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  1. Thank you both. Hmm... I originally tried to compile this for the 2452, but it wouldn't program to that chip... I wonder if that might work better? I don't know.. but I will try to get those values as soon as I get a chance. If y'all happen across my other thread, you'll see that I am working on a more pressing issue with this project
  2. Same project as the temperature calibration problem, but this is ore pressing: I am trying to use a built in pull-up resistor on an input pin. With the code written as I have it, so that the realtime clock portion works, the pin is not being pulled up as expected. The ConfigClock function is void ConfigClocks(void) { WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD; // Stop watchdog timer if (CALBC1_1MHZ ==0xFF || CALDCO_1MHZ == 0xFF) FaultRoutine(); // If calibration data is erased // run Fault
  3. I am using CCS, but in Linux. I can load it up in VirtualBox and see if I can figure out how to get that and I'll report back.
  4. I am trying to use the msp430g2553's built in temperature sensor to measure the ambient temprature surrounding the device, but the temperature seems to very from between 7 to 10 degrees higher than the temprature measured by a seperate self-contained digital thermometer placed directly beisde the msp. In cas it matters, the code I am using is: void ConfigADC(void) { /* Configure ADC Temp Sensor Channel */ ADC10CTL1 = INCH_10 + ADC10DIV_3; // Temp Sensor ADC10CLK/4 ADC10CTL0 = SREF_1 + ADC10SHT_3 + REFON + ADC10ON; __delay_cycles(1000); // W
  5. Just a quick note on that, for "Google Site" serch to work, you have to temporarily disable the Ghostery Firefox addon if you have it installed and running... and you should
  6. Dang it! I knew I should have bought a couple more when they were $5...
  7. ummm... excpet that there was one fatality when my cat disconnected the temperature sensor. I guess he wanted his meal cooked first. We have since moved the aquarium to a feline free zone, so no more problems. Thank you for the compliments. I actually have the Timex sinclair as well in the Computer Division. I may have to try that
  8. I knew I liked this forum for some reason
  9. THANK YOU! I am glad you guys here like this. I have never seen so much condemnation over a fish tank in all my life! (via HaD)
  10. That is freaking beautiful! Now I want to build one :thumbup:
  11. That is a good idea... I may try that this summer when the heater won't be as necessary.
  12. I think you are thinking in Celsius While I do prefer metrics for woodworking, here in the States we're kinda used to Fahrenheit. lol
  13. Hmm... I never thought about being a problem. It doesn't stay on all the time, but I guess we'll find out
  14. My girlfriend wanted a Betta fish for Valentine's Day. When we got it home, I realized that it was a Tropical fish needing warm water - a slight problem in the winter. Using a coffee pot and the MSP430, I hacked together a (I think) pretty cool fish tank that not only looks good, but keep the little guy at a happy 75-80 degrees. Rather than rewrite everything, I am just going to link to my web page - I hope that is ok? http://www.robotsandcomputers.com/robots/projects/cpfishtank.htm
  15. I downloaded all of the code and I am going to try and make heads or tails out of it, but just looking at that (and the thread) for a half hour gave me a splitting headache! Thanks...
  16. I'm sorry... I want the MSP to pretend to be a keyboard to a host computer.
  17. Easy enough? Easier typed than done for me I'm just starting to get the hang of the MSP430... Any examples or links for doing this with the MSP? Thanks.
  18. I am looking for a source for a keyboard emulator IC. I found this http://www.radovan.org/EasyInput/index.htm but it's a $15 a piece IC. Does anyone know of a lower priced alternative? Thanks.
  19. Just an update.... I hooked evrythign back up and it seems to be working for right now. If for some reason this pin circuit gets blown, I will add the resistor and diodes. I'm running out of free pins on this chip Thanks.
  20. Yeah... that was my first program and I borrowed that portion of the code from the TI wiki page. I figured TI's page... must be reliable. And like I said.. as long as I only run CSS in debug mode, the code works fine. I have been reading MSP430 Microcontroller Basics, though, and I now understand how to use the Timer to do this. Next project I'll try it that way. I don't feel like rewriting the code to fix this. If I share this, I'll just make sure I make it clear to turn off optimization before compiling.
  21. Oh, I know... that's with the chip itself completely out of the circuit. Somehow, that one pin has developed a low internal resistance to ground. I moved the input to P1.3 instead, but before I hook everything back up, I wanted to make sure that there wasn't some reason I shouldn't put that cap on that pin to ground that I wasn't aware of. Thanks.
  22. In my circuit, I am using the MPS430's internal resistor on P1.4 to pull that pin high. Because of spike induced on that line by electrical lights and motors in my shop that kept false triggering the positive edge detection on that line, I placed a non-polar 1uf capacitor between that pin and ground to suppress those spikes. I am no longer getting a high signal on that line and that pin now has resistance to ground - even with that chip out of circuit. I'm not sure if the spikes damages that pin circuitry or if placing that capacitor on the line did. I am going to put a diode in reverse fr
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