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    JohnnyDS got a reaction from msptest6 in CCSv5 and C2000 launchpad - Debugger crashes   
    Dear Eelcor
    I have a win 7 ultimate 64 bits and until now the launchpad and the soft works very fine.
    But at first time I made some settings for the ccs to work.
    First, I made a new connection for the debugger. The connection is Texas Instruments XDS100v2 USB EMULATOR, for the Board or Device Experimenter Kit Piccolo F28027. And in Connection Properties I put the following:
    Board Data File: Auto Generate
    Emulator Selection; only one XDS100 installed
    In both Boot Mode I put the same thing DISABLE
    And the final setting I put Fixed Default 1 MHz.
    Before to do the test you must put S1 and Serial with all the buttons UP.
    And then Run the Test Configuration. If you have encounter any problem the CCS will not functioning.
    The program is CCS Version:
    Sorry about my english.
    Best regards for all.
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