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    pine reacted to dubnet in CCS Free   
    I think it would be a nice gesture on TI's part to refund, perhaps on a prorated basis, recent full price purchases of CCS.
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    pine reacted to Fmilburn in DriverLib Examples for the MSP430F5529   
    Energia and Arduino users eventually get to the point where they need more direct access to the hardware if they take on more complicated projects.  In addition to the direct access of registers using the provided header files, TI offers DriverLib which contains abstractions for accessing the peripherals.
    To better understand the peripherals, and to check out DriverLib, I recently created 20+ short examples for my own edification.  All of them were written for the MSP430F5529 LaunchPad and most of the peripherals are covered.  In some cases pushbuttons, LEDs, resistors, potentiometer, etc. are required that you probably have on hand.  A multimeter is required, and in some cases an oscilloscope and logic analyzer are instructive but not necessary.

    DriverLib SPI Example 13A_USCI_B_SPI_MCP41010_digiPot
    All of the examples are located here:  https://github.com/fmilburn3/MSP430F5529_driverlib_examples
    It is necessary to have some understanding of the registers before using DriverLib because the DriverLib documentation doesn't describe how the peripherals and their registers work.  The documentation for registers is located in the User
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    pine reacted to Fred in TI has free shipping through Oct-23   
    It seems there is another free shipping deal. Spotted this over on EEVBlog.
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    pine reacted to energia in Reading data from 3.5mm audio jack   
    This did remind me of these days:
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    pine reacted to bluehash in Dual Stepper Motor Driver Boosterpack featuring ULN2003 and CSD17571Q2   
    New from TI. In preview mode:
    http://www.ti.com/tool/boostxl-uln2003'>Dual Stepper Motor Driver Boosterpack featuring ULN2003 and CSD17571Q2 NexFET

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    pine reacted to mcurtis in TI Kilby Day Deals   
    Looks like some 20% off deals with free shipping on TI's site today:
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    pine reacted to bluehash in Who is using rPI ?   
    Code is here: https://github.com/rszimm/sprinklers_pi/wiki (I did not write it)
    I wanted something that I can setup quickly and is highly configurable and it works reliably, because my plants would not like it otherwise... and it has.
    I ssh it into it every week to make sure all is well and hope to add more home automation functionality in the future. The only time it has gone down in the last 2 months is due to a power blip and it did not boot up well.
    It looks at the current weather(temp, humidity, rainfall).. and uses an equation to figure out the water requirement... pretty cool.
    The Wifi on board is a god send.. USB ports are free and nothing sticking out of it. 
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    pine reacted to Rickta59 in CCS for $9.99   
    Before you bother trying to find this deal,  read this post:
    and this TI web page:
    With the release of Code Composer Studio v7 TI is no longer charging for licenses. You can simply download the tool and start using it. Along with this the end user license agreement has changed to a simple TSPA compatible license."
    I didn't see anyone else mention this offer so here it is. Use the link below to buy the promo version of a G2 launchpad bundled with a node locked full version of CCS for only *$9.99:


    * price is $9.99 + plus shipping
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    pine reacted to bluehash in Arrow: Spend $100 for a Free Raspberry Pi3 shipped(international also)   
    Faq: http://app.connected.arrow.com/e/er?s=600830862&lid=6487&elqTrackId=2a658c8dad4c4c2ea54e3e9b081d7a1d&elqTrackId=7e04da2f3d184eada16d44cbe15398f0&elq=a5820b4ffce74d768e6349130b76fc61&elqaid=2568&elqat=1

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    pine reacted to chicken in I like government surplus stores   
    Yeah, just let me rearrange the chairs to make some space on my patio.
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    pine reacted to abecedarian in I like government surplus stores   
    ... that might be fun.
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    pine reacted to zeke in I like government surplus stores   
    I really like government surplus stores. I mean, reeeeeeally like them.
    This week, I bought two HP laserjet printers:
    A Laserjet 5000n which can print 11"x17" and that is great for schematics, and A Laserjet 4350dnt which has the duplexer and a second 500 sheet paper tray. I know I didn't steal them because I have a bill of sale. The total for both printers was $30!
    I also got a Fellowes Powershred C-320 paper shredder. That thing can swallow 25 sheets of paper at a time and will not choke!  I paid $80 for it.
    So, yeah, I like this government surplus stuff.
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    pine reacted to bluehash in Compact command parser/dispatcher example   
    Thank you for sharing!
    Also as an FYI... Tivaware also has a similar parser, under utils/cmdline.c
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    pine reacted to terjeio in Compact command parser/dispatcher example   
    A command parser/dispatcher example from my CO2 laser engraver codebase, using a struct array containing the commands and associated  pointer to functions. A lot cleaner (and easier to maintain) than switch/case statements or if/else constructs...
    Functions get called with a pointer to the command tail for local parameter parsing.
    The struct array data are all placed in flash.
    typedef struct { char const *const command; bool (*const handler)(char *); const bool report; } command; bool query (char* params); bool start (char* params); bool moveXrel (char* params); bool moveYrel (char* params); bool moveZrel (char* params); bool XHome (char* params); bool YHome (char* params); bool ZHome (char* params); bool XYHome (char* params); bool zeroAllAxes (char* params); bool laser (char* params); bool setLaserPower (char* params); bool setImageDPI (char* params); bool setPulseDutyCycle (char* params); bool enableCoolant (char* params); bool enableAirAssist (char* params); bool setMode (char* params); bool getPosition (char* params); bool setPPI (char* params); bool setPulseWidth (char* params); bool enableExhaustFan (char* params); bool setEngravingSpeed (char* params); bool getStatus (char* params); bool setEchoMode (char* params); bool setAMode (char* params); bool setPWROffset (char* params); bool loadProfile (char* params); bool setXBcomp (char* params); void exeCommand (char *cmdline) { static const command commands[] = { "?", &query, true, "Power:", &setLaserPower, true, "DutyCycle:", &setPulseDutyCycle, true, "PulseWidth:", &setPulseWidth, true, "DPI:", &setImageDPI, true, "Start:", &start, true, "X:", &moveXrel, true, "Y:", &moveYrel, true, "Z:", &moveZrel, true, "HomeXY", &XYHome, true, "HomeX", &XHome, true, "HomeY", &YHome, true, "HomeZ", &ZHome, true, "ZeroAll", &zeroAllAxes, true, "Laser:", &laser, true, "Coolant:", &enableCoolant, true, "Air:", &enableAirAssist, true, "Mach3:", &setMode, true, "Pos", &getPosition, false, "PPI:", &setPPI, true, "Exhaust:", &enableExhaustFan, true, "Speed:", &setEngravingSpeed, true, "Status", &getStatus, false, "ASelect:", &setAMode, true, "PWROffset:", &setPWROffset, true, "LoadProfile:", &loadProfile, true, "XBComp:", &setXBcomp, true, "Echo:", &setEchoMode, false }; bool ok = false; uint32_t i = 0, numcmds = sizeof(commands) / sizeof(command), cmdlen; while(!ok && i < numcmds) { cmdlen = strlen(commands[i].command); if(!(ok = !strncmp(commands[i].command, cmdline, cmdlen))) i++; } if(ok) { ok = commands[i].handler(cmdline + cmdlen); if(commands[i].report) serialWriteLn(ok ? "OK" : "FAILED")); } else serialWriteLn("Bad command"); } For further reading see http://www.barrgroup.com/Embedded-Systems/How-To/C-Function-Pointers
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    pine reacted to bluehash in New Haven OLED/Misc 2x20 Character LCDs 20% Off   
    Warning: Some of them are EoL.
    Coupon Code: CharJuly2016
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    pine reacted to bluehash in Have feedback for TI? Please share here.   
    Hello All,
    Here is some feedback. Apologies on the late reply.
    There was approximately an hour to field our questions/requests.
    On a few questions that were not asked, I have an open channel with them.

    - This was my primary focus. I am aware most of you don't care much about it, but there are alot of users coming in from the Arduino world to the TI family.
    A couple of others in the room and myself were concerned about the future of Energia and its support. We were assured that more was being done and we'll know
    more in some time.

    Higher RAM chips on the value line
    - Let them know that higher RAM on the chips shipped with the Launchpad is invaluable. It keeps us from implementing the cooler stuff.

    USB on MSP on the lower end devices
    - Let them know about it. They are aware about the lack of this feature. From my view, low power and USB do not go hand in hand... it may be a challenge.
    EDIT: Just wanted to confirm... that it is my view that USB and low power may be a challenge... not TI's.. They may already have something in the works. I don't know.

    MSP432 DMA
    - Feedback given. They will take this back to the chip architechts.

    - This is becoming mainstream in a lot of their devices and is quite popular. I left this discussion off.

    TI EStore International Shipping
    I was not able to get to the person incharge of the Store. But they do know of the issue. I'll push this again.

    Energy Trace requests
    - The team would like a list. I'd suggest someone start with a list in the forum and build up on it.

    CCS bugs
    - A list would be good. I'll have someone from TI look at it and post it in their CCS forums.

    MSP software
    - More improvements

    - Something new/revamped.
    Other comments. They were interested in how we used the TI site, the forums and social media. They were looking for feedback on their datasheets, block diagrams,examples and newsletters. There was also a chat with the calculator group and the TI-Innovator system.

    If you have an issue with TI's tools, the best place to put them is in their E2E forums. If it is a long list/request list post it here.
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    pine reacted to JonnyBoats in TI Store - free shipping on all orders from June 19-26.   
    Free shipping at TI Store through 26-JUNE-2016: http://www.ti.com/lsds/ti/store/power-week-deals.page?HQS=corp-tistore-null-powerweek-adh-lp-null-wwe
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    pine reacted to Fmilburn in 4 x 6 cm Projects   
    I have had a package of those 4x6 cm pcb boards with 0.1" spacing for a while and realized this evening that I was about to run out.  They are a good and useful size.  Wondering where they all went I rummaged around and found these and there are more scattered about in various enclosed projects.

    I am in the habit of soldering one up if it is on the breadboard and I think there is a fair chance I might use it again.  I like to do this even when I am going to have PCBs fabricated.  From top left and going clockwise they are a RFID BoosterPack reader, a Nokia 5110 BoosterPack, an INA125P BoosterPack paired with a strain gauge, a breadboard BoosterPack, a MSP430G2553 Prototyping Board, and a MSP430G2955 Prototyping Board.  The G2955 is a 38 pin TSSOP so it is on an adapter.   The latest one is the Nokia 5110 I put together this afternoon.

    I had the idea that SMD parts might be directly soldered to these boards.  Here is a 0805 resistor soldered onto a piece of scrap (crooked but OK) with a SOT-223-4 part next to it.  The SOT-223 isn't soldered, I just put it there to show it aligned fairly well.  I ordered an inexpensive selection of 0805 resistors and capacitors and will be using them instead of through hole components to see how they do.

    Meanwhile, I haven't given up having PCBs fabricated, but this is handy.  What I really need want is a CNC mill.
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    pine reacted to chicken in Chrome for portable UI development (serial, USB)   
    @@yyrkoon LOL Nope.
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    pine reacted to yyrkoon in Chrome for portable UI development (serial, USB)   
    I just noticed your location . . . you're not working for the other big brother are you ? hehe
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    pine reacted to chicken in Chrome for portable UI development (serial, USB)   
    Here's a tutorial on programming a graphical UI in Google Chrome to display data received over serial
    via Dangerous Prototypes.
    I meant looking into this topic for a long time. For serial communication like in this tutorial, but also USB for a portable upgrade application via a custom USB BSL implementation.
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    pine reacted to bluehash in SimpleLink Wi-Fi SensorTag Due For Early 2016 Release   

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    pine reacted to chicken in Casio watch rebuild w/ MSP430   
    Today Hackaday featured someone that replaced the innards of a Casio watch with an MSP430FR6972

    Very well documented on GitHub, including more pictures:
    If the author is on 43oh:
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    pine reacted to bluehash in TI Store Happy Geek Pride Day! Celebrate with discounted shipping.   
    Shipping within the United States FedEx Ground=$1.00 0000 0001 FedEx Saver (3-day delivery)=$2.00 0000 0010 FedEx Express Economy (2-day delivery)=$4.00 0000 0100 FedEx Overnight PM Delivery=$8.00 0000 1000 FedEx Overnight AM Delivery=$16.00 0001 0000 Shipping outside the United States International Economy=$4.00 0000 0100 International Priority=$16.00 0001 0000     Shop TI store now   Enjoy our shipping discounts!
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    pine reacted to grodius in TI OPT8241 Time of flight QVGA 3D sensor   
    This is a quite exciting new sensor. The development kit is prohibitively expensive and the chip driver is 256BGA, but at around $50 for the raw sensor capable of 150 fps of 320x240 with distance, this is cool.
    Time of flight pulses out light/IR and counts the sub nanoseconds it takes to bounce back.
    The specs are pretty impressive for an early model.
    Ideally I would prefer the device and driver chip were paired on a board, but hopefully these will be popular and warrant more integrated solutions.
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