21 Days" and write a simple random number dice program for Linux. So far so good... I downloaded and installed Code Composer Studio for Linux and took a look at the Blink An LED sample program. That's were I wandered off... Are there no simple books written for the MSP430 similar to
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