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    tonesenna reacted to boseji in Launchpad as external programmer   
    There is some good news from my side that I would like to share in this same context.
    I have tested MSP430 LaunchPad to successfully program MSP430F5310, MSP430F5418 and MSP430F5438 over SBW!! :thumbup:
    I would detail the setup in my blog.
    These are all bigger microcontroller and have lots of features.
    They are the ones I use to make embedded products at work.
    Some of them can give a battery lifetime of 5years on 2.4G Wireless networks.
    Well now I can use them at home too. Thanks to TI , MSP430.
    And a Big Thanks to the 43oh Community :clap:
    I have new board coming up that I have developed using MSP430F5310.
    Hope that this would enable more advanced projects.
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